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LINKS of INTEREST and other useful contacts

Responsible Watershed Living

Car Washing Impact on Creeks (or don't target salmon when you aim your hose). The soap used for washing vehicles is often a greater threat than the substances washed off the vehicle.Homewaters Project, formerly the Thornton Creek Project, is an educational nonprofit organization located in the Thornton Creek watershed on North Seattle Community College's campus.
Washington Toxics Coalition Read about the "Hazards from lawn and garden products"--the most common contaminants in Thornton Creek! Northgate Activist a link to area projects, meetings, and the latest Northgate Area news.
Salmon-Friendly Gardens
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods An important link for project news, services, neighborhood information, and a lot more! Salmon Watcher Program Help count salmon in your local creek.

Local creeks, and other related water links
The Ravenna Creek Alliancehas been quite busy working to daylight Ravenna Creek just south of us in Seattle.
The group working on Longfellow Creekin West Seattle has a site with excellent info to help you find your way around the creek.
The Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group is helping to restore streams and salmon for the Skagit and Samish River watersheds. The EPA also has a Watershed Tools page which describes a large number of watershed management tools, including data collection methods, modeling, community outreach, training, and more.
Get real-time and historic data on stream flows, as well as water quality information and a list of publications, from the US Geological Survey's Water Resources of the USpage. Lake levels and river flows for some of the larger drainage systems in the Pacific Northwest, including Lake Washington, are automatically updated each hour by the US Army Corps of Engineers--see the River Basins link. This is a good place to check when it's raining. 
Columbia River Web Sites is a government list of salmon-related information in the Columbia River basin, plus other links. Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition Link to the Columbia and Snake Rivers campaign, with updates and links on current legislation actions/bills.

Other Conservation Links
Nature Conservancy of Washington
Mountains to Sound Greenway North Cascades Conservation Council
People for Puget Sound The Cascade Chapter of the Sierra Club
Seattle Audubon Society

Some other useful contacts...

Pollution, spills, chemical dumping Washington Department of Ecology  425-649-7000
Water quality problems, illegal dumping Seattle Solid Waste Utility 206-684-7587
Environmental damage King County 24-hr hotline 888-437-4771
Hazardous waste mismanagement Hazardous Waste Management Program 206-689-3040
Critical areas (50 feet either side of creek) DPD Resource Center 206-684-8467
Log fish and wildlife sightings Thornton Creek Critter Line 206-440-2841