Medical Intuition

The clairvoyant may see forms which are elsewhere, but he cannot see the formless.
The telepathic may communicate directly with the mind of another, but he cannot communicate with one who has achieved no-mind.
The telekinetic may move an object without touching it, but he cannot move the intangible.

Such abilities have meaning only in the realm of duality.
Therefore, they are meaningless.

Within the Great Oneness, though there is no such thing as clairvoyance, telepathy, or telekinesis, all things are seen, all things understood, all things forever in their proper places.
--Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu, Translated by Brian Walker

Taoism and Intuition

The Medical Intuition style Heidi practices is rooted in Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Tao is often translated as "the Way." In the Tao, the heart and the mind are one. The Chinese character is the same for both words. When one perceives with the heart, one can see the essential truth in all things. If one judges with the mind, such perception is lost, and at best, only a superficial truth can be seen. If one has an attachment to a particular outcome or is otherwise personally invested in seeing things a certain way, true perception is lost. One must be compassionate, open to the truth, and able to set aside judgement in order to perceive the truth. We are all One, we come from the same source, and there is no distinction between you and me. Understanding this, I can know you as I know myself. Understanding timelessness, I can know how you got sick and where it will likely lead without the necessary changes. I can also see the benefits of right action. Together, we look at the deepest truth we are both able to understand, and act upon it accordingly.

Some Medical Intuitives can see into your body, but can't tell you what the nature of the problem is, how it got that way, or how to remedy the problem. Many Medical Intuitives do not have medical training. The level of training and abilities varies greatly from one medical intuitive to another. Choose wisely--your health is important! The practice of Medical Intuition is not regulated. Skill level, education and training vary considerably from one medical intuitive to another.

Physical, tangible problems have subtle, intangible origins. Few medical practitioners of any modality understand this basic truth. A physical solution to a problem of a subtle origin will not work, though it may appear to work by affecting the symptoms. The subtle origins of disease are rarely if ever mentioned in medical training, and are difficult to learn and understand. Few have the patience and dedication to pursue this path faithfully. For those who can and choose to do so, the rewards are immeasurable.

Medical Intuition and Traditional Chinese Medicine

"Medical Intuitive" is a relatively new term put forth primarily by Dr. Caroline Myss. However, the tradition of subtle observation is as old as medicine, rooted in global mystical traditions. Traditional Chinese medical diagnostics have always relied on the ability to observe subtle signs without invasive tests. Mastery of the art of subtle observation leads to Medical Intuitive skills, though few practitioners of TCM have mastered this.

Medical intuition is a part of the ancient mystical path of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but it is almost never taught as such. The tradition has been all but lost in China's oppressive political upheaval. In the West, spiritual and mystical mastery has been overshadowed by the desire for the quick fix, and to fit into the dominant Western allopathic medical system and insurance payoffs.

Can I Learn to do That?

Heidi teaches Medical Intuition through the Kulshan College of Intuitive Medicine. Individual aptitude for this kind of skill varies widely. Heidi learned this only after years of study in TCM and intensive healing and spiritual practice. It is best to learn by finding a skilled and ethical teacher. Heidi cannot offer referrals to medical intuitives.

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