the armanen runes.

Stephen Flowers (aka Edred Thorsson) has written numerous books on the topic of runelore.  The Secret of the Runes and Rune Might are excellent references regarding the Armanic Futhorkh of Guido von List.  The latter goes into much detail regarding the ritual use of the runes, including mudra (hand gestures) and asanas (postures) for each of the following runes.  Download a TrueTypeFont of the Armanen Runes.


[ fa ]

FA (f, v)
Exoteric meaning:
Changes, new beginnings, growth, change of residence, travel, animals, mobile possessions, fire.
Esoteric meaning: Original fire, creative father principle, guidance, Father-God principle.
Potential negative trends: Set-backs, failures, destruction, blockage.

[ ur ]

UR (u, w)
Exoteric meaning:
That which is permanent, that which lasts, good fortune, money, physician, medical help, healing powers.
Esoteric meaning: Original cause, origin, root of all material and cosmic phenomena, contact with the transcendent, contact with the dead, life after physical death, Mother-God, Creative Mother Principle.
Potential negative trends: Instability, bad influence, disease, ignorance.

[ thorn ]

THORN (th, d)
Exoteric meaning:
Will to act, setting of goal, power to become.
Esoteric meaning: Return, new emergence from what's apparently old and dried-up, formative power of the seed.
Potential negative trends: Demonic influence, damage, deception, perishing, enemies.

[ os ]

OS (o)
Exoteric meaning:
Speech, talk, discussion, successful as a speaker, mouth, breath that evolves, uterus.
Esoteric Meaning: Idea of that which is given, idea of that which is evolving.
Potential negative trends: Ill fortune, failure of the work, negative suggestions, misuse of knowledge and wisdom. 

[ rit ]

RIT (r)
Exoteric meaning:
Right, order, the judge, advice, salvation, money.
Esoteric meaning: Original law, that which flows away, religious feeling, ritual action.
Potential negative trends: Injustice, lawlessness, violent act, black magic practice. 

[ ka ]

KA (k, g, ch, q)
Exoteric meaning:
Art, capability, artist, genius, being favored, procreation, the child, force, that which is established.
Esoteric meaning: Female principle in the universe, as executive power of balancing justice.
Potential negative trends: Refused procreation, injustice, decay, incapability. 

[ hagal ]

Exoteric meaning:
That which cares and maintains, protects, and preserves; that which is motherly; wisdom, harmony, salvation, blessing, protects from hail and fire.
Esoteric meaning: Eternal change, caring and maintaining principle in the universe, Higher Self, God in us.
Potential negative trends: Exposed to ill fortune, not protected, bad weather, destruction by storm, hail and fire.

[ nod ]

NOD (n)
Exoteric meaning:
That which can not be averted, separation, stress, karmic debt, karmic need, but with outlook for change of karma, banishing ill fortune by means of accepting karma and karmic law.
Esoteric meaning: The decision of the Norns, karma paid-for, cause-effect relations. Capability to restructure karma.
Potential negative trends: No hope for change, exposed to fate because of revolt against karmic determination, unavoidable fall and decline, ultimate negation. 

[ is ]

IS (i)
Exoteric meaning:
Positivity, activity, will, self-domination, influence, personal power, magical power, power to banish evil.
Esoteric meaning: Unity in the universe, duration, magical powers, action in the cosmos.
Potential negative trends: Passivity, lack of will, being dominated, medium and mediumistic activity. 

[ ar ]

AR (a)
Exoteric meaning:
All that which is beautiful and Sun-like, change to good, virtues, honor, glory, rewarding work.
Esoteric meaning: Completion, light, Divine spirit, Sun.
Potential negative trends: Ugly, sterility, vice, change for evil, shame. 

[ sig ]

SIG (s, z)
Exoteric meaning:
Victory, success, gain, successful fight, achieved goal, school.
Esoteric meaning: Salvation by light, inspiration, soul.
Potential negative trends: Destructive light, lightning, hopeless, fight, defeat, failure, exploitation, blocked soul powers. 

[ tyr ]

TYR (t, d)
Exoteric meaning:
Beginning, creation, excitation, power, success, wisdom, duties fulfilled, art of concealment and hiding.
Esoteric meaning: Rebirth into the light - life of the soul.
Potential negative trends: Perverted beginnings, tarnished beginnings, falsified knowledge, failures, dying. 

[ bar ]

BAR (b, p)
Exoteric meaning:
Becoming, birth, being projected, help in birth, son, bread, song, fountain, mountains.
Esoteric meaning: Meaning of life on this planet, in this world.
Potential negative trends: Not-becoming, perverted birth, miscarriage, lost son, bitter bread, death-bed. 

[ laf ]

LAF (l)
Exoteric meaning:
Life, experience, test, temptations by life-circumstances, water, sea, good management.
Esoteric meaning: Test of life. School of the lives. Relations.
Potential negative trends: Succumb to temptation, deception by mate, downfall, emptiness, corpse. 

[ man ]

MAN (m)
Exoteric meaning:
Man, increase, masculinity, health, plenty, magic.
Esoteric meaning: Spirit, truth, God-Man, male principle in cosmos.
Potential negative trends: Demonic spirituality, left path, growth through improper practices, black magic. 

[ yr ]

YR (y, j, , )
Exoteric meaning:
Woman, femininity, desire, sensual love, passion, perfection.
Esoteric meaning: Woman, mother, chaos from which creation emerges, female principle in the cosmos, God-Woman.
Potential negative trends: Perversion, unbounded passion, error, maya, failures as a consequence of wrong action. 

[ eh ]

EH (e)
Exoteric meaning:
Marriage, wedding, partnership, permanent bond, binding decision, hope, duration, horse.
Esoteric meaning: Permanence and marriage as a law, unity of ego and you, sister souls, soul-love, God-Man-Woman.
Potential negative trends: Mismatch, unlucky love, ego and you can not find each other due to karma. 

[ gibor ]

Exoteric meaning:
Fulfillment, giver. Gift, sacred marriage, being ONE with the sister soul, protection against evil forces.
Esoteric meaning: God-All, death-life cycle, seeing of the Divine, Being the Divine.
Potential negative trends: Vain desires for fulfillment, hopeless search for soul mates, godlessness. 


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