Benefits to Phone Line Sponsorship


Why should you sponsor a phone line for SCN?

What You Get

Sponsoring a phone line makes you an active participant in SCN's mission of democratic technology for all.

Every time an SCN user logs onto the system, they will see a message of thanks to one of our phone line sponsors.

Sponsorship of a phone line entitles you to four additional lines of text in our logon acknowledgement for a slogan, message or contact information.

Each sponsorship receives equal distribution in the cycle, so sponsoring multiple phone lines will result in you being acknowledged more frequently.

Your sponsorship will show your business to be community-aware, by association with SCN's long record of service to the public.

Your sponsorship is fully tax-deductible as a donation to SCNA, a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.

What the Public Gets

Support of our phone lines ensures that our users for whom SCN is their sole access to the Internet will be able to use our system from their home computers.

Access to SCN from dial-up is an important part of our commitment to broad public access from a wide variety of sources.

Your sponsorship helps assure continued service to the users of SCN by helping to fund our largest regular cash expense.

Your sponsorship will free up scarce SCNA funds allowing us to advance our programs of public service and education.

Updated October 18, 2003 -