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Yeah, we're used to asking stupid questions, so why not answer a few?

This FAQ page relates to the editorial content of the web pages; not to the subject matter. For "FAQs" on the subject matter, see the main pages. This page is to answer questions of the nature of, "Why don't you mention ______?"

Why do you refer to people with Asperger's syndrome as autistics?
There is generally considered to be a continuum of people on the autism Spectrum, including Kanner's autism, "high functioning autism", Asperger's syndrome, PDD or PDD/NOS. There may or may not be different underlying physical processes, but in real life there are no clear dividing lines. All of us are on the autism Spectrum.

Why do you refer to people with Asperger's syndrome as autistics? (same question; different meaning)
In terms of people first language, this is not generally favoured by autistics because autism is part of the person's identity and culture. I do not see "people first" language as useful in the case of autistics.

In general, people associated with a condition identified with a subculture are inclined to describe the condition in title form, as deaf or autistic. If one wishes to be clear as to the meaning, one can "Autistics" (with a capital "A") to indicate cultural identity; however this does not address the "people first" issues because "people first" does not preclude such noun-descriptors for cultural identification.

Another problem with "people first" language is that it can become more of an obstruction than a meaningful change.

It is also my opinion that "people first" language is mostly symbolic. Most of the advantage of "people first" language is obtained by mixed usage of "people first" and noun-descriptor language. Moreover noun-descriptor language does not create a negative perception of "people with autism" or "autistics".

For more commentary on "people first" language as applied to autistics, see See Sinclair 1999; http://web.syr.edu/~jisincla/person_first.htm

As to the directory structure at SCN, this page is at http://www.scn.org/people/autistics . This reflects SCN's categories of Information Providers and has nothing to do with "people first". The Autistics website (this website) is in the People category.

What's the difference between Asperger's and HFA?
This is an editorial FAQ, so I'll leave substantive questions to your web searching ability.

Why do you not mention ____ as a way of meeting people?
If you find that a particular place or group advantageous, use it. This is not a comprehensive list.

What about a particular precaution? Autistics have a tendency of taking things literally and ..."
If you are inquisitive enough to get to the webpage, I presume you are able to do the research and work out the details.

What about this important abuse issue?
As mentioned on abuse.html, there are a number of resources for this. The point here is to be aware of the issue and to note particular characteristics of abuse of autistics. Abuse is too complex of a subject to be comprehensively addressed here.

Why are you not advocating marriage?
Because it isn't always the ideal relationship, at least for autistics. If an autistic finds marriage suitable, there's nothing to prevent that.

Why not explain more about socialisation?
I am intending to have a separate page on this, written by others. It would seem that people who are interested in crossing the threshold in dating, and people who want to learn about socialisation may be two different groups. There may be a sort of "Venn diagram" overlap, but that's a different subject.

As to meeting people in public places, that is a completely different subject. NTs have it all over us in knowing how to walk up to people and start an engaging conversation.

I found your article directly through a search engine. What other pages are there?
Other pages at a website are most easily found by backing up to the closest index page.

Why are you spelling words a certain way?
Because I want to. And bee cause the spill chequers on my computer donut work wright. Most forms I use are listed in the OED, v.2.

Why do you capitalise "Spectrum"?
Because it's a defined term. Why do you care?

Would you recommend ...?

What about child abuse, elder abuse and institutional abuse of the disabled?
Elsewhere on the web. If you ran across abuse.html, it is part of a series of pages about autism and intimate relationships.

What about issues of intimacy for autistics? After all, the webpages pages relate to intimate relationships!
This FAQ was written before this (www.scn.org/autistics/sexuality.html)

An excellent series is also found at Melissa Bee's website,
www.sexualhealth.com/experts/viewexpert.cfm? ID=34

Also see links at the index page to this website.

How was this written?
HTML was manually "coded" (not a complex task), using Wordperfect 5.1

What cookies do you use?
I don't.

Who sees these webpages?
Here is a web hit log report. We don't track individual users. Our "web hit log" reports webhits by domain only. (Web hit informatin can also be used to display browser types, etc. but you'd have to go elsewhere on the web to find that sort of thing.)

Thanks to ...
Elaine, Elgin M. and the people at SCN who have provided webspace for a plethora of "information providers". Also thank you to the contributors of the different articles here.

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