Flutist Jeffrey Cohan

JEFFREY COHAN, who according to the New York Times can "play several superstar flutists one might name under the table", has received international acclaim both as a modern flutist and as one of the foremost specialists on transverse flutes from the renaissance through the early 19th century. He won the Erwin Bodky Award in Boston, and the highest prize awarded in the Flanders Festival International Concours Musica Antiqua for Ensembles in Brugge, Belgium with lutenist Stephen Stubbs. First Prize winner of the Olga Koussevitzky Young Artist Competition in New York and recipient of grants from the Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music and the French Government, he has performed throughout Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and for the USIA Arts America Program in the South Pacific, South America, Turkey and Portugal.

Jeffrey resides in Seattle, where directs the period instrument concert series Concert Spirituel.

___"An expressive spontaneity and communicative intensity that kept a listener consistently absorbed...All the easy agility, lyrical grace and dramatic perceptions of a superb bel canto soprano"

___"Cohan, the Flute Master" (headline)...Through stunning mastery of his instrument, careful programming and a remarkable communicative stage presence, Jeffrey Cohan transformed a potentially pallid recital into a musical event of tremendous variety, warmth and subtlety. With his amazing command of an unusually large dynamic range, a wonderfully burnished tone, attention to the most subtle rhythmic nuances and a terrific sense of humor Cohan was able to make these pieces extraordinarily engaging. I can't recall ever hearing such a wide range of expressiveness or such variety from the baroque flute." -BOSTON GLOBE

___"Under his hands blooms and breathes all; each work becomes so precious that one feels almost like an intruder in this musical universe." -HOLSTEINISCHER COURIER, Kiel
___"What Jeffrey Cohan elicits from his baroque traverso... borders on the miraculous." -DARMSTADTER ECHO, Darmstadt, Germany
___"Brilliant and poetic account of Jacques Ibert's Flute Concerto." -TURKISH DAILY NEWS, Ankara, Turkey
___"A young virtuoso flutist...astonishing time and time again." -DER BUND, Bern
___"From the first tone Jeffrey Cohan transported his listeners like a magician in the great, wonderful music world...He simply enraptured his audience with his great technique and wholly musical perceptions." -BERNER ZEITUNG, Bern, Switzerland
___"He seemed almost like a Pan from Greek myth who had come from the cold north for a ‘soirée d'un faun’...The listener experienced the usual and the unusual in great perfection." -BERNER TAGBLATT, Bern, Switzerland
___"Dynamic magic is immediately apparent in Cohan's artistry with the flute...as the music is played with stunning verve." -SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER
___"The music world seems full of excellent flutists these days, but there should be room for one more if he demonstrates the special gifts that Jeffrey Cohan displayed at his debut recital in Alice Tully Hall." -The NEW YORK TIMES

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