Magnolia Dairy ACRES

Magnolia Dairy ACRES

(Agrarian Cultural Resource and Education Society)

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The 80-acre Magnolia Dairy property is perhaps the best location available to serve the Seattle region as an urban demonstration farm—such as called for in the King County Farm and Forest Plan. In their 2001 Budget, the King County Council has supported our project with a $500,000 capital fund appropriation towards acquisition of the property. We have already received a PCC Natural Market Membership Community Grant and a grant from the King County Landmarks and Heritage Commission. The KC Agriculture Commission, County staff, Seattle Tilth, PCC Farmland Fund, Cascade Land Conservancy, and the Puget Sound Farm Trust all are supportive. On our Board of Trustees we already have a K-12 educator with an agriculture certification, an adult educator specializing in sustainable farming and community, a therapeutic horticulturist, a livestock farmer, a retired farm manager, and a property manager. Our project in particular will focus on humane and ecological animal husbandry, a vital element for sustainable farming. When we speak of agrarian values, we look not only back to our rural heritage, but even more we look forward to building values recognized by the urban populace as necessary for a sustainable future. Such values will uphold the small farm movement itself, a vital and burgeoning sector of the farm economy surrounding urban areas.

King County Landmarks & Heritage Commission

Magnolia Dairy ACRES
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