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"The Spectrum" generally means the autism Spectrum, including Asperger's syndrome, HFA, PDD, Kanner's autism and other autism spectrum conditions. Many people "on the Spectrum" are comfortable with the generic reference of "autistic" (or "Autistic").

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Views on Autism

Sensory Integration

Interpretations of the Mind: An Exploration of Consciousness and Autism by Marcie Anne (.pdf)

A Survey of Sensory Techniques by Marcie Anne and Stan Provençal (.pdf)
Strategies for controlling and altering one's own mental state: An  advanced course  in dealing with sensory issues and environment.

This was a presentation orginally given at Autreat 2013, on 7-August-2013. (The presentation claims to have the largest physical exhibit at any Autreat event, since the presentation hall lighting itself was designed and set up by the authors.)


Relationships on the Spectrum and other issues

singles.html - Autism and 'Singles' Dating Sites
The first page written for this site, and its reason d'etre

relationships.html - Autism, Dating and Socialization

"Sexual Healing" (separate webpage on sexuality)
or Just Another Webpage About Sex)

books.html - A short list of books on meeting people, for people looking for that sort of thing.

bodylanguage.html - A Perspective on "Reading" Body Language

empathy.html - Do Autistics and Asperger's Syndrome People Have Feelings?

abuse.html - Partner Abuse as Pertains to People on the Autism Spectrum
other abuse links

socialbullying.html - Social Bullying
Addresses "control intimidation" and social group ostracism.

Relationships and Autistics - Academic Works

Marcie "Romantic and Intimate Relationship Patterns Among Autistic People" (.pdf)
Study on patterns of relationships and patterns seen among autistic adults. Expands upon Amy Marsh's research. The study explores how changing patterns of sexuality are reflected among autistics, given that autistics tend to adapt to culture in ways that are not typical.

Books & Published Work of Dr. Amy Marsh
Dr. Amy Marsh has engaged in extensive studies of sexuality of autistics.

Relationships With People on the Spectrum

Social Involvement with Someone on The Spectrum
This page is directed to personal relationships. For information regarding support for Autistic culture, please see Phil Schwarz' article on The Case for Allies, describing 16 ways allies can help us.

outside links to Pages on Relationships

Inger's Relationships Page
Part of Inger's Asperger Syndrome website

Dating and Going Out - from

On-line dating advice from
Good on-line dating advice can be found there. Or maybe it's evidence that NTs are more like us than they let-on. Besides, their pages are easier to read than mine. - This looks like a commercial site.
Includes discussions of things like being single and intimacy. This seems to have a heavy NT slant, which I guess is not surprising. - Alternatives To Marriage Project (ATMP)

Why We Can't Just Marry Them All Off - article by Jerry Newport

Sexuality and Sexual Healing on Tantra and Intimacy
"The Intimate Aspie" describes sensitivity and Tantra training with a focus on neurodiverse students. Unfortunately, the website is now mostly marketing, rather than information (although my view is that information would be far more effective in attracting clients). While most of the website is directed to promotion of the services of Amy Marsh, Clinical Sexologist, the concepts are there, as an introduction to a possible link between Tantric sex and autistic sensitivity.

"Sexual Healing" (separate webpage on sexuality)
or Just Another Webpage About Sex) - Coalition for Positive Sexuality
Education site focused on teens and young adults - excellent resource with information particularly useful to autistic teens from 13 to, say, 64. This discusses the different aspects of "Just say yes." to sex (and of course how to say no when you want to say no).
¡Di Que Si! en Español - Select "Singles" link. - "Singles" section of Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper (English edition)
This NT-oriented section has some good "singles lifestyles" and sexuality articles.

