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First Pedestrian Bill of Rights

Pedestrians shall have the right to:

  1. the freedom to walk with independence, comfort and safety, and with reasonable "peace of mind"
  2. a complete and unimpeded network of pedestrian ways through urban areas
  3. safe, well-maintained, well-lit walkways, without obstructions or barriers.
  4. right-of-way at all pedestrian crossings, especially near schools
  5. safe and convenient access to common destinations and other modes of transportation
  6. a public educated on the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of walking, and a driving public that is aware of pedestrian safety issues


We suggest that decisionmakers and community leaders take these actions in recognition of the positive effect walking has on our communities, environment and health.

Create walkable communities:

Provide areas which are intended exclusively for pedestrians, and serve as convenient, logical and safe connections. These areas should connect to and within common destinations so that pedestrians may go about their daily lives running errands, commuting to work, visiting friends, getting exercise, etc.

Design intersections so that the crossing pedestrian is clear visible to all drivers, and so pedestrian/vehicle conflict is minimized. Ensure that pedestrians be able to cross at walk signals in an appropriate span of time without a long wait.

Pedestrian scale design: future development should be on a scale that encourages walking

Enforce all laws related to pedestrian safety, mobility and priority

Promote legislative policies that give priority and funding to non-motorized sustainable transportation

Enhance walking experience and community environment through streetscape design and public amenities

Last updated: May 6, 2002