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Computer Training Online

There seem to be zillions of computer-training sites online. Some are free, some have fees, some have both. Many require registration and registration means that your email may be spammed. Read the registration carefully and uncheck any box that asks if it's OK to send you email about other related services.

Following are three sites that we've used that have worked well for a variety of different computer users. We're interested in sites that you've found useful, send the URL with your comments to

FreeSkills offers a combination of for-fee and FREE courses with no registration required for the free tutorials. There are over 300 courses online, and many different products are covered, Microsoft, Lotus, Mac, Novell, Unix and more. To get to the free tutorials, go to or click on the "Tutorials" tab. Click on choose a category—and go!

SeniorNet is a great site overall, with a set of easy-to-follow tutorials on searching and researching on the web

Computers and Training is a clearinghouse for several other sites, including...

The last site is great for folks in tech programs or tech folks who need a quick product review.

Computer Training Facilities

Refer to: Free Computer Training programs in Seattle.

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