There is absolutely no relationship between vaccines and autism.
Autism is a genetic condition. If one identical twin is diagnosed autistic, there is a 90% chance that xyr twin will be diagnosed autistic. This relates to diagnosis and not the the trait and not the personality.

More to the point, all bona fide studies on the subject have shown no relatinship between vaccines and autism. They have found a timeline relationship, in that autism is typically diagnosed at ages 2 to 6 and vaccines are typically administered at ages 2 to 6.

But isn't there a Gub'ment Conspiracy?

That could be possible except for a few issues.

There are in fact parallel examples. For example Transfats are identified as associated with cancer affecting fatty tissue. Breast cancer is identified with fatty tissue; however, several organizations which claim to be directed to breast cancer research ("The cure"; not "Prevention") are especially silent on the transfat issue:

  • Google Search of <"Susan G. Komen" "breast cancer">     - 724,000 hits
  • Google Search of <"Susan G. Komen" "breast cancer" transfats>     - 3,150 hits
  • Google Search of <"Susan G. Komen" "breast cancer" "trans fats">     - 2,750 hits
So, maybe this only represents a disproportionate fundraising activities? Let's see..
  • Google Search of <"Susan G. Komen" "breast cancer" diet>     - 59,700 hits
(Google searches run 20-Dec-08.)
This doesn't prove any intention on the part of the Susan G. Komen organisation, but the search results do show the possiblity that there can be medical "cover-ups". But conspiracy theories only work if there is a single entity which is able to exert control (on their issue) among all major players.

But what does Susan G. Komen covering up or not covering up the trans fats issue have to do with autism vaccine troothers? -- Nothing, and that's the point ...

Applying this to the autism and vaccine issue, if there were a single source of autism advocacy and funding (e.g., the US NIH or the US CDC or the US FDA), then it would be possible for a cover-up. The problem is that the autism community is not at all monolithic, and is far more politicized than even breast cancer activism. This ranges from the medical community, psychologists, parent groups, "curbie" groups, groups which exclude Autistics (e.g., Autism Speaks),Autistic self-advocates (sometimes called "the Neurodiversity community") and other advocates.

Some of these groups are notoriously under-funded, but there are others out there with enough resources to fund a major NASCAR sponsorship.

If there were a way to demonstrate a connection between vaccines and autism by credible scientific means, we would have seen it. We would have seen least one study. It ain't there. Instead, the autism-vaccine connection theory fits in well with the theory that God buried dinosour skeletons in order to test people's faith.

What about Mercury?

You'd have to ask the Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln Division of the Ford Motor Company. More seriously, mercury compounds are toxic, but if mercury is a concern, make sure that your child's jabs are from single-dose vials.

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First posted 20-Dec-08. Last revised 16 Sep 12.

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