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Snowy Owl Reports in Cascadia, Winter 1996-97

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October 20th From: "H. Opperman" Subject: BirdBox transcript 19-23 Oct 96 5:26 p.m. October 20th - Bob Norton from Port Angeles, 928-3053. SNOWY OWL was present today in the log raft in Port Angeles harbor as viewed from Ediz Hook. As you drive out Ediz Hook park at the 20 MPH sign not long before you get to the rest room and toilet house. As you look out there is an empty circle outlined by a log boom. It was in the middle of the raft to the right, or west, of the open space. From the amount of black spotting my guess is that this is a young adult. Thank you.

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4:30 p.m. October 21st - Hello. This is Patrick Sullivan along with Ruth Sullivan reporting from Tacoma, Washington at area code 206-564-7419, also including Craig Kemper. The SNOWY OWL at Ediz Hook in Clallam County that was originally observed on Saturday was again observed today between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m., 0.3 miles from the last stop sign at the pulp mill.

Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 21:46:45 -0700 From: Paul Cozens The first SNOWY OWL of the season has been found at Ediz Hook near Port Angeles. The bird was last seen on the 21st, .3 miles past the last sign at the pulp mill.

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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 00:09:32 -0400 From: Norton360@aol.com the Ediz Hook Snowy Owl was present today, norton360@aol.com

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 00:27:46 -0400 From: Norton360@aol.com The Snowy Owl was present 10-22 but I could not find it today.

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 19:48:37 -0400 From: Norton360@aol.com Subject: PA Snowy Owl(SnOw) at Ediz Hook Well, I was unable to find the SnOw yesterday but Carol Strohmeyer saw it about 5PM on the log raft where it was first seen. She tried but did not see it today and I was not out. Directions: Go 1.3 miles from the stop sign in the Daishowa Plant out Ediz Hook. Park at the 20 mph speed sign and look at the raft to the right. It has been on that raft on three days. The other day it was on the log raft nearest the Daishowa Plant.

From: Norton360@aol.com The Snowy Owl on Ediz Hook was seen on the beach near Daishowa on Oct 30, by an observer who works on the Coast Guard Station.

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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 16:51:55 -0800 From: Paul Cozens There has been a SNOWY OWL at 5001 Tower Dr. Northeast in Tacoma since 8:30 this morning. The bird has been atop this house's roof all day. The area is Harbor Ridge Estates. Betty (the owner of the house) says come on by. Hope it stays 'til tomorrow.

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Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 11:16:55 -0800 From: "Anthony J. Kroha" The SNOWY OWL reported Wednesday in Northeast Tacoma was still present as of 9:00 am this morning. The SNOW has moved about 4 blocks west of the previous sighting to 5525 23rd Ave NE in the Pinnacle Point development. Look for crows and gulls harassing the bird. If you have a AAA map of Tacoma, see section J-4. Alternately, from North- shore Parkway, turn north on Orca Drive, left on 56th ST NE to 23rd Ave NE, to the first culdesac uphill from the intersection of 23rd and Parkview DR. >From Tacoma, turn right at Cliff House Restaurant onto Slayden Rd and continue ahead to Northshore Parkway. From Seattle, take Exit 142 west to 348th st. and follow the main streets west, Northshore Pkway begins at the county line.

Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 20:22:26 -0800 From: Paul Cozens Today, November 1, a Snowy Owl appeared in a large fir tree behind the house at 11508 20th Ave. NE, near Northgate. The person making the report was Garth Ferber, it's his house. No other details.

8:27pm November 1st - Good evening. Michael Carmody, November 1st. There is a SNOWY OWL also in Thurston County, was seen this afternoon for long period of time right up to nightfall. On Spurgeon Creek Road, reached from the Yelm Highway, which is reached from College or Ruddell Road. From I5 on College to Yelm highway, Yelm Highway to Spurgeon Creek Road, at that intersection go 2.6 miles down the road is a view spot and a place to park the car, and a place where the meadow can be viewed. This particular owl is favoring the tops of fir trees and has been seen by a number of local birders throughout the day on November 1st. Thank you, good birding!

6:13pm November 1st - Hello, this is Steve Pink of Bellevue, phone number 603.0736. There's an adult SNOWY OWL at Edmonds this evening off the fishing pier on the rocky jetty srrounding the marina at the southern end of that. Clearly viewable from the fishing pier. It was present from at least 4:30 to 5pm. Thank you.

9:12am November 2nd - This is Bob Norton, Port Angeles. 260.928.3053. Nov 2nd, A SNOWY OWL out on Ediz Hook and it was reported about two days previously. This is probably a different owl than the one we had earlier because it shows a lot more dark flecking on it. Thank you.

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Date: Sun, 3 Nov 1996 09:29:58 -0800 (PST) From: Christopher Hill While eating breakfast at Denny's in Everett this morning, I heard someone at the next table describe the "Snowy White Owl" that had spent the previous day at his worksite "on the tail" [of an aircraft, I surmise], and thus probably there is a Snowy hanging out at the Boeing plant in Everett, or at a local airport.

From: "H. Opperman" I received a message that a Snowy Owl spent Sunday afternoon, November 3rd, on Beacon Hill in Seattle near the Veterans' Hospital. It was photographed at close range but left its perch after nightfall and has not been seen since. The ex-location was the roof of a garage behind 4618 13th Avenue South, near the corner of South Alaska. Crows were giving it a hard time. Maybe it's still around the neighborhood, and still being mobbed, which might make it possible to find it again.

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10:38 a.m. November 4th - Hi. This is Charlie Kahl, I'm calling in from the Seattle Audubon Society desk. We recently had a call this morning, this is Monday the 4th of November, at 10 a.m., of a SNOWY OWL in north Ballard on Dibble Ave between 73rd and 75th. The caller was not sure of the identity of the bird, but after describing it to us it was pretty obvious that was most likely what it was. That was on Dibble Ave between 73rd and 75th.

4:37pm Nov 4 - This is Barry Levine reporting from Seattle and it's 4:30 and I just was over looking at the immature SNOWY OWL which is located on Dibble NW in Ballard, between 73rd and 75th. It's behind the house at 7320 in a tall conifer tree just off to the left of center and when I was there there were about ten crows mobbing it. If you need to more information you can call me at 206.526.8676 Good luck and good birding.

Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 17:37:05 -0800 From: "William R. Applegate" I was walking my dog along the beach today (4 Nov 96) at Joseph Whidbey State Park on NW Whidbey Island. We encountered a snow owl. It was perched on a prominent driftwood log just back from the high tide line. It flushed as we approached and flew to t he NW out over the water of N Puget Sound. After circling back twice to look at us it flew in the direction of the south coast of Lopez Island. There was no whitewash nor any castings around the log on which it was perched. One wonders if this is yet a nother snowy owl, or if it is one of the birds previously reported that has changed its location.

7:43pm Nov 4th - Hello This is Michael Priba 206.623.7798 Today at Edmonds the SNOWY OWL seen previously on the seawall was located by my wife and I with the help of a great many Union Oil employees who directed us toward it just inside the gate of the old tank farm adjacent to the Union Oil marsh. It was sitting on a little stump by the little gate-keeper's house. Later in the afternoon we saw it fly up and sit on one of the large oil tanks, presumably hunting or finding a better perch for the night.

Hi this is Dave Beaudette, 206.365.2083. Spent Monday, November the 4th birding Clallum County. At Ediz Hook the single SNOWY OWL was still present.

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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 96 15:54:47 -0800 From: Don Baccus There are reports of two Snowy Owl hanging out on Bayocean Spit (the spit that lies between the ocean and Tillamook Bay).

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 16:38:46 -0800 (PST) From: Dale Goble just so everyone on the wet side doesn't think only they have snowys, i went to mann lake this morning to look for oldsquaw. john and marty hirth were there and they had found not only an oldsquaw but also a snowy owl. it was a bright sunny day in the low 50s.

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 21:16:37 -0800 (PST) From: "Jim P. Flynn" I realize it's becoming rather mundane to report Snowy Owls but I thought I'd clue everyone in to a Snowy Owl along Russell Rd. in Kent, WA. The owl was seen between 5:00 & 5:10 PM (until dusk) in the fields due west of the Kent Ponds. The area is best reached by parking at either of the two new parking areas along Russell Rd and walking East towards the ponds. The immature bird was sitting on a stump pile in the middle of the fields eyeing the waterfowl that fly in to roost at the ponds. It made no attempts to hunt though and was still in the same spot when I left. I had only stopped by to see if the Short-eared Owls were still around and while I didn't see them I was handsomely rewarded with this bird anyways.

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Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 22:48:29 -0800 From: "Katherine A. Weil" Dave Eshbaugh at Portland Audubon told me they received a dead SNOWY OWL yesterday--was hit by a car out by the airport. Apparently the bird WAS mobbed by crows, driving it towards the roadway (no pun intended). I also heard that someone got the whole thing on videotape. Email Dave for more detail at: deshbaugh@audubon-pdx.com

Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 13:03:39 -0800 (PST) From: Renate Falkins Can you stand one more Snowy Owl sighting? Tuesday evening, near the new runway at Vancouver International Airport. Stunning bird!

Date: Wed, 6 Nov 96 13:24:11 -0800 From: Don Baccus Well, there apparently was a third Oregon snowy in Linn County (same as Eugene) a couple of days ago...

6:04pm Nov 6 - Hello, this is Patrick Sullivan reporting from Tacoma, Washington, 206.564.7419. At Dungeness National Waterfront Refuge in Clallum County there were 9 SNOWY OWLS and 2 SNOW BUNTINGS.

From Norton360@aol.com I talked to the photographer and the SnOw picture appeaed in the Peninsula Daily News Nov. 7. The picture was taken off the Lower Elwha Road on Nov. 6.

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Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 02:27:57 -0700 From: Harry Nehls Up to four SNOWY OWLS have been seen in the driftwood along the ocean beach of the Bayocean Peninsula at Tillamook Bay since November 2. Another SNOWY OWL was struck and killed by a pickup along I205 near the Portland Airport November 5. Another has been reported from the Peoria area southeast of Corvallis.

From: "Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney" Mouth of the Nisqually River. I talked to a colleague who had duck-hunted there the previous week (Thursday the 7th?), and he had seen one there on that day - the owl paid him no attention, although he spent the afternoon within 50m of the bird! He also noted that the owl had apparently fed on a female Bufflehead, as there was a 'breasted- out' carcass of that species on the end of the log where the owl was perched.

Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 10:21:44 -0800 (PST) From: 'Dan' Daniel Victor I just got off the phone with Bud Anderson. He mentioned a few more Snowy Owl sightings for this recent invasion. Yesterday: -- 3 at Port Susan Bay -- 3 at Big Ditch access -- 1 at the mouth of the Samish Last Week: -- 1 one on Sunset Road

Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 10:02:30 -0800 (PST) From: mwaller@wolfenet.com We've had a Snowy here at the zoo for about a week after it was found in the Alamo Car Rental Garage at SeaTac last week. It was underweight and too weak to fly. Since then it is eating well and has gained weight so we will be banding it and releasing it tomorrow.

From: Dale Goble The spot this week was Mann Lake near Lewiston, ID. Lots of folks November 7. lake for the Oldsquaw were ecstatic to find a SNOWY OWL patrolling near the model airplane club on the lake's east side. First seen on Tuesday, November 5, the bird was seen through Thursday, but may still be lurking around. To get to Mann Lake, take US 12 west into Lewiston, cross the Clearwater Bridge and immediately turn left toward East Lewiston. ID DeLorme p. 54, A1.

Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 19:26:19 -0800 From: Ken Klimko Thursday morning around 10am I had the opportunity to stop by the Boundry Bay Dyke at the South end of 72nd and was fortunate enough to count 4 Snowy Owls in the brief 10 minutes I was there. They were individually holding down separate pieces of driftwood a long way out at the edge of the mud where it meets the vegetated marsh. Too far out for me to even attempt to identify sex or age with my optic equipment. Last week I was at the same location and was asked if I had seen *The White Owl* by a couple of Municipal employees who had seen it earlier in the week.

Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 21:01:00 -0800 (PST) From: Patrick Scott Well, after countless trips to Moses Lake and other places during the last five years.....we finally saw a Snowy Owl!! He's right where everyone said he'd be, near the model airplane field. Wow! What a fantastic bird! First saw it on a post right by the road, where a mess o' pheasants was flying up around him while he casually (and majestically) watched on...really really really cool!

11:53am Nov 7 - Hello this is Ted Peterson. The SNOWY OWL was again on the breakwater near the Edmonds fishing pier this morning. Thank you.

