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Northwest Folk Dancers Incorporated

We are Northwest Folk Dancers Incorporated (NFDI), the "Where to Folk Dance" organization for the Pacific Northwest.

Special Events

Veselo Folk Dancers in Eugene, Oregon, are holding a folk dance festival January 23 & 24, featuring Michael Ginsburg teaching Balkan dances. Download the flyer for more information.

NFDI will hold a folk dance festival March 19 & 20, 2016 to celebrate our 60th anniversary! Lee Otterholt and Marty Koenig will be our teachers. There is a dance concert in the evening and a folk dance ball, with three bands, to get us all dancing. You can download the registration form here. Come to Seattle and celebrate with us! If you are looking for a hotel, here is a list of the closest ones. Home stays can be arranged on request. We look forward to seeing you here!

Our Newsletter
Articles in the December issue include "A Letter from Heidi Vorst," "NFDI Scholarship Winners," "Congratulations to 60 Years of NFDI!", "International Bands," "In Memoriam: Allan Swensson," "Youth Fund Matching Deadline Coming Up!", and "In Memoriam: Eivind Sleveland," among others. Join us today!

In the January issue: "Barneleikarringen of Greater Seattle Continues to Grow," "Youth Fund Drive a Success," "Happy Birthday, Sno-King!,"NFO Conference," "NFDI 60th Anniversary Festival," "Martin Koenig and Lee Otterholt," "BYU International FD Ensemble Visits the NW," and more! Don't miss out; become a member!

About us
Northwest Folk Dancers Incorporated (NFDI) is a non-profit "umbrella" organization that promotes folk dancing and ethnic events. NFDI sponsors folk dance festivals and other folk events, provides dance descriptions and practice tapes at a nominal charge for NFDI members, and seeks new ways to promote all forms of ethnic dance.

NFDI publishes a monthly magazine, THE NORTHWEST FOLKDANCER, containing articles and advertisements of interest to the folk dance community. One of the most popular features of THE NORTHWEST FOLKDANCER magazine is the listings of regular dances and classes and a separate comprehensive calendar of special events. The magazine also contains club news, ethnic recipes, dance descriptions, CD reviews, and other information helpful for dancers, teachers of folk dance, and anyone interested in the food, dances, costumes, and history of other cultures.

NFDI also provides scholarships for adults who want to attend folk dance camps and who agree to teach the dances to other NFDI clubs, and youth scholarships for students (high school and college age) who want to participate in a dance camp but need assistance to do so.

NFDI was incorporated in January of 1956.

NFDI celebrated its 50th anniversary on April 1 and 2, 2006, with a folk dance festival in Seattle! The festival featured Cristian Florescu and Sonia Dion from Montreal teaching Romanian dances, Thea Huijgen teaching international folk dances, and the internationally acclaimed Mary Sherhart teaching Balkan singing. Check out our Photos page to get glimpses of the event.

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