Other Pages at This Site

Autism Issues

Work, Socialization and Society Issues

On The Spectrum in the Workplace
- Job Issues - Autism in the Workplace

More about "On The Spectrum in the Workplace" below.

etc. - A list of Miscellaneous Things

Credit, Credit Cards and Mortgages
... and a separate page on buying a house

ANR headsets
The overpriced accessory du jour at airport shops, probably exceeds TV-B-Gone as a favourite toy for Autistics.

syncope.html - Vasovagal Syncope
If you have a needle or IV phobia, you should memorize the name "vasovagal syncope" and the medical procedures (or at least "TAC").

exercises.html - Exercises in Negotiated Interaction
Separate section on Negotiated Transactions at Restaurants restaurants.html - Includes "priceless  items as an example in negotiated transactions within a social context

bs.html - The "BS" Test
examples of Bovine Scatology, mostly in commercial transactions

religion.html - An autistic perspective on spirituality
Links on the subject are at - Reducing Computer Display Monitor Flicker

driving.html - Learning to Drive with a Reduced Visual Perspective - adaptations - This is mostly a non-issue. Driving and distance perception is not a problem with most autistics, but there are a few who find driving to be a challenge.

Eating Well - "Label Reading" as an approach to improvement in diet

until proven innocent

The Criminal Justice Process - a description

"Not Guilty" Pleas   (This page is hyperlinked in the "Criminal Justice Process" page)


Pets and Children - This applies to NT kids too.

homeschooling.html - On Homeschooling
Don't do it!

the Relationships page

"Stand Against Restraint, Seclusion, and Bullying by Teachers"
at (Facebook account or logon to Facebook account not required.)

Treatment, Cures, and Autistics als Lebensunwertes Leben

"Curing" or "Preventing" Autism

Prenatal Testing and Prenatal Screening for Autism
... is basically a way for parents to screen for their own personality traits.   (So why would anyone do that??)

Autistics als Lebensunwertes Leben - The Eugenics of Autism
"Lebensunwertes Leben" (Life unworthy of life) was used as a descriptive slogan the Nazi T4 Program.

realistic.html - "You Need to be Realistic About Your Child's Future."

NEW biomedical treatments for autism
The need to establish a rational relationship between science and the treatment.

vaccinations and autism
Theories that Vaccines "cause" autism, even though autism is 90% hereditary.

"Causes" of Autism - Fad-Causes of Autism including the new "triclosan" theory
Autism is 90% hereditary, but that doesn't seem to deter the kooks.

Drugs and Other Treatments

In general autism is a personality (or personality disorder depending on one's political viewpoint). A significant percentage of autistics -- probably the majority -- would object to a "cure". It's unlikely that drugs therapy would "cure" a personality condition in any meaningful way.

The subject of drug therapy ranging from caffeine to early LSD studies is discussed at

No other drugs links yet (although this page was written with the aid of quite a bit of "organic shade grown" from Whole Foods). Caffeine is, after all, a drug of choice of many people in the workplace.

Psychology - The difference between "psychiatrist" and "psychologist" (definitions and their significance)
Basically, a "psychologist" deals with personality issues; a "psychiatRist" deals with drugs.

Proposed DSM5 definition of autism - SCN's links to "Diseases and Conditions" - Disabled - Mental Health and Advocacy
Also includes items such as ADD Adults of Washington

"Definition" of AS according to DSM-IV -
... actually more of a set of diagnostic criteria. Despite the "Disorder" language, this is useful in establishing uniformity in describing AS, autism, and related conditions (and, yes, also disorders).

Harm Caused by Quack Cures and Aversion Therapy, etc.

"Harm Caused by Quack Cures" - describes legal recourse for unorthodox medical treatments

Occupy the Judge Rotenberg Center
"Wonderland Meets Guantanamo Bay" -- The Judge Rotenberg Center (named after a Judge that declined to enjoin their operation!) uses electric shocks and other adversives as "treatements".
&quo t;Torture in the USA" - from SUNY Levin Institute

JRC Banned from New Admissions from

(Wikipedia article)

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)
a group within the Church of Scientology has become active in opposing what they call "psychiatric violations of human rights".It seems that Scientology is involved in part because they disfavour psychiatry; instead favouring their own techniques. As far as I'm concerned, their concern is more than welcome. Thank you, Scientologists.
If you have been harmed in any way by quack "cures", CCHR may be able to direct you to a lawyer willing to take the case. Please see the links for this.
What Is CCHR?
CCHR's Lawyer Referral Page
CCHR can be useful in locating lawyers willing to take on "professionals" responsible for abusive therapies.

