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Citizens Shaping the Network Society:

The Seattle Statement was developed by a committee of participants in the final session (May 23, 2000) of the "Shaping the Network Society: The Future of the Public Sphere in Cyberspace" symposium sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. The statement has now been "signed" by 180 people from 30 countries. Nearly 10 translations now exist and many others are planned.

Our intent is to use the Seattle Statement as a common foundation for activism, policy, and research work all over the world. It is intentionally open-ended as we acknowledge that there is no single correct "public sphere" for every society in the world.

We are currently building support for the statement through signature gathering. We have Italian and Spanish versions and we are also working to have the statement translated into other languages. Our next step is to use the statement to help organize projects and events that explore and further the goals relating creating a new public sphere.

The Seattle Statement is only a beginning. We hope it is an important one. We are looking forward to working with you!

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Seattle Statement

The world is becoming globalized and communications technology is an important part of that process.

The human race is faced with a multitude of major problems that are receiving inadequate attention.

Civic society throughout the world has enormous -- insufficiently tapped -- resources including creativity, compassion, intelligence, dedication which can help address these problems.

At the same time civic society is undervalued and threatened.

Information and communication technology offers enormous potential for civic society for education, health, arts & culture, social services, social activism, deliberation, agenda setting, discussion, and democratic governance.

Active, informed citizen participation is the key to shaping the network society. A new "Public Sphere" is required.


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