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Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 15:01:01 -0800 From: Greg Toffic The above mentioned 1st year male snowy owl, having gained 250 g. (from 1150 g. to nearly 1400 g.) since it was brought to the zoo Oct. 29, was released this morning near Edison. It flew very strongly and seems in very good shape. He was given a U.S.F. and W.S. band and marked with green coloring on the top and back of his head to aid in tracking. He was not given a radio transmitter, so we will have to rely upon visual surveillance to monitor the success of this release.

Date: Fri, 08 Nov 1996 18:11:25 -0800 From: Dan Logen Four snowy owls at Big Ditch just north of Stanwood late this afternoon. All west of the dike. Scope needed for good views.

Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 21:30:36 -0800 (PST) From: "M. Blue" Today at the west 90 there was 1 snowy owl on the dike. Due to the many hunters on the dike we scoped the bird from the parking area and could not make out any color marks.

gbenton@pacificrim.net one found for 4-5 hours on south lopez yesterday, November 8, near Ivaly Hoedemaker's home. definitive id. cheers, bob

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Date: 09 Nov 96 01:24:20 EST From: Larry Cowan <102650.3672@CompuServe.COM> We have had an influx of SNOW starting mid last week. The first was seen at the tip of the Iona south Jetty. This bird is still being seen at this location. The next SNOW was seen at Reifel and I believe it also is still there (saw this one myself). At the foot of 72nd at Boundary Bay 5 birds have been regularly reported and I seem to remember a figure of 12 on one of the alert messages this week.

Dale Goble It took out-of-staters to call in this last sighting. David Nelson from San Francisco and Steve Metz from Tulsa saw 3 SNOWY OWLS near Coulee City, WA on November 9. Two birds were near US 2 milepost 182, about 5 miles west of Coulee City, near a small lake on the north side of the road. Another bird was about 2 miles west as you begin dropping down into town.

Date: Sat, 09 Nov 1996 13:07:38 -0800 From: Dan Logen Delorme page 95 2 miles n.of Stanwood where hwy 530 and 102nd intersect. Go west 1/2 mile and you're there. There is a sign at the beginning of the gravel road at the railroad crossing that says "Big Ditch Access". It is part of the Skagit Wildlife Recreation Area, the main portion of which is on Fir Island.

Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 11:53:04 -0800 From: Charlie Kahle At this mornings bird count at Magnuson Park, in Seattle, Eileen Bryant's (?sorry if I miss-spelled her name) group watched a Snowy Owl for 30 min or so (it flew behind some of the Naval buildings behind the ball fields just as I arrived, around 11am...) It appeared to still be there as the crows were diving at something just out of sight.

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Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 14:03:43 -0800 (PST) From: "M. Blue" Today at 1200 I saw a snowy owl perched on a house just off maple st. just south of renton honda. I saw the bird as i was coming around the cloverleaf from 405 getting on to 167 heading out to russel rd. Just follow the crows to find the bird.

Date: 09 Nov 96 18:43:13 EST From: Larry Cowan <102650.3672@CompuServe.COM> This mornings Vancouver Natural History Society field outing turned up 7 Snowy Owls in a 1-2 kilometre stretch along the dike east of 72nd St. in Delta. Another SNOW was seen in a field east of the foot of the Robert's Bank Jetty.

9:45AM Nov 9 - Hi. This is Greg Toffic from Woodland Park Zoo. This is a request for information. If anyone sees the Snowy Owl that was released (by the zoo) on the Samish Flats yesterday. This is a bird that I reported yesterday that has been marked with green color on the back of its head. I'd appreciate any reports particularly of any unusual circumstances. Please contact either the Falcon Research Group at (360) 757-1911 or the zoo's raptor center - Ernie Rose or Tom LaVersa at (206) 684-4013. Thank you.

6:17PM Nov 9 - Hi. This is Ruth Taylor (206) 525-6345. Birding from the At the Big Ditch just before sunset today, 7 Snowy Owls, four in the scope at one time for all too brief a period of time

6:44PM Nov 9 - Hi. This is Rick Romea(sp) 523-5831.At least 4 Snowy Owls at the Big Ditch Access near Stanwood today. Goodby.

9:24PM Nov 9 - This is Bruce LaBar from Tacoma, WA (206) 272-1058. Marcus Roening, Heather Ballash, Marian Snyder and myself visited Dungeness Spit today and we had 3 Snowy Owls about 3 and a half miles out on the spit.

From: SueHoover@aol.com Nov 9 Snowy Owl about 5 miles w of Coulee City

10:17PM Nov 9 - Steve Dang(sp) 368-6887. Today out at Sequim from the Oyster Factory looking out towards Dungeness Spit there were 5 Snowy Owls.

11:11AM Nov 10 - Hi. This is Rachel Lawson at 282-5593. I live on Queen Anne and there is a Snowy Owl on the top of my roof this morning on Nov 10. You can see it- sort of - from the street. So if people want to come, they can just come and stand in front of my house and see it. I live on Queen Anne at 411 West Prospect St. Thats on the south slope of Queen Anne. Thats all. Bye.

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10-12PM Nov 10 - Hello. This is David Nelson from San Francisco along with Steve Metz from Tulsa having a nice weekend trip to Washington State. We were birding central Washington on Saturday afternoon, highway 20 {transcribers note: probably referring to US 2} at milepost 182 at Atkins Lake which is a few miles west of Coulee Dam. We saw two immature Snowy Owls and about 2 miles east of Atkins Lake as we were dropping down in elevation to Coulee Dam we saw one more immature Snowy Owl. I guess they're out there across the state. Good birding, Bye.

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 10:50:08 -0800 (PST) From: "S. Downes" Yesterday after seeing the Snowy Owl on the West 90, we had a peregrine on Sunset along with 23 trumpeter swans. At 3:30 we also had a dark phase gryfalcon on Sunset about halfway betwwen Thomas rd. and Farm to Market Rd. It was sitting on a fence gate about 80 yards out.

From: Roxie Paine There was a Snowy Owl at the Dungeness Spit Nov 11. The bird was being harrassed by a No. Harrier as we came upon it, just past the two mile marker, on the bay side of the Spit. The Snowy was very active the entire time we observed it, moving from log to log. It was quite beautiful in flight, but what I really loved was looking at it's black toenails through the scope!

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 10:05:33 -0700 From: Ed Schulz There was a Snowy Owl present both Sat and Sun at the North Access to the Skagit Habitat Management Area. It was in the driftwood piles south of the road. Sunday it had moved about 1/4 mile south into the area marked by the Skagit Gun Club. It did not have a green marking so was not the one treated at WP Zoo. I watched it for several hours both days and did not appear to be hunting, just sedentary, preening and looking around, catnapping and avoiding occassional harrassment by Northern Harriers.

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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 96 10:14:13 PST From: Dean Wampler Around 1:00 yesterday, several observers watched a Snowy Owl perched on a post at the "West 90" bend (West of Edison). It did not appear to have any green markings of the bird released by the zoo. However, it was quite foggy, so colors were hard to perceive. It was not far from the road, so it was easy to see with binoculars and quite a sight with a scope.

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 16:27:50 -0600 (CST) From: Darlene Sybert FYI... I passed along the Snowy Owl sightings to a friend on another non-bird related discussion list because she is living in the Seattle area. Here is her reply to me this weekend... While we were out working in the yard raking up leaves and general clean-up, my son and husband saw one of the owls being chased by many crows. When they came running around to the front yard and telling me about this, all I was able to see were the crows in pursuit. We live in the new city of Shoreline (the north end of Seattle) which borders Edmonds on our north side. This sighting was at about 3:45. We appreciate you letting us know so that we knew to be on the look-out.

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 12:18:00 -0800 From: Port Townsend Marine Science Center The Saturday, November Protection Island birding trip to Protection Island had the good fortune to spot a somewhat immature Snowy Owl perched on a branch of a beached log on the very tip of Violet Point, the eastern spit of the island.

From: Norton360@aol.com Reply-To: tweeters@u.washington.edu 11:41AM Nov 11 - This is Tom LaVersa(sp?) 782-7342 reporting from Seattle. It's another Snowy Owl. It's 310 NE 51st Street up on a chimney. I guess it's across from that on a white house. We have had calls this morning alone of at least 3 birds around town. So -- this is a bird that is presently at that location if anyone in town would want to see it. Good Luck!

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12:49PM Nov 11 - This is Bill Shelmerdine from Olympia, WA 866-9106. And today the 11th there were 3 Snowy Owls on the Nisqually NWR and the viewing area is from the Nisqually Reach Boat Ramp and from the Nisqually Nature Center and that's off of Meridian Road and DeMuller(sp) Road and not from the refuge itself. There were also 3 Oldsquaws there and a Peregrine Falcon. There were Northern Shrikes on the refuge too and just south of the refuge in the fields and wet areas there was an American Egret. And, by the way, the Willet is still around the East Bay Marina in Budd Bay in downtown Olympia. Good luck and good birding.

4:45PM Nov 11 - Hi. This is Dave Beaudette at (206) 365-2083. Today Nov 11 there were 6 Snowy Owls at the Big Ditch Access to the Skagit Wildlife Recreeation Area and also at the Stanwood Sewage Ponds were an Eared Grebe, an Oldsquaw and about 35 Long-billed Dowitchers. Bye Bye.

8:52PM Nov 11 - Hello. This is Brett McAllen(sp?) from Seattle at 284-1995 and continuing with the urban Snowy Owl reports, I was heading on the Alaska Way Viaduct towards Queen Anne about 4:30 and saw a Snowy Owl on the 83 South King Street Building which is just northwest of the Kingdome. One of those older brick buildings abutted up directly next to the Alaska Way Viaduct. I went down to the street level and continued observing and it was still there until 5PM when I left. Getting quite dark and that's about it. Thanks.

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 21:28:21 -0000 From: "Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney" Spent the Veteran's Day holiday by canoeing at the mouth of the Nisqually River. High tide at 6:30am and low tide (mudflats) at about 1230pm. Perched within 30m of each other on logs at the mouth of the River were three (3) Snowy Owls!! Cool birds. They remained there from at least 10am until dark, when one of them flew off to the east. They took no notice of me as I paddled within about 50m of them; neither crows nor gulls were bothering them.

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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 96 02:35:45 UT From: BRIAN SCOTT Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I stopped at the southern end of 72nd St. in Delta where it butts up against the dyke at Boundary Bay. We walked up on the dyke and set up my scope. A 180 degree scan of the bay foreshore revealed 16 SNOW. A breathtaking sight.

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise SNOWY OWLS are getting closer to the Tri-Cities. Randy Hill reported a road killed owl near Basin City on November 12.

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 07:12:39 -0800 (PST) From: Wes Jansen On Sunday afternoon we saw one or two at Big Ditch (while enjoying the company of Snowy and Short-earred owls).

To the south of us, on November 15, Paul Nye (sp?) of Umatilla, OR, reported that he had photographed a SNOWY OWL near Ione, OR on 11/12.

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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 15:56:48 -0800 From: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise For those keeping tabs- a road kill Snowy Owl was just reported to the LCBAS Alert by Randy Hill from Columbia NWR. It was collected in Basin City.

Nov. 12th From: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise OREGON BIRD: Ione, OR reported by Paul Nye tuesday 11/12/96

2:39PM Nov 12 - Hi. This is Steve Mlodinow. Also, at Jetty Island there is a Snowy Owl!. Best viewed from the Everett Public Boat Launch which is reached from Marine View Drive to Tess(?) and taking Tess to its end. The Snowy Owl was visible in the area where the Scotch Broom is relatively thin. You're looking across through a little bit of a fence in an area that was originally fenced off hoping to entice terns to breed. Looks like it's probably an adult bird. Very little black flecking. That's it. Good luck and good birding.

6:11PM Nov 12 - Hello. This is Dave Beaudette at (206) 365-2083. Today Nov 12 birded the area between Auburn and Enumclaw in King Co. A Snowy Owl was seen on a fence post in a horse pasture southeast of the intersection of 196 Ave. SE and SE 416 St. Bye Bye.

7:18PM Nov 12 - Hi. This is Jack Stevens from Edmonds (206) 742-8721. Today on the 12th there were 5 Snowy Owls at the Big Ditch Access in north Snohomish Co. just north of Stanwood, another Snowy Owl and a Pacific Golden Plover in a flock of mixed Dunlin and Black-bellied Plovers at the west 90. The Snowy Owls are life birds for me. I'm still working on the Gyrfalcon. Thanks.

Tony Greager received a call from Dave Abbott reporting an immature owl south of Kahlotus on November 12. Lastly Mary Lilga received a call from Heath Brown who saw an adult owl east of Eureka in Walla Walla county on November 7. Keep an eye out for these handsome visitors from the north.

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3:49PM Nov 13, 1996 - This is Bob Sundstrom 762-4327 reporting for Nov 13th Big Ditch Access, Skagit Wildlife Area. There were 5 Snowy Owls on the driftwood beyond the dike. There was also one pale Peregrine Falcon, 1 Merlin, 1 Northern Shrike and lots of the other more common raptors. Thats all for now.

Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 22:12:52 -0800 From: "William R. Applegate" Many more snowy owls have been described on NW Whidbey Island the past few days. I will send the precise locations to Kelly Cassidy. Bob Merrick observed some interesting behavior this afternoon which he asked that I pass on to the Tweeters. Between 3 and 4 PM he was observing the snowy owl at the E end of Keystone Spit, Fort Casey State Park. (There is another snowy owl at the W end of the spit.) The owl was down among the driftwood logs looking about, but otherwise inactive. There was a rough-legged hawk and there were several harriers flying over and about it, but the snowy owl showed no interest. Then 2 short-eared owls approached from the N. When they were about 200 meters away the snowy hopped up to the tallest perch and mantled (partially unfolded it's wings, stretched tall, and leaned forward). The short-eared owls beat a hasty retreat. Interesting behavior!

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 10:25:52 -0800 From: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise Another east side Snowy Owl: 3rd reported to the LCBAS alert - seen on 11/7 east of Eureka WA, Walla Walla county (DeLorme page 40, B-4, section unknown) on a fencepost in a stubble field. Observer: Heath Brown

Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 10:30:57 -0800 (PST) From: Dale Goble The N Idaho/E Washington RBA tape (which is in my closet) has a report of 3 immature Snowy Owls on highway 2 west of Coulee City in Douglas County.

Nov. 14th From: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise 2 Owls, 4 miles east of Othello reported to Randy Hill of the Columbia NWR. They were reported to him as being "all white". They were at the intersection of Billington and Cunningham Roads. 11/14/96

Randy Hill of Othello reported 2 SNOWY OWLS, 4 miles east of Othello on November 14. The birds were at the junction of Cunningham, which is the main street in Othello, and Billington Roads.

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 10:56:55 -0500 3:15PM Nov 14 - Steve Dang, 368-6887. This report was a sighting that was called in to Seattle Audubon today at about 1:30, I guess. A Snowy Owl at 3049 NE 94th. The bird appears to be a young bird. It has a lot of mottling on it and it's sitting on top of someones roof. It also appears to have a problem with its right eye. Anyway, the bird has been there, I guess, from mid morning or so.

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Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 09:31:19 -0800 From: "James R Lyles III, Technical Editor, Tacoma, WA " Today's Tacoma newspaper, _The News Tribune_, features a large photo of a female Snowy Owl gripping a freshly defunct rabbit and a caption saying that we're having the "biggest incursion of the swivelheaded, hazel-eyed creatures here in nearly 25 years." The photo, on page B-1, was taken yesterday in a Parkland field near the intersection of 123rd Street South and Ainsworth Avenue South.

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 96 08:25:22 From: Rick Romea I stopped by the Seattle Audubon Society Office yesterday (Nov. 14, 2 PM) and everyone had run out (twitched?) to see a Snowy Owl, so I went over too. The owl was sitting on the roof of a single story house near 94th Street and 32nd Ave, in Wedgewood, about 50 ft away. Really amazing!

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 11:49:53 -0800 (PST) From: 'Dan' Daniel Victor I just heard from Bud that Ernie Rose spotted the Snowy that was rehabbed at Woodland park. It's got green paint on the back of it's head. It was near the 'West 90' of Samish Flats yesterday.

5:04PM Nov 15 - Eric Mandell(sp?) 324-3174. Mid morning today was up at the Skagit Wildlife Area. As reported before, at the Big Ditch Access Road, you can walk down and along the dike and see the 5 Snowy Owls. They were out and prominent. In addition, near there there is a mobile home resort.

From: SueHoover@aol.com Nov 15 Peregrine Falcon at Atkins Lake, also Snowy Owl Sue Hoover 509-884-3272

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Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 11:00:19 -0800 From: Mike Patterson SNOWY OWL:Fort Stevens-11/16/96 (fwd) Not to be out done by those north and south of Clatsop Co. I managed to find a SNOWY OWL (a mostly pure white one) on the bay side of the road between Parking Lots A and B right behind the ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.

From: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise 1) Nov. 16, 1 bird, 30 miles west of Colfax on Highway 26, reported by Carl and Nita Higby

From: Don Cecile On november 16th a snowy owl was seen at the Tofino Airport on the west coast of vancouver island. Possibly the same bird was seen one day earlier on a beach of one of the nearby islands. So much for their often-cited fear of flying over water! The following day, the bird was not to be found, it would appear that this bird has not yet found suitable habitat.

From: Hughbirder@aol.com Sat. 16 Nov. At the west 90 we saw two snowy owls, At the Big Ditch Access, we saw six Snowy Owls and in a few minutes of sunshine got some good looks at the beautiful birds. Hugh Jennings Bellevue, WA

Observers Sean & Susan O'Donnell Seen on 16 November, about 4 PM Big Ditch area 5 or 6 snowy owls present, in open marsh, perched on dead snags. Little flight activity.

11/16/96: 6 snowy owls in the Skagit Flats area west of Mt. Vernon; all were isolated individuals, generally 200 yards or more from the nearest road, sitting on the ground, a low fence post, or in 1 case the top of a dike. Didn't realize that one of them may have been banded/marked, but too far to see any bands in any case. 1 of the owls was on Fir Island, about 1/2 mile S. of Rawlins Road, and about 200 yards e. of Fir Island Road. The other 5 were all in the vicinity of the "west 90" south of Samish Island, west of the Bayview-Edison Road. Regards, Don McCall mccall@cayman.ds.boeing.com

From: Norton360@aol.com Nov. 16 a SnOw was seen near the lighthouse at Point Wilson by Paul Conklin and Ruth Merryman in Jefferson Co (near Port Townsend).

Tom Foote Nov. 16 Jim Pruske called me Sat pm to tell me he saw 2 Snowy Owls fly by his living room window..one chasing the other.. in OLY..he lives on the east side of I-5 up on the hill south and east and about 10 minutes from NWR..

>From Norton360@aol.com I saw one SnOw on a log raft off Ediz Hook Nov. 16th. I looked with binoculars yesterday and saw none. The one on the 16th was different from the one I had seen there in Oct. (much more black on it with the upper cheeks, forehead and crown being completely white tapering to a point on the posterior part of the crown - striking). R6W, T31N, Section 22.

On 11/16, Carl and Nita Higby found a SNOWY OWL along Highway 26 about 30 miles west of Colfax. Hopefully one will show up locally in the near future.

11/16/96 Erin and Bill Woods One owl The N-S portion of Maupin Road, just south of Rawlins Road on Fir Island in Skagit County T33 R03E S16

From: "Susan L. Collicott" Nov. 17: I spent Sunday up in the icy north - Samish/Skagit area. We managed to find *8* Snowy Owls! It took a lot of time, and even with a scope some of them were hard to see.

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Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 18:14:13 -0800 From: Arlen Fletcher Caught a good view of the Snowy Owl that has the green marking on the top/back of it's head. At 3:45pm today it was almost due south of the "West 90" on the Samish Flats, about 500 yards off the road sitting on a wooden fence post. The green marking on the head was very obvious through the spotting scope when the bird looked down.

From: Paul Cozens SNOWY OWLS continue to be widely reported. and Boundary Bay produced 16 on the 17th.

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 22:25:26 -0000 From: "Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney" I saw 3 Snowy Owls on Monday 11 November 1996 at the Mouth of the Nisqually River. All of the birds were perched on large 'drift' logs in the marsh on the east side of the river mouth, and all were within 75m of each other throughout most of the day. One bird flew off toward the east before dusk, but the other 2 remained where they were until at least 4:30 p.m.

12:41 PM Nov 17 - Hi, this is David Buckley and I'm right by the Kingdome. I just wanted to call in a Snowy Owl that's at Pier 36 right off Alaska Way, 1519 Alaska Way. It's sitting on the north corner of the building right off Alaska. We can get really good looks at it. It's right there off the street and it's pouring rain so bring an umbrella or a raincoat if you come.

12:56PM Nov 17 - This is Ruth Sullivan, Tacoma, (206) 564-7409. Today, after two days of searching, I found three Snowy Owls looking towards the [Nisqually] Refuge. Also there was one Oldsquaw there. Also at the Port of Olympia was a Willet. A good sighting.

Also the report on Tweeters this week that there was a Snowy Owl at 123rd South next to the high school is incorrect. This particular picture in the Tacoma newspaper was taken on the 2nd of November. Thank you very much. Bye.

Harry Nehls, Portland, Or. hnehls@teleport.com (503) 233-3976 On November 17 another SNOWY OWL was on Broughton Beach along the Columbia River. It was just east of the public boat Ramps along Marine Drive in North Portland. This area is at the northwest corner of the Portland Airport.

Harry Nehls, Portland, Or. hnehls@teleport.com (503) 233-3976 Nov. 17th Another SNOWY OWL is off Highway 99E about ten miles south of Albany. Turn east off 99E in Tangent onto Birdfoot Drive. The road makes several sharp turns as it runs southward and to the east. After the turn to the south just past the school house watch for the bird on the west side of the road. On page 53 of the Delorme Atlas the location of the owl is at "Grell Airport".

10:50PM Nov 17 - Hi, this is Yvonne Bombardier at (206) 348-8845. Today Ed Schulz (sp?), Chris Hill and I canoed over to Jetty Island in Everett. We located three Snowy Owls. These owls were on the west side of the island and were not visible from the Everett Boat Launch. We also observed two Peregrine Falcons, three to four Red-taled Hawks, two Northern Harriers and four Bald Eagles. Also on the island were two Horned Larks and a possible Snow Bunting. Good luck and good birding.

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12:08PM Nov 18 - This is Herb Curl at 524-5750. There's an adult Snowy Owl perched on a chimney in the "U" district at 4743 17th Ave NE and all you have to do is follow the sound of the hysterical crows and you'll locate it, just in case its moved on. At the [message cut off] v

Lee Miller, Oroville: Nov. 18th a Snowy Owl was on Hwy 9 near Ellesford.

Date: 11/18/96 Observer: David Buckley One adult female On Pier 36 (Coast Guard facility) SW of Kingdome. 1519 Alaska Way

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 14:45:40 -0800 (PST) From: Catherine Fryer There was a picture of a snowy owl on the rooftop of a house on Roseberry Avenue in Victoria, BC this morning in today's Times Colonist newspaper. I then phoned the Victoria Natural History Society's RBA and they reported one seen flying over John Dean Park on Sunday which is near the Victoria Airport.

19 Nov. kkalimo@direct.ca Tuesday morning around 7am I counted 11 SnOw at the foot of 72nd Street in Ladner at the Boundry Bay foreshore. Ken Klimko, Richmond, BC

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 17:54:20 PDT From: Herb Curl We've had a SNOW in the "U" District on 17th Ave. NE between 47th & 50th sts., sitting on roof tops & chimneys, and being mobbed by crows, plus one gull. At 1530 today it must have gotten tired of the mobbing and it took off flying between buildings, ending up flying toward the SE and Ravenna Park. Its flight was fast & very direct; not bouncy the way Short-eared Owls are, even when being mobbed. The long, pointed wings and flight reminded me of a large gull in a hurry.

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Nov. 20From: BirdAHikes@aol.com Subject: Snowy Owl in Moxee Area Debie Brown called me to say she has a Snowy on the hill behind her place. For those of you who know Konnowac Pass and Ladybird Peak (and you have a very high clearance 4-WD vehicle), take the road to Ladybird Peak until you are above the first ranch on the road below and then get out and search between you and the ranch for the Snowy. If you don't know it, it's T12N, R19E, S13, NE1/4, SE1/41/4 on the DeLorme. The 20 inches of snow will make it RATHER difficult to drive there. You could also go to Debie's in the same kind of vehicle described above and she'll point it out. She's at 420 Meadowlark, Moxee (the "first ranch" described above). Maia Kelly, Selah,WA

------------- From : bflanner@olypen.com Brian, Christine & Carly Flanner & Ray Knox are the 4 people who saw a Snowy Owl standing on the beach at Fort Worden in Port Townsend within a couple of days November 20, 1996

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Boundary Bay near Vancouver B.C. continues to host 16 SNOWY OWLS as of the November 22nd. There are still numerous SNOWY OWL sightings in Washington. Big Ditch appears to be the best place currently for multiple birds. Paul Cozens wcozens@earthlink.net

From Norton360@aol.com Yesterday at Ediz Hook(Nov 22), I had a Snowy Owl and from the amount of white on it I feel it is a third individual. Yesterday at Ediz Hook (Nov 22), Bonnie Thompson reports 2 SnOw's. (I must have missed one). Both of hers and mine were on the usually favored log raft.

