SCN Association Membership Levels


Membership in the SCN Association

All SCNA members are entitled to vote in the annual elections for the Board of Directors, to participate in the Annual Meeting, and to introduce resolutions about changes in the bylaws. Privileges of membership in SCNA come only with a Volunteer Membership, or at the Basic Membership Level or higher, or if you have requested a Low-Income Membership.

Because SCNA is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, all donations are tax-deductible. These are the suggested donation levels. You may contribute any amount that is within your means and reflects the value of your SCN account to you.

$120 - Standard Membership

This level is for SCN users who wish to donate at the full value of their SCN account, based on equivalent commercial service rates of $10 per month.

Donating at this level helps SCN to improve the system and its service to the community.

Standard Members will receive first notice of and access to major feature enhancements to SCN, in advance of general release to all users.

$60 - Sustaining Membership

This level, based on $5 per month, may be more appropriate for the occassional user of SCN, and helps to sustain current operations.

Sustaining Members will receive second notice of and access to major feature enhancements to SCN, after Standard Members, and in advance of general release to all users.

$25 - Basic Membership

This level is for those who wish to express their support for the principles of SCN and SCNA, and wish to receive basic benefits and voting privileges.

This is the level at which we ask you donate when you request a custom User-ID.

$15 - Low-Income Membership

Intended for students and seniors, this allows low-income access to membership in SCNA and voting privileges.

Volunteer Membership

Volunteers who have contributed at least 5 hours of time to SCN in the past 30 days are eligible for membership in the Association for the current year, based on that volunteer contribution. Please confirm this with the SCN Volunteers Committee.

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