Thornton Creek AllianceIn Your Care!

The Thornton Creek Alliance is very active in promoting and implementing habitat restoration projects in the watershed.  Through grants, partnerships, and community volunteerism, we have completed a number of projects around the drainage.

A Few of Our Accomplishments:

  • Tributary dechannelization for fish passage

  • Plantings of native vegetation at various locations adjacent to the creek

  • Construction of frog pond to help bring back Pacific chorus frogs

  • Restoration work at a tributary creeklet and wetland, at Meadowbrook

  • Restoration of Willow Creek, a tributary to the south fork of Thornton Creek

  • Restoration of the south part of Matthews Beach Park adding a pond for off-channel rearing habitat for juvenile salmon. Wetlands were enhanced, and nonnative plants were replaced with native plants.

  • Developed a Streamkeeper program of motivated volunteers

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