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"ZIP" files require PKZip (pkz204g.exe; or a compatable ZIP reader for those of you with "real" computers). Adobe .PDF , Quicktime (.MOV) and .MPV are also linked there.


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"Quicktime" clip of my flying over Straits of Juan de Fuca, east of Sequim, WA with Dude at the controls (9M) If it doesn't go up on aviating.com, I'll put the videos here on scn.org)

[logo]The Eagle is a trademark of Mooney Aircraft Corporation

Cute Note

Note (6K) given by kid to a Qantas f/a depicts what flying's all about.

Mooney Items

Download a bunch of phone numbers
This is in PalmPilot .aba and in comma separate text formats.

Download M20C Flight Manual - (not especially interesting unless you fly one)
AD and Service Bulletin Lists
View Mooney AD & Serv. Bulletin List. (Download by saving file with browser.)

Download PkZIP file of the AD list, in both WordPerfect and text formats. I'm not sure if the download function works, but give it a try.

Mooney Service Bulletin 208B - Alan Duncan has it at homepage2. rconnect.com/aduncan/. S.B.208B concerns corrosion inspection and replacement of fiberglass insulation with foam. My recommendation is Uniroyal Ensolite. This is not the aileron links S.B.

Seatbelts on Johnson Bar Mooneys - Avoiding inadvertant release.

The Landing Light ECLIPSE AVIATION, INC. for sales information on my STC'd H3 Landing Light for Mooney Aircraft alternate URL

Charlie Brown maintains an update on recent AD notices, and I think a calendar.

Download Mooney Pilot's Checklist (PkZIP file), in both WordPerfect and text formats.

or Michael Chaffin's version, a checklist for M20D/C Word 6.0 format. (Comment to Michael Chaffin chaffin_DELETE_THIS_TEXT_@compuserve.com )

or Steve Marlowe's checklists for his M20F, including performance numbers.

or Akmal's version, PDF format: in Postscript, PDF and HTML He includes several emergency procedures in his checklist, which prints nicely in full colour. That page links to Mooney Junction, which includes FAA test preps, flight planner and Mooney performance settings. He does not show how to train a dog to do a preflight. (His page works with any browser, but the flight planning software runs best on SGI Unix, and presumably Linux and to some extent on NT or Windows98)

note that Akmal's site has moved to www.aviating.com or www.kjsl.com But if you try www.kjsl.com/mooney/ you'll end up with a bunch of pictures of Chris Wilcox' old C model (which he had before he got his 231).

Roger Allison-Jones wrote a checklist for a M20K (text format), also including emergency procedures. If you hadn't learned to do FREDA checks, download this file, or email Roger at rogerall_DELETE_THIS_TEXT_@one.net.au and ask for for the same thing in Microsoft Publisher format.

Engine Break-in Checklist:
The purpose of a checklist is to make it easy to remember to do everything, and so a checklist should make life easier. Jim Ryan jryan_DELETE_THIS_TEXT_@sequent.com had developed a written break-in checklist for his Lycoming engine break-in.

[people on wing]

Mooney Links and Email Lists

Flight Videos
So far we only have a few, starting with the first video of a Mooney on the web ("Dude's" plane) flying over Straits of Juan de Fuca, near Sequim, WA (9MB) and an approach and landing from the cockpit of N252AK. These are at www.aviating.com/mooney/video/ and require a (free or shareware) driver. (If the videos don't go up on aviating.com, I'll put them here on scn.org)

Mooney Email List courtesy Doug Fields and Akmal Kahn, whose efforts are appreciated by many of us.

search Mooney Email list
With over 20,000 messages, find just about anything from speed mods to convert a Mooney to an inverted Cessna 210 to tail mods (search "mangled")
The search engine linked with a lot of custom software, some written for SGI processors. So it may be down for a while.

Doug Field's Mooney Homepage - http://www.311wc.com/ (probably a dead link) - Doug started the Mooney Email list, but has sold his plane.

www.rifkin.com Alan Rifkin's Mooney links.

www.2pi.com Les Niles' page

I almost forgot.. Mooney Aircraft Corp.
I'm not really familar with their products, however.

Software & Text Instructions

[Capt. Tolley]
CheapBastard Software
NEXRAD images on PalmPilot VII and other PalmOS units with modems. This software was developed by Les Niles (voice recognition expert) and Ron Gilbert (pioneer in strategic gaming). Freeware.

