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Wedgwood/Sandpoint Neighbors for Peace

Wedgwood/Sandpoint Neighbors for Peace is affiliated with SNOW (Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War). We are one of numerous neighborhood groups within SNOW.

Wedgwood/Sandpoint Neighbors for Peace was founded in December 2002, originally with a focus on the then-impending hostilities in Iraq. We have now redefined our group more generally as a neighborhood-based activist and educational group focused on peace and justice issues.

Upcoming Events

We will be participating in the Global Day of Protest on the one-year anniversary of the Iraq War, Saturday, March 20, 2004:

If you would like to join us in these activities,

Recent activities

In November 2003, Adam Burill and Allan Paulson of Community Alliance for Global Justice led a discussion on "Globalization, What does it mean and how are we involved?" In December, we showed "Uncovered: the Whole Truth About the Iraq War" at Grateful Bread Cafe. In January 2004, Mark Kolner (member of the Board of Directors of ACLU-W) spoke on "The USA PATRIOT Act and threats to liberty in times of crisis" at Wedgwood Presbyterian Church. In February, Jessica Anderson and Dr. Amal Winter gave an extremely interesting (if under-attended) talk on their respective visits to Iraq last fall.

Talk by David Domke

September 13, 2003, David Domke gave us a presentation entitled "The Bush administration and press: Insights into the relation between American politics and journalism". This was an early version of a public lecture Domke will deliver in spring 2004 as part of the UW's alumni association lecture series about politics and the public interest.

David Domke is a professor of communication at the University of Washington, specializing in matters of political communication and journalism. His research examines the interactions of political leaders and the press in the shaping of public discourse and public opinion. He has published a number of articles on these relationships, and is currently working with several graduate students to examine the Bush administration's strategic communications and the response of the press to these communications since September 11.

Domke's talk contended that the events of September 11 were not enough to explain the Bush administration's successes. Several reasons were advanced to explain these matters, including (1) the administration's remarkably skilled strategic communications approaches, (2) the mainstream press's favorable treatment of the administration, and (3) the desire of the public to have American national identity re-affirmed in the new, confusing world of terrorism. Implications for the upcoming 2004 election were also considered.


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