From: Bbsenturia@aol.com Big Ditch is located north of Stanwood. To get there, take I-5 north to Exit 212 (Stanwood/Rte 532). Before you enter Stanwood, take a right turn just before crossing the railroad. I can't remember the exact signage, but it is the main route north to Conway. About 2 miles along this road, another road joins from the left (Old Pioneer Highway) Right at this intersection there is a primitive road (some big potholes) heading out to the shoreline. It is signed on the left Big Ditch.Drive to the end. Two weeks ago I saw 5 SNOW there, but last Thursday (11/21) there was only one.

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We heard from Mike and MerryLynn Denny that they saw a SNOW south of Moses Lake on 11/23. They said it was in the usual place (maybe near the intersection of I-90 and Rt 17 ???) but that's all the information we have. We asked them to send you details, but if they don't, at least you have this much. Bill and Nancy LaFramboise Richland, WA wlafra@oneworld.owt.com

On Saturday, 23 November, 1996, fellow birder Alan Clark watched a Snowy Owl fly in from the west with crows following and perch on a house at the corner of 18th and Marion in Seattle for ten or 15 minutes around 10 + a. m., subsequently flying roughly westward. Alan Grenon agrenon@kent.wednet.edu Seattle

Dale Goble On November 23, southeast of Moses Lake, WA, the Denny's saw a single SHORT-EARED OWL along road 2 SE, and a SNOWY OWL along road L SE between road 3 SE and road 4 SE. WA DeLorme p. 69, D7.

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From: Ed Schulz Nov. 23rd Subject: snowys at night However, about midnight I spotted one Snowy sitting on a driftwood perch, looking pretty much the way they do in the day. When it saw that I was watching it, it flew out over the mudflats and landed on a piling. After about ten minutes it flew again and flew low over some ducks out at the water's edge. The tide was low at the time, quite a ways out, and I couldn't tell what kind of ducks they were. The owl perched again on another piling for about another ten minutes and then flew back to the island, over me and landed on a piling on the east side of the island, across from the Everett Marina. After a while there, it flew again and I lost sight of it as it dropped low beneath the crest of the riprap. By the time I climbed up the riprap in the dark, the bird was gone. Later about 1:30am I spotted a Snowy on a large stump in the water off the west side of the island. Although I did not see any hunting attempts, it was my impression that the birds tended to be more active at night and moved around more. I don't know for sure if there was one or more birds. Chris had seen two owls on Jetty earlier in the day and I saw one Sunday afternoon.

From: "H. Opperman" Up to five SNOWY OWLS were observed north and west of the Bayview-Edison and Samish Island Road, and one SNOWY OWL was observed at the Jensen access.

Probably others have reported these, however as you say there are now fewer reports ... how soon we become blase'. Two Snowy Owls seen at noon, 11/23/96 (another Saturday), at the Big Ditch access. None seen at Jensen access, 11 AM, same day. Alan Richards / alanr@orednet.org

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Paul Cozens and 7 were seen at Dungeness on the 23rd.

7:58PM Nov 23 - Hi, Ed Deal in Seattle at 723-4742. Today a walk out Dungeness Spit turned up 7 Snowy Owls and 5 Snow Buntings. Most of them at the junction of Graveyard and Dungeness Spit.

6:48PM Nov 23 - David Buckley in Seattle, 937-2541. Today Jim Ellingbow(sp?), Gene Drugge(sp?) and I birded from Samish to Stanwood. Birds included 12 Snow Buntings at March Point at the end of the road by the oil refinery, an immature Snowy Owl at the North Access to the Skagit Refuge and 2 Snowy Owls at Big Ditch

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From: SueHoover@aol.com Snowy Owl on Wenatchee Heights, seen by Rose Applegate Sunday Nov 24, sw of and above Wenatchee. Owl was being dive bombed by Ravens, made the dogs bark, owl flew up and sat on post. Rose said the bird, at about 200 yards, looked all white, but when she looked with binoculars, there were alot of dark spots. Then the owl flew out of sight.

From Norton360@aol.com Nov. 24. Carol Strohmeyer and I went to Big Ditch on that date. Probably 5, but maybe as many as 7 or as few as 4.

As of today (November 24) there are Oregon Snowy Owls at: Portland Salem ; Tangent (south of Albany) ; Peoria (east of Corvallis) ; Coos Bay spit ; Tillamook (Bayocean spit) - at least 2 birds ; maybe 4 South Jetty of the Columbia ; plus one killed by car near Portland airport. Alan Contreras acontrer@navicom.com

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4:06PM Nov 24 - Scott Atkinson here (360) 691-7232. Then south to the Jenson Access to Skagit WMA, 1 Snowy Owl out on the driftwood.

6:48PM Nov 24 - This is Barry Levine calling from Seattle and the number is (206) 526- 8676. I took a trip up to Boundry Bay today and Tsawwassen looking for the Spotted Redshank. The Spotted Redshank was NOT spotted today. The last time it was seen was on Thursday and they are not really sure at this point whether it indeed is a Spotted Redshank. So if you're planning on going up there you'll probably want to get in touch with the Vancouver Alert and see whether it has been seen recently. At Boundry Bay there were at least 10 Short-eared Owls and 2 Snowy Owls that I saw. Thanks and good birding.

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4 Snowy Owls at Samish Flats on 11/25/96 at the west 90 at 1400. Gayle Benton Eastsound, Wa gbenton@pacificrim.net

Paul Cozens SNOWY OWLS continue to be found regularly. This week 5 have been within a mile of the junction of Bayview-Edison Rd. and Samish Island Rd. 7 were seen at Damon Point near Ocean Shores on Nov. 25th,

Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 22:08:33 -0800 (PST) From: Betty Estes Reply-To: tweeters@u.washington.edu To: tweeters@u.washington.edu Subject: SNOW at Ocean Shores Glen and Wanda Hoge reported that they birded Ocean Shores today and found seven Snowy Owls on Damon Point. They went to the pond to the right (as you go toward the tip) of Damon Point Road, then took a path leading south to the water, and that's where they found the owls.

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Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 10:16:39 -0800 (PST) From: Gayle Benton
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7:00 p.m. November 26th - Hi. This is Bill Rathman (?), phone number is 206-454-1707. My wife and I were up at Big Ditch today and wanted to report that there's still two SNOWY OWLS present.

1:41 p.m. November 27th - Hi, this is Steve Mlodinow. there're still five SNOWY OWLS around the West 90 in the Samish Flats. That's it.

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From: Dennis Paulson At the West 90 on the Samish Flats on 28 Nov, there were 4 Snowy Owls, including probably the most heavily marked immature I've ever seen and 3 much whiter-looking birds. No green head (except on the Mallards). Raptors abounded, with 3-4 Short-eared Owls feeding at once (midday), untold numbers of Red-tails, Rough-legs, harriers, and eagles, a Merlin and a beautiful adult male Peregrine.

11:36 a.m. November 28th - This is Allan Galbraith from Lake Stevens, Washington. I'd like to report on this fine Thanksgiving Day we saw a SNOWY OWL just a hundred yards from our house which is not far from the bus barn for Lake Stevens on Highway 9.

jbroadus@seanet.com Wednesday was too crummy, but Thursday (Turkey day) Nov. 28 afternoon and all day Friday were good experiences at Skagit-Samish flats. Fir Island was flooded with Trumpeters, and there were six snowies at the west 90 below Samish Island. One was surely the same heavily barred immature that Dennis mentioned, hanging in close to the road and light enough to sit on a drive in the ground fence post like a rough leg will do.

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Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 18:42:58 -0800 (PST) From: Thomas Cotner This morning I kayaked over to Jetty Island for a delightfully peaceful 2 hours of birdwatching. The highlights were a single SNOWY OWL

Nov. 29th, Friday went by the same 90 several times and the same (I'm sure) owl became the most looked at snowie in Western Wash, by spending the whole day on top of the barns right at the bend in the road. Name: Jerry Broadus jbroadus@seanet.com

Fri, 29 Nov 1996 As it was still only 10 A.M., I decided to stop by Spencer Island and was immediately rewarded with another SNOWY OWL. The bird was approximately 80 yards to the south and 30 yards to the east of the barn that is directly across the bridge onto the island. SNOWY OWLS, if left undisturbed, seem not to move around much during the day. This bird remained in the general vicinity for over 2 hours and hopefully it will stay for a while and provide some of you yet another excuse to visit Spencer Island! Cheers, Tom Cotner

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9:32 a.m. November 29th - This is David Beatty in Hoquiam. On Friday November 29th at about 8:30 in the morning there were at least five SNOWY OWLS still at Damon Point in Ocean Shores. They are just south and east of the pond at Damon Point.

6:23 p.m. November 29th - Paul Hicks from Tenino, area code 360-264-2462. Today at Nisqually a SNOWY OWL was seen by myself and Bernie and Louise Martel.

Nov. 29th We hit 72nd St at Boundary Bay and stopped counting at 30 Snowy Owls all within a very small area. Awesome. Douglas F. Daily ddaily@u.washington.edu

11:46 p.m. November 29th - Hi. This is Carolee Coulter in Seattle. On Thanksgiving Day I walked out to Dungeness Spit and near the junction with Graveyard Spit saw an immature SNOWY OWL. Also ran into other people who reported more SNOWY OWLS further out on Graveyard Spit.

Paul Cozens wcozens@earthlink.net SAS Hotline: 5 at Big Ditch on the 29th. 1 at Nisqually on the 29th.

From: Dennis Paulson But for a real treat, check out the end of 72nd St. on Boundary Bay in B.C., where there were at least *24* Snowy Owls visible at once on 29 Nov, also one flying Short-eared. The really surprising thing was that all were west of the road end, all south of the levee; we saw not a single one east, nor in the fields north of the levee, nor at the end of 88th St. or anywhere else in the area. They were amazingly clumped, with 10 in one scope field and several instances of birds perching virtually next to one another on a log.

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On Sat. 11/30, there were 8 owls total seen. 6 were near the intersection of Graveyard Spit with the main spit, and another two were seen flying past the lighthouse. I thought that they were all adults except one of the pair that flew past the lighthouse to the tip of the spit. The 6 were all in the same field of view. They can be seen from the top of the beach embankment, but not from the water's edge. A marking place is a group of very large sawn off stumps that have drifted onto the edge of the beach. They were about 200-300 yards back toward the mainland from those stumps. There is also a small flock of 10-20 snow buntings where the owls are. Tom Weir weir@u.washington.edu (206)747-8480

Date: Sat, 30 Nov 96 19:13:45 PSTP+0000 From: Kelley Ward Subject: another Snowy Owl (Lewis county) I know this is getting a little old, but these birds are AWESOME!!! Kelley and I decided to search for a Snowy Owl near the wetlands around the Centralia Mining Company today, and we were successful!! There was one rather white (that is, not heavily barred with gray), very cooperative SNOWY OWL in the grassy field just beyond the mine. To reach the location of the owl, take I-5 into Centralia, Exit 81 Mellen St. Hwy. 507. From the freeway, go easterly (toward town) on Hwy. 507 (if coming from the north, make a left). About 1.0 miles from I-5, turn left (north) on Tower Ave.(this is still Hwy 507). Continue north on Hwy. 507 for another 3.5 miles, just across a bridge over the Skookumchuk River, to for another 3.5 miles, just across a bridge over the Skookumchuk River, to Big Hanaford Road. Turn right (east) onto Big Hanaford Road for 5.2 miles. (See DeLorme p. 46 C2.) This will take you directly into the Centralia Mining Company Mine and Steam Plant area. (This route is fairly well marked. Watch for "Hwy.507" and "Centralia Steam Plant" signs.) Continue beyond the main industrial building and just past the "shipping and receiving" sign there is a large grassy field on the left. This is where we initially saw the owl. After a few minutes, it flew back toward some of the smaller buildings and perched there for a while. David Ward Centralia, WA ward@localaccess.com

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Date: 11-30-96 Time:16:15 - 16:45 Observers: Kelley and David Ward Number of owls: 1 Comments: The owl was seen in the field immediately beyond the Centralia Mining Company Plant on Big Hanaford Road, just outside Centralia Washington (Lewis County). This is located in the DeLorme Atlas p. 46 C2. (I'm sorry, I don't know the township, range, or section.) Exact directions will be posted on Tweeters. The owl itself appeared slightly brighter white with less gray barring on the chest and belly than the other Snowy's that were at Big Ditch 3 weeks ago (these are the only other Snowy's I've seen). The back did have a moderate amount of gray/black coloring, however. The facial disk also seemed pale white with little gray or black. The bird was initially seen in a grassy field (about 50 yards away)and was observed there for about 5 minutes. It was then frightened and flew about 100 yards to a low post (about5-6 feet high). We then moved closer and once again were within 50 or so yards. It perched there another 5 or so minutes, then flew about 20 yards out into the field and pounced onto something on the ground. It stayed on the ground for 2 - 3 minutes before flying back to the low post, without anything in it's talons. We then observed it for about 15 more minutes before the light conditions got too bad. As we were about to leave, it then flew about 25 yards to the top of a telephone pole. AWESOME BIRD!!!