Aircraft weight & balance:
This is an old shareware spreadsheet, generally considered to be obsolete. It is useful for the purpose of weight & balance calculations on aircraft, and can be kept on one disk with its data. Pilots calculate w&b when when the load configuration is not obviously within limits. Some aircraft have sliding scales for max. weight, making a spreadsheet particularly useful. note Some people have been questioned about w&b calculations on ramp checks. 'Typical' loading charts should be acceptable, but what robocop is going to question a floppy?
Download EZ-Spreadsheet, (taken from version A.13, 1987) 52K.
A newer version is also available (with several beg screens on the shareware), but I prefer the older version for my purposes.
EZX no longer distributes the product.

A MS-Excel file is available at the Bonanza homepage..

IFR Kneepad - PMA Manufacture manual for making a kneepad type IFR chart holder

Airplane Cover - using a domestic sewing machine.

Flight 3.0 (180K)
Flight Planning software written in '88 and '89 by Patrick Roe patroe_DELETE_THIS_TEXT_@pacificrim.net . System requirements: At least 128 K of memory or it runs slow. A windows flight planner with all of the graphics stuff is available as Cirrus, from GTE DUATS (free without the time/speed/fuel calculator)

Download 337 form in WordPerfect format (PkZIP file, requires WordPerfect 5.1 or higher)
A MS-Word file is available at the Bonanza homepage.

Tachometer Calibration Instructions

checklist for break-in

DUATS transcript (7 Kb)
DUATS is an on-line WX and flight briefing system for U.S. pilots. ( GTE DUATS software)

Nav/Com Frequencies which Block GPS Reception

Connecting Cirrus through a proxyserver firewall (Cirrus DUATS software is a dedicated telnet program and does not include firewall support.)

Test Preps and Courses
Akmal's Kahn's FAA test preps and flight planner at Mooney Junction
He has test preps for Private, Instrument and Commercial, but you need the written version for the charts (but an old version will do!) It has a nice 'nag' feature for questions you missed. Keep the zip file for repeat reviews. If you use PkUnzip instead of Winzip, you need to insert the long filenames manually.

Sorry, I don't have the British CAA prep, but I do have a morse code trainer of unknown authorship. Minimum requirements: a PC running at least 4 khz and about 200K of memory.

Obtaining an FAA or CAA License in the U.S.A.

Typical Mooney Flights

Here's a typical trip, this one from Sarasota to Kiel, by Karl-Heinz Zahorsky and Jens Riedig.

Carol Ann Garratt's webpage about her trip from Orlando, Florida to Clarksville, Virginia.

General Aviation Links

[M10 Cadet]David Perozek's Mooney M10 Cadet
NASA ASRS form (asrs.arc.nasa.gov/forms/PDF_Files/general.pdf)
I believe this is a two page "easy to print" form for Letter paper. For information, go to NASA description of ASRS.

NASA ASRS Callback
This is a nice summary of common safety issues generated by ASRS. It's short, easy reading, and Worth bookmarking

www.aerolink.com/ aviation link directory

Ipswich Airport
The story of a classic airport by Roger France. Latest is that the Ipswich Council are daftly sitting on their hands while a developer is trying to close their city's airport down!

links to "every" worth-while aviation related site on the Internet - This one is pretty comprehensive.

Santos' airport database

The One Hundred Dollar Hamburger airport database reduced to the essentials

Mile High Club flight reduced to the essentials

Northwest Aviation On Line

Search Form for N-Numbers (This is a "moving target,", so you may have to go to Landings.)

A complete history of human powered ornithopters (Don't worry - it's pretty short). Also has link to "Can we fly with human powered flapping?"

Noise abatement information from www.calpilots.org

www.rsvpair.com - mostly air charters but evolving. I'm waiting for the first Mooney Mustang (or Bravo) to list there with the G-IVs ($5500/hr.)

Excitotoxins (Aspartame & MSG)

DORway site's aviation page - "Say no to aspartame" from www.dorway.com

Article on Aspartame and MSG from The Discovery Group

Canadian General Aviation News I believe by Mary Nash Stoddard

Consumer Information On Aspartame also by Mary Nash Stoddard

"Excitotoxins - MSG and Aspertame" links - a good set of links

David Lawrence Dewey's report on Aspartame

Truth in Labeling Org.
has information on MSG, but no aviation or motor skills references

National Organization Mobilized to Stop Glutamate
unfortunately no aviation or motor skills information

Viagra is not an excitotoxin, although the FAA says Viagra should not be used while flying. See Mile High Club, above.

Alcohol and Aviation, or just the bibliography for those who wish to do research


Seattle WX


Scanning Photos for the Web
From Learn to Program HTML in 21 Minutes. Has suggestions of how to get your airplane pictures to look Mooney-perfect, even if you fly Brand B, C or P. His site pretty much explains how Dude wrote this site.

Here I am on a low downwind for Boeing Field 13L.

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