Sonopuncture, (also known under the trademarked name "Acutonics" or phonophorese,) is the use of sound vibrations on acupuncture points instead of needles. Sonopuncture does not actually involve "puncture," but is the word used in the scope of practice law for Acupuncturists in Washington State. Sound is used to activate an acupuncture point in a similar, but more subtle way than with needles. Tuning forks, tibetan bowls, chimes, or other musical instruments or electronic devices can be used to emit sound into an acupoint or part of the body, to affect qi.

The original published source on sonopuncture is The Cosmic Octave by Hans Cousto, published by LifeRhythm. This book tells how to order tuning forks made for this purpose. Tuning forks are also available from either Barthelmes or from the Kairos Institute. A background in TCM is very useful in order to apply sonopuncture skillfully. Heidi's Master's Thesis on the healing power of music is available on line on a different web site.

photos by Diane Baskin

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