Companions Challenging Economic Sanctions against Iraq

A physician with child in Al-Monsour Pediatrics Teaching Hospital, Baghdad. 
A pediatrician with child in need of medicines, Baghdad.

In May 2002, Bert Sacks had a $10,000 fine imposed on him by the U.S. government for admitting to bringing medicines to Iraq in 1997 without prior approval. Several weeks later, Rev. Randall Mullins was notified that he too faces a $10,000 fine for a 1997 trip to Iraq. They are the first Americans to have received such a fine for traveling to Iraq.

As a matter of conscience concerning this and other U.S. restrictions on the flow of humanitarian supplies into Iraq, Bert Sacks and Rev. Mullins have publicly refused to pay the fine. Instead, a campaign has been started to raise $10,000 to purchase and deliver more desperately needed medicines to pediatric hospitals and clinics in Iraq.

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For more info, see Voices in the Wilderness.

"I have been very touched by all of you who've sent an email, a letter, or called in support of my refusal to pay the US Treasury's $10,000 fine. I know this outpouring of support now includes my friend Rev. Randall Mullins, who's received a similar fine. By adding your names and checks to the Declaration 2002 project you give us strength. You are so many people from so many places -- so many I don't know. Thank you!"
-- Bert Sacks  June 26, 2002
Last updated on July 26, 2002.

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