From: Harry Nehls A SNOWY OWL was seen along Highway 19, about 27 miles south of Arlington November 30. It was seen again the next day in the same area.

From: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise Subject: Lower Columbia Basin Alert On November 30, Ron and Carol Louderback stopped to photograph 2 SHORT-EARED OWLS at the junction of Foley and LeMaster Roads about 4 miles northeast of Othello and flushed a SNOWY OWL in the process.

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From: "Lisa M. Smith" 11:02 p.m. 12-01-96: Sam Terry at 206/329-9038. Today, December first, there were five or six SNOWY OWLS at Big Ditch.

Paul Cozens wcozens@earthlink.net SAS Hotline : 6 at West 90 on the Dec. 1st.

WOS birdbox; From: "Lisa M. Smith" ; 4:41 p.m. 12-03-96: Patrick Sullivan reporting from Tacoma, Washington. Birding at Ocean Shores today at selected sites included: At Damon Point, 11 SNOWY OWLS were observed, along with 3 LAPLAND LONGSPURS. The SNOWY OWLS were observed just to the southeast of the main pond at Damon Point. Also, at the Ocean Shores game range, 1 SNOWY OWL and 1 PRAIRIE FALCON [were] observed between 2 p.m. and 2:20 p.m. at the north part of the game range at Ocean Shores.

NEW REPORT 3 DEC DAMON PT. 1600hrs I met a couple of birders leaving they reported 7 snowy in a group in the middle of the point. i went out and found 3. it was about 1600 and the birds seen to be moving about. a flying bird displacing a perched individual. watched the perched bird slice so went over to check it's dropping. normal color and consistency for a healthy bird. From: "William H. Lawrence"

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Dec. 3rd When my friend and I were there on Tuesday we saw one Snowy Owl. It was in a field to the left just before the parking lot. It was at the very back of the field and we really needed a scope to have seen details (which we didn't have just our binocs). It was sitting on a post. Donna Ferrill Brdr1@aol.com Mukilteo/CleElum, WA

Dec. 4th Rod Bullier called me today to report that a SNOWY OWL was seen at parking lot C this morning. Rod Described the bird as all white. It is probably the same bird seen 3 weeks ago, though where it's been hiding is a mystery to me. SJCR= South Jetty of the Columbia River, Parking Lot C, Ft Stevens St Pk. Clatsop Co. OR Mike Patterson

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 02:15:36 -0700 From: Harry Nehls The SNOWY OWL near Tangent appears to be the only consistent SNOWY in the Willamette Valley. It remains on the irrigation pipes in a large open field. In the town of Tangent turn east off of Highway 99E onto Birdfoot Lane. Cross the railroad tracks, follow the road as it turns right, then left. Past the school the road turns right again. The bird is on the right just past the turn.

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Hello. I received reports from several other people that a "large white owl" spent most of the day on Thursday, 5 December 1996, on the roofs of two buildings on University Way (The Ave) NE, between 41st and 42nd NE in Seattle. The observers were in the School of Social Work building on 15th Av. NE between 41st and 42nd NE; they looked west toward University Way, across the alley between 15th NE and University Way NE. One observer told me she watched the owl from 11 A.M. till 3 P.M., including seeing it fly from one building to the next. Another observer said that the owl stayed on the roof(s) till 6 P.M. on 12/5/96. I never saw the bird and didn't hear of the sighting till about 6:30 last evening. I'm assuming it was a Snowy Owl. One observer described the bird as having dark spots on its back and head. Everyone seemed sure it was an owl. No one mentioned crows harrassing it. --Anna Coles, Seattle (UW), WA acoles@u.washington.edu

A SNOWY OWL was found December 6 near the South Jetty of the Siuslaw River in Oregon Stop at the third parking lot after the jetty road turns north, then walk the dike. Harry Nehls, Portland, Or. hnehls@teleport.com (503) 233-3976

Subject: Columbia Estuary Report - 12/7/96 The Lower Columbia Birders weathered the absolutely miserable weather (cold icky rain) to list the SNOWY OWL at parking lot C, Fort Stevens StPk. It looks to be the same bird that was first seen 3 weeks ago (white head, grayish looking shoulders). From: Mike Patterson

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Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 From: Bob Mauritsen We saw nine snowy owls at the West 90 today, of which 2.5 appeared to be immature. Five of them were more or less bunched up at the meeting of the fence lines, and another flew in to be with them, while we were down the fence line gawking, to make six relatively close together. The one that flew in was beautiful to watch, and huge in the air.

On December 9 a SNOWY OWL was observed about 3/4 of mile west of the mountain locator turnout along Highway 206 between Wasco and Condon in Oregon. Harry Nehls, Portland, Or. hnehls@teleport.com (503) 233-3976

7:26 p.m. 12-09-96: Dave Beaudette, 206-365-2083. In Snohomish County, a single SNOWY OWL was at the Big Ditch access to the Skagit Wildlife- Recreation Area. From: "Lisa M. Smith"

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Subject: Today at the Samish Flats Today, 10 Dec, at 12:15 at the west 90 there were : 7 Snowy Owls, 4 along the fence south of the barn, 2 in the field west of the barn, and 1 in the field northwest of the shed. The 4 along the fence included the one marked with green paint (released by Seattle Zoo) for which I managed to get pictures. From: Brian Bell

At the Big Ditch access on the Dec. 11th were 9 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS feeding in Hawthorns. Also on the 11th at Big Ditch were 6 Snowy Owls. Paul Cozens wcozens@earthlink.net

6:12 p.m. 12-11-96: Bob Sunstrom, 762-4327, reporting for December 11th. On the Skagit Flats, along Best Road west of Best Road and north of McLean, 6 SNOWY OWLS along the fence line. At the West 90 on the Samish Flats, 4 SNOWY OWLS. West of Thomas on Sunset, a dark charcoal-gray GYRFALCON. From: "Lisa M. Smith" (subplot@u.washington.edu)

12-11-96: Tom Aversa, 782-7342, reporting for today, Samish Flats. There were 6 SNOWY OWLS on the West 90. One of these birds was the green-marked bird on the top of the head, the bird that was released by the Zoo about a month ago. From: "Lisa M. Smith" (subplot@u.washington.edu)

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From: MEYER2J@aol.com Saw 3 Snowy Owls today, Dec. 13, at the West 90 Did not see any at the Big Ditch.

Spent the day [Fri., Dec. 13th] recreating - canoed around the Nisqually delta. Note that canoeing in 20-knot winds is something that I should either do more often or less often... I know, now, which muscles are used to buck the wind. I saw 2 snowy owls - one about 1/2 way between Luhr Beach and the mouth of the river and the other about 1/4 of the way between the Refuge observation tower and the river's mouth. Both spent most of the day sitting on logs, occasionally making little forays to another log/fencepost, then returning. Canoed within about 20 yards of one of them. Amazingly beautiful birds.. is it their relative rarity here that makes them seem so special? From: "Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney" festuca@olywa.net

[Dec 13, 1996] One Snowy Owl (not green), heavily marked immature, sitting on a fence post at easy 30X distance, accompanied by a Rough-legged Hawk two posts down displaying a great white-based tail and a nice belly band. It was bitterly cold and windy, so I wonder if the Snowy's buddies were hunkered down out of sight. Northern Harriers about. Jerry Blinn 76506.3100@CompuServe.COM

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Subject: Washington BirdBox 10:41 a.m. 12-13-96: This is Tom Aversa again. Listen, there's a SNOWY OWL at the Seattle Times at the corner of John and Fairview. The bird is there *right now* if anybody wants to see it. Thank you. Transcribed by Lisa M. Smith subplot@u.washington.edu

2:36 p.m. 12-14-96: Ed Deal in Seattle, 723-4742. This morning at Skagit Wildlife area headquarters, the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH was again present. Also up on Skagit Flats, north of McLean Road and west of Best Road, 3 SNOWY OWLS on a fence post. Up on the Samish Flats at the West 90, 2 SNOWY OWLS and 2 SHORT-EARED OWLS. And along Bayview-Edison Road on the flats, a heavily streaked, brown GYRFALCON. Good luck and good birding. Transcribed by Lisa M. Smith subplot@u.washington.edu

Dec. 14th On a short trip on Saturday afternoon to the West 90: South of the road, 3 Snowy Owls : From: Ted Becker monroe@accessone.com

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14 Dec. 1996 This morning at the Samish there were 4 Snowy Owls at the West 90 at about 9:15, two rather dark juveniles and two lighter birds. Brian H. Bell bellasoc@isomedia.com

Dec 15, 1996 Subject: Skagit Sunday, Rather ugly day weatherwise, but good day for the birds. At the west 90 on Samish Island Road there were 6 SNOW's including Ol' Green Head. Also in that vicinity were 1 Harlan's Hawk, a Short-eared Owl, and a Peregrine on Bayview-Edison, just before it heads into the town of Edison. Barry Levine (levineb@belnet.bellevue.k12.wa.us)

4:36pm 12-15-96: Hi this is Jim Flynn at 206.772.5568. Scott Downes and I were birding at the Big Ditch Access just north of Stanwood. In addition to one SNOWY OWL there was also a SWAMP SPARROW at the end of the trail on the south side of the marsh. If you go through the gate and take a left going south through the trees, follow the trail to the end of the trail where it reaches the water and the bird was at the edge of the marsh there. Also up at the skagit wildlife management area the WATER THRUST and at least one WHITE-THROATED SPARROW were present. Thanks a lot, bye bye. [Washington Birdbox Transcribed by Susan Collicott camel@serv.net]

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Also on Dec. 16th at the 90 degree north turn of Samish Island Road were 6 SNOWY OWLS. [SAS RBA From: Paul Cozens wcozens@earthlink.net]

6:00pm Dec 17: Hello this is Patrick Sullivan reporting from Long Beach, in Pacific County. At the NW corner of Ledbetter Point, one dark-phased GYRFALCON, 6 SNOWY OWLS, onee ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK, one SHORT-EARED OWL and 73 SNOW BUNTINGS were observed. [WOS BirdBox transcription, "Susan L. Collicott" camel@serv.net]

Dec. 17th(?) There was a Snowy Owl at the Hinshaw's Acura Body shop in Auburn last week. [From: Mao4215@aol.com]

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 From: Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com[ Portland RBA ] The Salem Airport SNOWY OWL continues to be fairly consistent, but the Tangent bird remains elusive and is missing much of the time.

Dec. 18th, Wednesday afternoon at the "West 90" we found four Snowy Owls; one on a fense post to the south, one on the dike to the south, one on the ground to the west and one on the dike to the west. Three of them had heavy dark bars and spots, whereas the fourth bird was lightly marked. Present at the same time were five Short-eared Owls; four on the row of fense posts to the west and one flying. From: Dan Willsie DANWILLSIE@aol.com

Fri, 20 Dec 1996 There were nine or ten Snowy Owls on Damon Pt. Go out about two-thirds of the way on Damon Pt. road and watch for a little parking area on the left side. You can pull off and scan the area around the hidden pond which is on the RIGHT side of the road. From: David Beatty djbeatty@techline.com

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Sat, 21 Dec 1996 You may have heard... our total in that section for the CBC on Saturday was 16. Fantastic! I wish I could have seen them in something other than driving, frozen rain. Scott Richardson salix@halcyon.com

Sat, 21 Dec 1996 Thanks to directions from two helpful birders at West 90 (where there were no Snowy Owls), we found four off Best Road, several miles south as the owls fly. Take Best Road south from Highway 20 (Burlington/Anacortes) about one mile. Look for one of the rolling irrigation rigs across the field on the right. The owls were perched at intervals along the rig. Best Road is about a half mile east of the Farm House Restaurant on hwy 20. From: Grant Hendrickson grant@brigadoon.com

Sat., Dec 21st The Leadbetter Point Count was held yesterday. SEVEN (7) SNOWY OWLS at the end of the point. Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org

Sat, 21 Dec 1996 Subject: Columbia Estuary unofficial results one SNOWY OWL Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org

Hello this is Scott Atkinson, reporting for the Sequim/Dungenness CBC held on Sat dec 21st. 3 SNOW BUNTINGS, 11 AMERICAN PIPITS, 11 SNOWY OWLS, and an undetermined number of ANCIENT MURRELETS off the Dungeness Spit;

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Scott Atkinson, reporting for the Sequim/Dungenness CBC held on Sat dec 21st. a likely SPOTTED OWL or strict species and an AMERICAN TREE SPARROW in the Taylor Cutoff Lost Mountain territory south of 101; an adult GLAUCOUS GULL and a first-winter BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE off the Grays Marsh Beach; also there a SORA, a SNOWY OWL and a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW;