One Non-Orthodox Treatment that is Well-Accepted and is Possibly Beneficial

Irlen Lenses
Information on Irlen Lenses
Helen L. Irlen's US Patent 4,961,640 (which expires Oct-2007) The patent contains instructions on the Irlen technique.
(text format of US 4,961,640)

.pdf of US 4,961,640 from
(This opens a new page. On the new page, click on the hyperlinked number to download it.)
Irlen lenses are colour-matched to the individual's optical sensitivity as determined by testing the individual. Note that this is directed to a sensitivity; not an attempted "cure".

US and Canadian Candidates' Positions on Disabilities


Artistic Expression

theysay.html - They Say. (a poem)
confinement.html - Lost in my own confinement (mixed expression)
school1969.html - Memories of school 1969 (poem)
dontbindme.html - Don't bind me. Recollection of teen years of an autistic placed in a mental hospital ward. (mixed expression) - more poems by Sondra and others

For Against Us Without Us

I will not be complicit in my own oppression essay describing problems with Autism Speaks and how Autism Speaks is not an organization that represents marginalized people in any way whatsoever.
Autistic Hoya is the blog nom de guerre of Lydia Brown. Autistic Hoya has several articles describing how Autism Speaks excludes autistic people from its leadership and has no meaningful representation of autistic people among its several advisory boards. The articles can be found here here here and here.

Autism Self-Advocacy

These are general links, related to organisations related to autism and Asperger's syndrome. (They are in no particular order.)


Donation Links
... for "accidental donors" and of course intentional donation. Please donate to groups who represent autistics and who are focused on autism advocacy. (Autism Self Advocacy Network or ASAN).

Ooops...Wrong Planet!

Autistic Adults Picture Project...

Our Names Are Autism Too
I included this list here because it includes links to several individual self-advocacy pages.

Aspies For Freedom (AFF)

GRASP - The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership

Tantra, Intimacy & Asperger's Syndrome Project


Asperger Adults of Greater Washington (Washington, DC. Most people there don't know that Washington is a state.)
Portland Asperger Support Group


As of August, 2013, Jim Sinclair resigned from Autreat. Since Autreat had been run as a sole proprietorship with 100% ownership by Jim Sinclair, a continuation of the annual event is being taken up by Association for Autistic Community (AAC).

Autreat, typically held the last week of June, is an Autistic run educational seminar and retreat.

Association for Autistic Community is being formed by members of the Autreat Planning Committee, which is a group of volunteers organized to help run Autreat.

The Autistic Community Event is the follow-on event run by Association for Autistic Community (AAC)

Association for Autistic Community (AAC) is organized as a non-profit corporation and will be seeking (US) IRS 501(c)(3) certification as a tax-exempt registered charity. AAC is certified under Delaware corporation law as a non-profit corporation.

Association for Autistic Community is presently planning the 2014 Autistic Community event.

Autscape is a European Autistic-run conference, typically held in the UK, in mid or late summer.



'cure what? poster"Cure What?" poster
(fits Letter A and A-4 sheets)

Some Explanations of Autism - Joel Smith's website
Joel Smith's website, "This Way of Life" is divided into a well-written series of essays on issues generally related to autism self-advocacy.

Includes a commentary about "venting", a euphemism for hate speech typically directed toward spouses and children.

"Don't Mourn for Us"
This 1993 essay by Jim Sinclair, co-founder of ANI is seen as the touchstone to the autism self-advocacy movement.
(mirror page)
(video montage) from christschool (Youtube)

(numerous similar links here)

Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical - a tongue-in-cheek commentary from

Pages Elsewhere on SCN and
Elsewhere not on SCN - Reducing Computer Display Monitor Flicker
There is a tendency for people with Asperger's syndrome to be affected by computer display monitor flicker. - Summary of Public Law 94-142 (US)
P.L. 94-142, otherwise known as IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) provides for educational opportunities, mainstreaming, and independent educational plans (IEPs) in the US. is probably the most comprehensive listing of articles on The Spectrum. Kathleen, the site's webmaster has compiled a large collection of writings, and presents it in an easy to navigate format.

