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The Citizens' Campaign for Commercial-Free Schools (CCCS) is a statewide grassroots, nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington.
Our mission: Protecting the right of Washington children and youth to a commercial-free education

A note to anyone who happens across this website:

CCCS is no longer an active organization. We were able to win a strong policy against commercialism in the Seattle schools and provide encouragement to citizens in other communities around the state, and so our members have moved on to other battles. The CCCS web pages have not been updated in many years--the website is being left up in case any of the information here might be of help in your own campaign against commercialism in schools. Here are some other organizations that are currently active and which may be able to provide useful resources for your own work:

Good luck in your own efforts to keep schools focused on a commercial-free environment for our children! (9-14-2010)


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