Pediatrics is the treatment of children. Treatment of children with Traditional Chinese Medicine is not part of most training programs. Pediatrics is considered a specialty, which requires further additional training. Heidi completed a one-year certificate program in Pediatrics with renowned specialists Julian Scott and Teresa Barlow. Heidi treated children as well as adults in her private practice.

Children's health is easily affected--they can get sick easily, and they can get well easily. Children respond well to subtle treatments, such as Medical Qigong, which is totally painless and relatively pleasant for children. There is often no need to use acupuncture on children, if the practitioner is skilled enough in Medical Qigong.

If a disorder or imbalance is treated when a person is young and the problem is not yet entrenched, it can prevent a chronic condition that may otherwise plague a person for the rest of his or her life. As a rule, an imbalance is much easier to treat when it is new. Even disorders such as developmental disability and Down's Syndrome can be improved with Chinese Medicine, though it is important to begin treatment as early in life as possible. Improvement may still be possible on older children, but progress is slower the older a person gets.

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