(numerous similar links here)

Jane Meyerding's Website
Jane has some excellent writings on various topics regarding HFA (high functioning autism) and Asperger's syndrome.
a list of "Snippets"
- This is a single page with explanations of various experiences related to autism.
links -
- She has a links page, directing the reader to such topics as prosopagnosia (inability to recognize human faces) which at least to some extent affects everyone on The Spectrum.
- (her main page, at University of Washington in Seattle)
"Repeat Naming" or Signifying
Signifying is an abusive marketing issue which doesn't directly relate to autism; however people on The Spectrum are particularly affected by the literal effect of the tactic.
Signifying consists of a person repeatedly addresses the other person in conversation. This is significant for people on The Spectrum because of a tendency to take the "signifying" tactics literally -- "HEY, [name], you're not paying attention!"

The part about giving them your dog's name is particularly useful if you're in an irritable mood trying to solve a particular problem on the phone.) Mind Reading "The Interactive Guide to Emotions" DVD
(redirects to here) The website explains it. The DVD got a pretty good review (BBC) and is almost certainly worth the £74.95 cost. They appear to have a good conversion rate, so it shouldn't matter if you choose to pay in $US or £UK. But the "important" note says if you are a member of a relevant organisation, cost is £54.95 .

Other Outside Links
- This site is attempting to start various forums and discussion groups.

Connecting the Dots
- Rhonda's Web Links (geocities)

Some Famous People on The Spectrum
Satoshi Tajiri (the creator of Pokemon)
Steven Speilberg
Bram Cohen of Bit Torrent
Dan Aykroyd
Vernon L. Smith (Nobel winning mathematician) - User Access Site
This site permits users to interact, post webpages, etc., using MediaWiki software. This is a sort-of cross between Wikipedia and a chatroom. This particular site is focused on autism spectrum.

(not related to autism, but it's here anyway)
GLBA Letter (US)
Sample GLBA privacy letter (US) to decline to have personal information "shared", with instructions.

Other Links in - Other links in the "People" category of SCN - Other sexuality links in the "People" category of SCN

On the Spectrum In the Workplace

On The Spectrum in the Workplace
- Job Issues - Autism in the Workplace

Workplace Accommodation
- Job Issues - Autism in the Workplace

Fluorescent Lighting Flicker
includes a section on workplace accommodation

"No-Eye-Contact" Networking

"Life With the NTs" blog (external website)
commentary about "acting NT" in the workplace

Making Employment Fit: Accommodations & Other Dirty Words (external website)
Joel Smith's Autreat '04 presentation on workplace issues. This is available in .pdf, MSWord, and Powerpoint formats.

Fluorescent Light Flicker

Fluorescent Light Flicker (on this website)
includes practical and theoretical explanations

Information on fluoresent light flicker (external website)

Wikipedia article on compact fluorescent (CF) lights
CF lights operate at 25kHz - 40kHz, and have subtantially less flicker than standard fluorescent tubes.

Lists of Autism Spectrum Links

Jypsy's "The Maze" - autism links
from Jypsy's Ooops... Wrong Planet Syndrome website - autism links maintained by Laura Tisoncik

"Cure What?" (poster)
"key" at Melissa Bee's site
website describing internet dating issues
Melissa Bee's pages:
Melissa has written several pages on sexuality, autism, and Asperger's syndrome. She states that there is "no treatment" but (in a manner of speaking) contradicts her own statement with an excellent set of suggestions and guidelines. Her homepage is but she has several sites elsewhere: - enter "autism" in the search block.
mostly links. Use the banner menu at the top of the page.

Exchange Links

... are at directoryofresources.html and (alternate link)

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faqs.html - FAQs about editorial content of the relationships pages only

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