- December 21 [been there for over a month] A SNOWY OWL, a late BROWN PELICAN, a HARRIS' SPARROW, six SORAS, three PALM WARBLERS, and a YELLOWTHROAT were seen on the Tillamook Count. [Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com ; Portland RBA]

December 21 [been there for about three weeks] The SNOWY OWL is still being seen at the Salem Airport. [Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com ; Portland RBA]

I also saw a mature [Snowy] on Dec 21 at Skagit flats sitting on a piece of drift wood. Mary Poss mposs@u.washington.edu

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Sun, 22 Dec 1996 Today I went looking for the Snowy Owls at Damon Point. Boy, was I successful! Twelve for sure, maybe fifteen. They were exactly where reported. Michael B. Brown" borealis@borealis.seanet.com

Olympia CBC : Dec.22 1996 Few owls were seen (they got 2 Snowys at Nisqually NWR, but no one had Great Horned, Screech, Pygmy, Saw-whet, etc through the day!), so I walked the Garfield Trail in the moonlight and picked up a Screech Owl calling just before the rain started coming down at 8PM. Jon. Anderson Olympia, Washington festuca@olywa.net

- December 22 [been there for about three weeks] A SNOWY OWL, OLDSQUAW, SWAMP SPARROW, and several KITTIWAKES were on the Columbia Estuary count, while seven SNOWY OWLS were among a number of good birds found on the Leadbetter Point count a bit farther north. [Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com ; Portland RBA]

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SNOWY OWL has been reported from the open fields south of Burns, OR [Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com ; Portland RBA] [Not verified by birders yet -apparently seen December 22nd]

Mon, 23 Dec 1996 Having no luck finding the Snowy Owl in the Portland-Vancouver, Wash. area, I heard that the Snowy Owl was still present at Salem airport. So I drove the 70 miles south to Salem....cloudy, but no rain Sunday. I was richly rewarded by the sight of this magnificent bird....standing at the edge of the runway....ALL of him in plain view. He was just to the right of the Nat'l Guard Bldg----relatively close to the Airport Road on the north side of the field. The owl was very alert, and certainly did'nt look undernourished!!!!! Birders in Portland-Vanc. area who want to take an hour and a half trip to Salem will really enjoy seeing this beautiful bird. Gerald Hamilton, Brush Prairie, Wash. gerald@e-z.net

- December 23 [been there several days] A SNOWY OWL, ROCK SANDPIPER, and a SORA showed up on the Florence count. [Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com ; Portland RBA]

Yesterday (12/26) at 4:20pm during the snowstorm there was a snowy owl on a lightpost on I-5 at Ravenna. I happened to see it as my bus was creeping along under it. From a distance I thought it was just a fluffed up, bird-brained gull facing away from me but then as we got closer I realized that it was a snowy owl very much enjoying the weather. :) Laurel Cheap lcheap@cac.washington.edu

While seated at the dining room table eating breakfast (12/28)Saturday about 9am I glanced out the window in time to see a Snowy Owl flying south about a block away. What a surprising addition to the yard list! Sorry Kelly, I don't have a Delorme handy but I'm at 47th N. and Densmore N. in the Wallingford district of Seattle. Dan Victor, Seattle, WA dcv@scn.org

Janet and I visited the West 90 on New Years Eve about 4pm. The roads were fine, no snow, a little water in places. We saw 5 Snowy Owls in the W. 90 region with just our bins and in low light. Dan Victor, dcv@scn.org

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A SNOWY OWL is now being seen at the trailer Court at the end of Mountain View Lane in Forest Grove. It is found flying about the trailer court and sitting on the roof tops. On January 4 a flock of 12 loudly calling TRUMPETER SWANS were flying near the Forest Grove Ponds. The Forest Grove bird is another immature. It was first reported January 3rd. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com] January 4, 1997 Went to Long Beach Peninsula last week. Weather was far from ideal, with the cold winds and high tides keeping most birds in secluded, sheltered ares. Wind-driven showers of sleet and snow Sat. and very windy, with heavy rain Sun. morn. before I left. Some snow Sat. night. Saw a large Snowy Owl on the marshes--west side of Willapa Bay--north of Leadbetter parking lot. From: gerald hamilton gerald@e-z.net

1-4-97 Greetings - two fellow birders and I saw 6 snowy owls at Leadbetter Point SP yesterday (5 were on the grass-covered dunes near the point, and 1 was on the tidal flats between the peninsula and the island). Steve Lanigan lanoman@worldaccess.com

Columbia Estuary Report - 1/4/96 The Lower Columbia Birders took their monthly expedition in cold, showery weather. We managed to find 2 SNOWY OWLS at Ft Stevens State Park. The white bird that has been reported regularly was in the dune nw of parking lot C. Neal Maine managed full frame video of this bird earlier this week. A second bird was sitting on a log on Trestle Bay across from parking lot B. This bird is has heavy black barring and black spotting on the nape and crown (I think that makes it a female). Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org

There is a Snowy Owl in the Wedgwood neighborhood at noon on Saturday, Jan. 4. It's been here at least a couple of hours, occasionally moving short distances to avoid mobbing by crows. For the last hour, it's been perching high in a tree, a few houses south of the intersection of 36th NE and NE 70th, with a good, clear view from the street. Ter Ellingson ellingsn@u.washington.edu

[1-4-97, see above] Thanks so much for posting this. I haven't had a chance to go out and look for snowy owls all winter until today, and was planning on driving up to the west 90. I checked my mail to find the directions i'd saved, and here was this notice about an owl much closer. As of 2:30pm, it was still in the same spot. Just beautiful! Paul Talbert paul@sparky.fhcrc.org

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[January 5, 1997] Snowy Owls were at the Jensen Access (1), the Samish "90" (6), Field Road (1), and north of the Samish River bridge (2). Paul Cozens wcozens@earthlink.net

[January 5, 1997] Just a quick note to let people know that there are still at least 2 Snowy Owls on the tidal flats north of the Nisqually NWR dike. One worked the "island" east of McAllister Creek and the other was toward the mouth of the River from the observation tower. Jon. Anderson Olympia, Washington festuca@olywa.net

On Jan. 5, 1997 I saw four snowy owls at the west 90 on the Samish Flats about 2 1/2 miles west of Edison, WA. I spotted two more north of the Samish River bridge along the dike. While on Sunset Rd. about 1/2 mile east of the junction with Hwy. 237 I was able to see three more of the snowys perched on the ground near standing water. I did not notice any markings. Bradley Holm HondoBWH@msn.com

My wife and I were up at Samish Flats last weekend [Jan 4-5] and saw plenty of raptors (10 bald eagles, 2 Northern Harriers, 2 Snowy Owls, and 1 rough-legged(?) hawk,) but no gyrfalcons. It was very wet, so I would advise wearing rubber boots. We saw the Snowys out on the dike. Steven Kimball kimball@halcyon.com

It was a week ago Sunday (guess that would make it the 5th). And it was at the West 90. We walked out along the road and saw 2 immatures on posts on the east side, 1 mature bird on the ground by the ditch draining to the east from that road and 2 mature birds on the west side of the road close to the ditch. Also saw a short eared owl. Mary Poss mposs@u.washington.edu

Two SNOWY OWLS were seen at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge on the 6th. They were in the tide flats north of the dike. [SAS RBA from Paul Cozens wcozens@earthlink.net]

You can see Snowy owls from Nisqually Reach with a good scope. We saw one eating something the morning of Jan. 7. From the end of the pier the tussocks of grass obscured the bird, but when we made a last ditch effort from the base we located it. Look for something that appears to be a dirty lump of snow. The young man working on the house was pleased to tell us about the 50 birders that were looking for the owls last week. The hunters didn't affect the owl at all. The hunters were out there with about 75 mallard decoys blasting away and the owl didn't pay any attention. Lois Schultz lois@acpub.duke.edu

January 8 - Hi! This is Tom Aversa at 782-7342. I today birded from Samish Flats down to Stilaguamish and I was looking for Snowy Owls. I found 17: 6 at the West 90, 2 at Samish River Crossing, 1 on Sunset (all those on Samish Flats), there were 2 at Best Road at McLain and there were 6 at Tom Lee Road down south of Stanwood. [WOS BirdBox Transcription Bob Norton, Joyce, WA (near Port Angeles) norton360@aol.com]

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Seattle Times Friday, January 10, 1997, Local/Regional news, page B2 : "Visitor from north. [Snowy Owl picture on a roof] A snowy Owl sits atop a roof this week near 14th Avenue East on Capitol Hill. The owl, driven south in search of food, attracted nearly two dozen harassing crows."

Sat, 11 Jan 1997 From: "F. Wood" fbwood@u.washington.edu Spent the foggy, overcast day birding between Silvana and Samish Is. The most spectacular area was Boe Rd. south of Stanwood (E of 530). The original flock of about 500 snow geese expanded to perhaps 5000 while we watched (I'm nowhere near as good at astronomical estimates as RTP trained himself to be). Our only Snowy Owl was at the periphery of this flock of geese.

January 11 - This is Yvonne Bombardier (206) 348-8845. This is an addition to the following message. Also on the West 90 we saw 6 Snowy Owls, at the mouth of the Samish River we saw 3 Snowy Owls and along Sunset Road we saw one other Snowy Owl. [WOS Birdbox Transcribed by: Bob Norton Goddessnow@aol.com]

January 11 - Ed Deal, Seattle, 723-4742. Snowy Owl report: Best Road; north of McLean, 3; Big Ditch, no Snowy Owls and at the mouth of the Stillaguamish on the tide flats seen from the very end of Boe Road, 9 Snowy Owls. Good luck and good birding! [WOS Birdbox Transcribed by: Bob Norton Goddessnow@aol.com]

This is Ruth Sullivan from Tacoma 564-7419. Yesterday, January 11 at Ocean Shores there were 24 Snowy Owls on Damon Point. Also there were 2 Lapland Longspurs. At Bowerman Basin we had an adult Swamp Sparrow. Also we had dark morph Red-tailed Hawk at Bowerman Basin. [WOS Birdbox Transcribed by: Bob Norton Goddessnow@aol.com]

A SNOWY OWL appeared January 11 along Farmer Road east of Baskett Slough NWR. Drive west from Salem on Highway 22. Turn right onto Highway 99W and drive about a mile. Turn right onto Farmer Road and drive to the railroad tracks. The bird is in that area. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

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Columbia Estuary Report - 1/12/97 The recent press that the SJCR Snowy has received (_Daily Astorian_,1/6/97 and _The Oregonian_,1/8/97) has made it a very popular celebrity. It was seen yesterday and today by car loads of people. And today was a beautiful day to go owling. There was not a cloud in the sky. Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org

Columbia Estuary Report - 1/12/97 Henry Gilmour reports 3 SNOWY OWLS and a sizable flock of SNOW BUNTINGS at Leadbetter Point yesterday. Hip boots are required to get to the place where the owls are. Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org

Yesterday (Sunday, Jan. 12th), while driving through Dungeness returning from the Spit (where there were 2 Snowy Owls) I had an adult Grey-phase Gyr sitting on the apex of tree for a few minutes, before it flew off - in the direction of the Spit. Chris Mcinerny cmcinern@fhcrc.org

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January 12 - Hello, this is Ben Freeman and today we birded the Samish and Skagit areas and Whidbey Island. At the Stanwood Sewage Ponds were visible about 10,000 Snow Geese in the morning. There was also one Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk there. At the Big Ditch Access there were also about 8000 Snow Geese present there and a Northern Shrike and about 15 Western Meadowlarks. At the West 90 there was one Short-eared Owl and one Snowy Owl. On Thomas Road between Sunset and Field Roads there was also a Snowy Owl. There were 6 Snowy Owls at the Big Ditch Access as well. There was one Eared Grebe at Swantown on Whidbey Island and one Short-eared Owl at Crockett Lake. [WOS BirdBox Transcribed by: Bob Norton, norton360@aol.com]

January 12 - Hi, this is Stephen Mlodinow. Along Boundry Bay between 64th and 72nd Street we had 35 Snowy Owls. Off Point Roberts we had 90 Marbled Murrelets and at the southern tip of Point Roberts in a brushy area we had a Slate-colored Fox Sparrow as opposed to the usual Sooty Fox Sparrows which were present in good numbers. [WOS BirdBox Transcribed by: Bob Norton, norton360@aol.com]

Hi! Thanks for the message you sent me. We went birding on the twelfth of January and saw the SNOWs back in West 90. We only saw two that time. I hope you can locate them. Good Luck! -Sachiko s423drug@belnet.bellevue.k12.wa.us

