poem by Sondra Williams

I heard them talking about me, saying I am not like others I can dance and sing and play, I feel, and cry tears too. I am more like you, than you think

I heard them say that my silence reflects no emotion, no connections. I cry many unseen tears, I laugh at life's blunders, although not in ways foreseen. I connect like you, more than you think.

They say I am intellectually impaired and will never learn to reach my potential I know about words and explore the world in ways others rarely know. I am smarter, than you think.

The doctor says I will not be able to show affection or relate to my own family I gave them a smile from across the room, they didn't even notice. I do know and feel love, more than you may think.

Some say my anger and the rages are animalistic. I tried to communicate my fear the only way I know how, but no one was listening. I get angry like you, for reasons like you, more than you think

The doctors say there is no hope I am void of understanding I have dreams and think on them often, but due to my silence I can't share them. Yes, I have dreams and goals, just like others, more than you think

Strangers say I am out of control and not human. I have a body, mind and soul, just somewhat challenged. I am human more than you think.

I heard them talking, saying oh, she has autism, a disability of no hope If they only knew what is trapped inside me, I think. They would say she's more like me, than what others think.

Written by Sondra Williams
Copyright © October 20, 2002

First posted 21 Oct 02.
Sondra will be offering a booklet of her poetry for sale in the near future.

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