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ETAN is a grassroots organization fighting to stop US support of Indonesia's military occupation of East Timor and to support self-determination for East Timor. ETAN/Seattle works in Washington state to educate the public about the ongoing genocide in East Timor and to lobby congress to end support for the occupation.

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Upcoming Events

Monday 8 December, 7:00 PM at 423 N 46 St (phone 633-2836) ETAN/Seattle meeting to plan 11 December demonstration.

Thursday 11 December, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Westlake Park. Rally to raise public awareness of international human rights abuses, particularly involving worker's and children's rights, and to commemorate Indonesia's brutal invasion of East Timor on 7 December 1975, and the connection between such actions by the dictatorial Indonesian government and a US foreign policy that places more importance on free trade than numan rights. Co-sponsored by Amnesty International, Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia, and National Labor Committee.

Other Activities

What else does ETAN/Seattle do? For starters, we bring speakers to talk to universities, high schools, and communities. East Timor resistance activist Constancio Pinto was in Seattle May 10-12.

We also do direct actions. On Dec. 7, 1996, the 21st anniversary of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, ETAN/Seattle rallied at Westlake Mall and marched to Niketown with our newest props: an Indonesian president Suharto monster and a US presidents monster. The latter has a four-sided head with Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton faces while the former has four faces of Suharto. Here are some photos from the demo.

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Boycott Nike

Nike continues to operate in Indonesia in an environment of extreme labor repression and military involvement in labor disputes. Workers earn less than $2/day and are subject to all forms of harassment. If they dare organize, they are fired or even killed. Just Don't Do It!

Boycott Nike!

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