On the dike at Bounday Bay, Monday [1/13], 1-4 pm. Many bald eagles after turning off Hwy 99 onto Hwy 10. Estimate 50+ snowy owls centered around the greenhouses about 1 mile west from end of 72nd St. About 50-50 mature and immature. Immature northern shrike in tree just east of greenhouses. SE owls on fence surrounding electrical installation north of dike. DONALD F HOUCK, BYUP19A@prodigy.com

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On January 15 three bright SNOWY OWLS were about the shorebird flats at the South Jetty of the Columbia River. The dark Forest Grove bird continues to be seen at the trailer court at the end of Mountain View Lane. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

I was at the South Jetty of the Columbia River January 15 and observed three adult female Snowy Owls around the shorebird flats at the base of the jetty. I did not see any dark immature birds. Undoubtedly the male reported earlier was one of these females. Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com

On January 15 another Snowy was found west of Junction City in Lane County. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

Yesterday morning (16 Jan) I counted 43 Snowy Owls at Boundary Bay, BC, including a group of 24 next to the Greenhouses there - a memorable sight. 19 of the birds were 1st winters, the remainder adults. Also SE Owls, RL Hawks, Bald Eagles, Dunlin and BB Plovers. Christopher Mcinerny cmcinern@fhcrc.org

Another [Snowy]was reported from near Rocky Point on the west side of Upper Klamath Lake January 17, but it could not be relocated. The Mountain View Lane bird in Forest Grove is elusive, but is still in the area. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

Three Snowys were seen the South Jetty, at Area C, on January 18. Lane Wintermute, lwinterm@orednet.org Other birds on the 20th include a banded GYRFALCON, 6 SNOWY OWLS, and 3 SHORT-EARED OWLS near the Samish Island Road 90 degree north turn. [SAS RBA, Paul Cozens wcozens@earthlink.net]

Just a small report on our visit to Boundary Bay, at 1:30pm on Monday, Jan. 20th. After Janet and I reached the end of 72nd street we walked west on the dike path. [In our previous visits most of the Snowys were east along that path.] We counted 40 Snowy Owls during our short visit. Most were around a greenhouse area, along the ridges of the roofs or sitting on piles of sawdust. One was up in a tree sitting quietly only 30 feet away and another sitting on a prey on the ground about the same distance from the path. A little further down there's a nice home near the dike which had 7 on it's roof ridge. Quite a spectacle! [Dan Victor dcv@scn.org]

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January 20th - This is Ruth Taylor, 525-6345 (that's a Seattle number). On Monday Judy DuVall and I birded the Samish Flats and also part of the Skagit Flats. Probably the best bird of the day: an adult gray GYRFALCON at the West 90. This individual is very heavily marked on the breast, belly, and flanks, and in poor light superficially very much resembles a giant PEALE'S PEREGRINE [FALCON]. However, the bird was very much a gyr. Also at the West 90: six SNOWY OWLS and at least three very cooperative SHORT-EARED OWLS. Two more SNOWY OWLS, possibly a third, at the mouth of the Samish River, and also two SNOWY OWLS at the Jensen access. Also on Fir Island: two flocks of SNOW GEESE totalling probably about nine or ten thousand, with the larger flock near the North Fork access and the smaller flock near the Jensen access. [Washington BirdBox Transcribed by Hal Opperman halop@u.washington.edu]

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four Snowy Owls Jan 23. All were at the West 90, on the fence line running east-west. It was late afternoon. All were immatures - one ~very~ darkly spotted. None were dye-marked that I could see. Jerry Blinn 76506.3100@CompuServe.COM

Hi. Dave Lauten and Kathy Castelein at 206-706-0666. Went up to Samish Flats yesterday the 23rd, and the [WESTERN] SCRUB-JAY remains at 1134 Bayview-Edison Ave., six SNOWY OWLS remain at the West 90, and an immature dark-phase GYRFALCON was sitting on a telephone pole along the West 90 east of Bayview-Edison Road, where it turns north towards Samish Bay. [WOS Birdbox, Transcribed by Hal Opperman, halop@u.washington.edu]

The SNOWY OWL along the South Jetty Road at the mouth of the Siuslaw River continues to be found. The Junction City bird is apparently in the area but moves around so much birders cannot catch up with it. On January 23 another SNOWY OWL was observed sitting on a dike near Mohoff Pond in Ankeny NWR near Salem. It apparently has not been relocated. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

On January 24 a BURROWING OWL was flushed from the driftwood at the base of the South Jetty of the Columbia River. Up to five SNOWY OWLS have been seen during the week about the shorebird flats near the jetty. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

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Saturday, January 25. Columbia River Jetty. We found a single Snowy on the South Jetty, at Area C, along with two adult Bald Eagles. Lane Wintermute, lwinterm@orednet.org

Sightings for Saturday, January 25th TWO SNOWY OWLS were reported at the foot of 64th (Boundary Bay) and 3 ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS in the same general area. [B.C. RBA, Larry Cowan 102650.3672@CompuServe.COM]

On Sunday, January 26th, Ed Schulz, Connie Veldink, and I, Lynne Darnell, went up to Boundary Bay in BC. The weather was spectacular, clear, with high wispy clouds, though quite cold (between 30 and 35 degrees). We went out by the greenhouses(as described in Tweeters earlier in the month ...off Hwy 10 and 72nd St.) and saw about 30 Snowy Owls. They were roosting on the plastic bags of fertilizer, on the pallets, on the piles of sawdust, all over... it was somewhat comical. In the mid afternoon they moved across the dike over to the completely frozen marsh area, where they gave everyone some nice "photo ops". We also saw about 15 Short-Eared Owls Seamless Weaver lynnie@eskimo.com

A few other sightings of Snowy's were 10 [Jan. 26th] at Brunswick Point which is at the west end of River Rd. in Ladner. This is the road used to get to the Bridge which you have to cross to get to the Reifel Refuge if you have ever been there. [BC RBA, Larry Cowan 102650.3672@CompuServe.COM]

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Columbia Estuary Report -- 1/27/97 The BURROWING OWL reported Friday at parking lot C (SJCR) of Ft Stevens St Pk was still hanging out in the driftwood Saturday morning. Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org

Monday, January 27th Nine SNOWY OWLS were seen at Brunswick Point along with 4 SHORT- EARED OWLS. Another 2 SHORT-EARED OWLS were reported from the Beach Grove Lagoon area. [BC RBA, Larry Cowan 102650.3672@CompuServe.COM]

Monday, January 27th Nine SNOWY OWLS were seen at Brunswick Point along with 4 SHORT- EARED OWLS. Another 2 SHORT-EARED OWLS were reported from the Beach Grove Lagoon area. [B.C. RBA, Larry Cowan 102650.3672@CompuServe.COM]

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01-29-97: Ian McGregor, 361-4784. A trip to the Samish Flats, specifically the area from the river mouth to the cliff base at Samish Island, was undertaken today, including the West 90. The highlights were: 3 SNOWY OWLS, 1 GYRFALCON (dark phase), 1 MERLIN, 3 to 5 ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS (including 1 dark-phase bird), uncountable BALD EAGLES, and, most surprising to me, 25 at least EURASIAN WIGEON males--mostly in the field on the flats just below the road up to Samish Island. [WOS birdbox, Lisa M. Smith" subplot@u.washington.edu]

01-29-97: Tom Aversa. A few birds from a trip down to Grays Harbor/Ocean Shores area. The highlight I guess was probably a WHITE-TAILED KITE at the Hoquiam sewage treatment area, right on the left side of Paulson Road as you're going in there. The bird was very visible and cooperative. There was also an EARED GREBE in the sewage ponds there. There were 6 TRUMPETER SWANS still remaining in the swamp near Ocean City State Park. 17 SNOWY OWLS down on Damon Point and a PALM WARBLER right in that immediate area also. GREATER WHITE-FRONT, immature, down on the golf course. [WOS birdbox, Lisa M. Smith" subplot@u.washington.edu]

I had nearly forgotten that I did in fact see a single adult male Snowy Owl at Damon Point, but only on a single day (Jan. 29, I think). [Robert Russell, Russell@racesmtp.afsc.noaa.gov]

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Sightings for Friday, January 31st The COMMON EIDER was observed today about 1km west of Spanish Banks feeding with a very large flock of SCOTERS. The SNOWY OWL population between 64th and 72nd was reported at 29. Also along this stretch were five SHORT-EARED OWLS. [B.C. RBA, Larry Cowan 102650.3672@CompuServe.COM]

Five more SHORT-EARED OWLS were seen at Brunswick Point along with 6 SNOWY OWLS, and the PRAIRIE FALCON. [B.C. RBA, Larry Cowan 102650.3672@CompuServe.COM]

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Between 1100 - 1200, Feburary 1, 1997. A good southerly wind (about 20 knots) was blowing, temperature in the high 40's F., cloudy with scattered rain. Saw some interesting raptor behavior on my first visit to Boundry Bay, and first Snowy Owl sightings. This is the location on the north side of Boundry Bay, which is accessed from 72nd street (off highway 10). As we approached the greenhouses, we saw a snowy atop a telephone pole and another atop a great heap of sawdust. There were about 9 more scattered across the greenhouses.
An immature bald eagle flew in from the north, on a flight line across the flooded field fairly equidistant from the wigeons and the pole owl. Junior then dropped to about 60' off the deck, and eased towards the wigeons. They flew up, and off to the east (then the south, to the bay). Junior then eased off to the west, and up to telephone pole height. At this point the pole owl flew up, and to the north (the wind was gusty from the south), nervously looking over its shoulder as it bouyed on the wind and made slowly to the north. Junior, still not satisfied that *everyone* is showing respect, makes a U-turn and flushes the greenhouse owls up in a cloud of 11 snowy owls! A wondrous scene! ["Patrick, Michael" MPatrick@ELDEC.com]

I decided last weekend to take my kids on a snowy owl excursion. I had planned to search the Tweeters archives for sightings, since I hadn't had the foresight to save the postings. After loading up the Tweeters web page, I found to my delight the links to the page of Cascadia sightings (which was nicely up-to-date!), and to the page with driving directions. We headed up to the West 90 on Saturday and spent an hour on the dike and along the Bayview-Edison Road - saw 7 beautiful Snowys! Thanks so much to Dan and Kelly for your time and effort - it is greatly appreciated! [Debbie McLeod Redmond WA mac@halcyon.com]

Sun., Feb. 1, 10:30A. Nisqually NW Refuge. Two snowy owls. On dike trail about 150 yards before lookout tower, look towards barns. One owl in bush or small tree in middle distance slightly right and in front of barns. Second owl on woodpile further right and further out. Quite a ways out and no detail without scope. These pointed out to us by a NWL biologist who said they tend to roost in the same place. Also saw bald eagle in trees further out to left of barn from same spot.. Ed Level, Eelevel@AOL.com.

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Columbia Estuary Report - 2/2/97 Today, I found one of the LONG-TAILED DUCKS (!?) at the end of 6th street in Astoria. At South Jetty of the Columbia River, 3 SNOWY OWLS were easily visible from the observation tower. One was almost certainly the white adult seen last week. The other two had fine white barring on their wing coverts and back, but white heads (this matches the description of the plumage type I have most consistantly encountered). Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org

I went birding with Rose Stogsdill [Feb. 2nd] and would like to report an amazing day of Skagit sightings. I am new to this, but felt lucky to have an expert guide in Rose. We saw Trumpeter swans 3000-4000 Snow Geese Four Snowy Owls Northern Harrier Hawk Common Loon A tree full of Black-Crowned Night Herons Peregrine Falcon Prairie Falcon Gyrfalcon (Perhaps two!) The three falcons were together near the West 90. We saw so many eagles we stopped counting them. What a day! [Joan Burton jburton@u.washington.edu]

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[Feb 2nd] SNOWY OWLS, 4-8 birds, have been seen the last two weeks west of Spokane in the Reardon-Davenport-Mondovi area according to Warren Hall. Look for them along Detour Road, which parallels US 2, about a mile south of US 2 between Davenport and Reardon, along Old State Hwy which runs parallel to US 2 one mile north of US 2, and along Waukon Road which heads south from US 2 about 2 miles east of Reardon. Washington DeLorme p. 87, C8 and p. 88, D2. [RNA: E WA / Dale Goble gobled@uidaho.edu]

On Sunday (2/2) we had a lovely drive around the Samish Flats, and saw 9 snowy owls -- 7 at the mouth of the Samish River, and 2 more at the West 90. A record for us! And, of course, lots of eagles, rough legs, red tails, etc. (No falcons this time...) [Wendy C. Roedell Internet: wroedell@psesd.wednet.edu]

A group of our class went on a birding trip to the Samish flats on Sunday, Feb. 2nd. It was mostly sunny and here are the birds that we saw, This was a five year record for these trips, 168 total raptors and 10 species of raptors. 7 SNOW (5 in the same field off Allen rd. on Samish) [Dean Drugge The OLDSQUAWS and HARLEQUIN DUCKS are still regularly being seen from the South Jetty of Yaquina Bay and recently a SNOWY OWL has shown up in the dunelands just south of the jetty.
The SNOWY OWL is still being seen near the South Jetty of the Siuslaw River near Florence, and on February 2 a NORTHERN SHRIKE, a WHITE-TAILED KITE, and an early flock of CLIFF SWALLOWS were in the same area.
Up to five SNOWY OWLS are still at the South Jetty of the Columbia River. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls [hnehls@teleport.com]

[Feb. 2nd] This is Steven Mlodinow. We went up to Stillaguamish Delta, and at the end of Idie Road, which is just west of Stanwood, we had 8 SNOWY OWLS, a SHORT-EARED OWL, and 2 HARLAN'S HAWKS--one an adult bird and one an immature bird, both dark-phase. [WOS Birdbox, "Lisa M. Smith" subplot@u.washington.edu]

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02-03-97: Dalwyn Knight [sp?]. I'm a member of the Christian Science church on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I'm calling to tell you, in case you haven't heard, that we have a SNOWY OWL living on our church. It's been there for two or three weeks now. Huge, big, white SNOWY here, gray and white SNOWY OWL. Right now it's living on top of a ??? [sounds like pediment]on the north side of the building. The building is on the corner of 16th and Denny, directly across just south of Group Health Hospital on top of Queen Anne Hill. It's a beautiful big bird, with many people stopping and admiring it, and stopping by the reading room telling me about it--telling us who are working in here--that's where I'm calling from. I guess that's all you need to know. [WOS Birdbox, Transcribed by Lisa M. Smith subplot@u.washington.edu]

[2/3] South of Davenport [WA] on Boyk Rd off Spinning Rd snowy owls 2 (both looked like juv) snow buntings ~450 (This year I had only seen 12 before!) [Howard L. Ferguson, Im4nature@aol.com]

[Feb. 5th]Thanks to a phone call from Sharon Talbert (of Campus Cats) I just saw an immature Snowy Owl perched on the NE side of Smith hall on the UW campus, today at 11:30. It's drawing a nice crowd of admiring UW students in the Quad. Hurrah, a Snowy on the Campus !! [Dan Victor, Seattle, WA dcv@scn.org]

Owl has been there since at least 8:30 this morning, calmly enduring the outraged crows and delighted stares of passersby. Last Snowy I saw was during the blizard of '68(?), when a mature bird was hanging out in front of the HUB, watching students walk by. [Sharon Talbert stalbert@u.washington.edu]

As of 12:45PM (today, Feb 05, '97), she was still there, just sitting and looking a bit sleepy eyed. She did do a gaping-beak face at one of the annoying crows (they all left as I watched-just got bored with her nonchalance, I guess.) Was also able to see how feathered the toes are as she did a little grooming. She's drawing quite a crowd of gawkers and folks like me with binos stashed in their desks just waiting for an opportunity like this, and photographers, too. [Maureen Ellis me2@u.washington.edu]

The Smith Hall snowy owl left Smith Hall a little after 2PM, flew over the building and was relocated on the roof of the Allen Library. As of 2:15 it was sitting on the peak of the roof of the bridge between the Allen and Suzallo libraries. It is on the HUB (East) side of a chimney, a couple of dozen crows draws a line from the edge of the building to the owl. [Mary Ellen Ahearn mea@u.washington.edu]

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We counted 29 [Snowy Owls at Boundary Bay] in a small area Wednesday morning, 2/5. I was pleased with the number of other birds there as well. On arrival Tuesday afternoon while walking to the greenhouse site, I counted 4 Short-eared Owls and three Northern Harriers hunting diligently around the area (the Snowys must have been dining mostly at night though I did see one fly off a greenhouse roof top and catch something on the ground which was not quite visible). Then I went back on Wednesday morning I accessed the area from 64th instead of 72nd - a shorter walk by half to just get to where the Snowys were hanging out. [Jon Williams, jon@wport.com]

The Snowy Owl mentioned in yesterday's post was still perched regally on the north side of the Christian Scientist church on Capitol Hill yesterday [Feb. 6th] at 4 pm. The building occupies the block between 15th and 16th and Denny (south of Group Health Hospital). Workers at GH have been tracking its daily forays for a couple of weeks and say it is generally there most of the afternoon. It's a spectacular bird--I think probably a female since it is large and has considerable barring (though I'm no expert on this since this was a life bird for me!). It was perched on top of one of the column-like structures of the building. Well worth checking out. jm ["J. Marrazzo" jmm2@u.washington.edu]

Feb. 6, 10:30A: 27 snowys at greenhouse, Boundary Bay. Couple we passed on dike said they saw 31. 4:30P: no snowys at West 90; maybe too late in day. [Ed Level, Eelevel@AOL.com.]

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02-07-97: This is Eric ??? [sounds like Kowalchika] with Woodland Park Zoo. I just received a phone call about a SNOWY OWL up on Capitol Hill. It's apparently been there for the last two weeks. Right now, it's at East Denny and 16th Avenue East, on the front of a church--the Christian Science Church--on the north side of the church, perched on a column. People in the area have been seeing this bird for the last two weeks, so if you want to see a close-up of a Snowy, I guess it's a pretty reliable location. [WOS Birdbox, "Lisa M. Smith" subplot@u.washington.edu]

[Feb. 8th] Just got back from a great birding trip with The Mountaineers to Nisqually Delta Wildlife Refuge. My first time there. 1 Snowy Owl [Christy Anderson christya@gte.net]

On Feb 8, I observed 1 ad and 1 imm snowy owl and the brown phase gyrfalcon at the Samish '90' (late afternoon until dark). Snowy owls seen on the morning of Feb 9 included: 1 at the '90', 8 east of the Samish River near the bridge, 1 west of the bridge, 2 in a farm lot across the road (southeast) from the 'field of 8' sitting on farm equipment, 1 at Best Road, 1 at Big Ditch. Also near the bridge among the 8 snowies was a gray gyrfalcon. It sat on a fence post most of the morning until about 1100 when it flew east toward Sunset Road. It and four of the 'fence post sitting' snowies were apparently spooked by a group of birders walking the gated dike along the river (ruining otherwise excellent views for other birders). [Joe Engler USFWS, joe_engler@mail.fws.gov]

We went to Boundary Bay and Reifle [Feb. 8th] and saw 25 SNOW's, 2 Short-Ears, 2 Saw-Whets and a Great Horned Owl. Quite an auspicious debut for some of the future ecologists. [Barry Levine levineb@belnet.bellevue.k12.wa.us]

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On Feb 9, I observed a snowy owl (adult?) along Best Road in the Skagit area. The bird had a yellow patagial marker on the right wing. The tag appeared to have a black 'J' code on it. The top of the 'J' was at the leading edge of the wing. The bird was seen at about 1300 hrs along the west side of Best Road, 0.6 miles north of McLean Road sitting on a red farming implement. It flew southwest and landed next to a pile of wood (pallet?) near a farm building, close to McLean Road. [Joe Engler USFWS, joe_engler@mail.fws.gov]

[Feb. 9th] There was a beautiful adult Snowy Owl near a knoll where Thorpe Road jogs north on the Lincoln/Spokane County line. We saw two more Snowy Owls southeast of Davenport on Mecklenberg Road (DeLorme p. 87 D-8). Chris spotted another Snowy Owl on Hwy 2 east of Wilbur.
Most outstanding were 2-3,000 Snow Buntings by the roadside and in wheat stubble on Boyk Road a few miles north of the owls. Spokane expert Jim Acton had 6 Snowy Owls on Boyk Road this afternoon and three elsewhere south of Hwy 2. He believes he could find 14-15 Snowy Owls in the general area. He also believes these may be record numbers during the 20+ years he has been doing his "Snowy Owl Survey" in this area. [Andy Stepniewski, steppie@wolfenet.com]

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[Feb. 9th] I thought that you might be interested to know that most of the Snowy Owls that have hung out at the "West 90" on the Samish Flats seemed to have moved east towards the Samish River. Various reports lately have stated the "Samish River mouth" but really you don't see the delta where the owls are, they favor a field upstream a bit.
To find them: from the "T" formed by Bayview/ Edison Rd and Samish Island Rd go east towards Edison. The road turns north in about 1/4 mile then east again. Immediately after crossing the bridge over Samish River park on the left side of the road, near a "Port-o-let" toilet and cross to the south side of the road. There's a dirt area here that overlooks a large farm field; there were 9 Snowys ther today. As always in the Samish a scope is a big help. The owls are easier to see here than they were at the West 90 because of your elevation advantage over the farm field and less vegetation. One of the owls had a large, yellow plastic tag affixed to its shoulder area with a "5" on it. ["Jim P. Flynn" bf519@scn.org]

Feb. 9th On hwy 172 between hwy 17 and Mansfield we saw 6 Gray Partridge in one covey, 9 more in another covey, then 2 laying down on snow bank only 30 ft from car. We were able to get good photos out the car window. On this stretch of road we were also surprised by a gorgeous Snowy Owl sitting on top of a white mound of snow. [Hugh Jennings Hughbirder@msn.com]

02-09-97 Hello, this is Ben Freeman, and I spent the weekend in Vancouver, B.C. Let's see - there were 42 SNOWY OWLS and 7 SHORT-EARED OWLS between 64th and 72nd streets in Boundary Bay [WOS Birdbox, Christopher Hill cehill@u.washington.edu]

Yesterday, on 2/9, at Leadbetter Point in Pacific County, 1 LONG-EARED OWL, 1 BARN OWL, 8 SNOWY OWLS, 3 SNOWY PLOVERS, 1 GLAUCOUS GULL, 11 SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS, 2 SNOW BUNTINGS, and 3 LAPLAND LONGSPURS were observed. [WOS Birdbox, Transcribed by Chris Hill, cehill@u.washington.edu]

We were at Damon Point on Feb. 9 and saw more than twenty owls. I'd be surprised if they were all gone by now, although we have had some pretty nice weather. [Eric Kraig kraig@wln.com]

As for the Snowies at the Nisqually--I was there a weekend ago,[Feb 8/9th] and the 2 owls were too. ["James R Lyles" jrlyles@usgs.gov]

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Snowy Owl at Christian Science Church/16th and Denny [in Seattle] was still there [Feb. 11th] (Tuesday) afternoon. Hope you get a chance to see him. [CTrumble sodwana@u.washington.edu]

James West [JDWEST@U.WASHINGTON.EDU] reports seeing the immature Snowy at 16th and Denny 2/12 in the afternoon. Sent a lot of time preening.

[Feb. 13th]The SNOWY OWLS continue to be reported from the South Jetty of the Siuslaw River, at the South Jetty of Yaquina Bay, and from the South Jetty of the Columbia River. The Forest Grove bird has not been seen for over a week. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

Thu, 13 Feb 1997 From: Irene Wanner, iwanner@u.washington.edu The snowy is still at the 16th & Denny church (just south of Group Health on Cap Hill) and looking elegant atop a Corinthian capital.

Feb. l3th Eastern Wash. has Snowy Owls too! Maybe I should say North-Central Wash. East of Mansfield today we saw 2 Snowies and over l,000 Snow Buntings. We were at the intersection of l4 and O streets approx. l mile from Simms Corner, which is East of Mansfield. All were within a 1/4mile stretch. On one side of road is a house with a yellow airplane. On other side of road are several grain silos. ["Richard D. Spencer" merdave@televar.com]

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2/15 Subject: Re: Seattle Snowy. It might not be gone, but just moved. I got some photos of it Saturday morning near 18th & Thomas. It was in a blue spruce in an alley. [Wes Jansen wjansen@u.washington.edu]

At dusk on February 15, we with Ruth Fischer, saw a Snowy Owl 2 miles west of the intersection of 172 and 17 near Mansfield, Douglas county. The bird appeared to be an adult. It was making short flights near and across the road [Bill and Nancy LaFramboise wlafra@oneworld.owt.com]

A few kids in our class along with Dean did a rapter census on February 15th. We also spotted 6 Snowy Owls. (Samish Flats) [ Marisa, John, and Dara, in Dean's class Ardmore, 4th and 5th grade Dean Drugge drugged@belnet.bellevue.k12.wa.us]

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02-16-97 Hi, this is Clay Kemp (sp?), and yesterday we had a couple SNOWY OWLS between Reardon and Davenport. There was also a GRAY MORPH GYRFALCON on highway 231 just south of Reardon. [WOS Birdbox, Transcribed by Chris Hill cehill@u.washington.edu]

[02-16-97 East of Mansfield] Snow Buntings were no problem. They were widespread in northern Douglas Co. in varying flock sizes--the most common bird in the area--which isn't hard considering there was almost nothing else; Horned Larks were way down in numbers. The male buntings were coming into spring plumage and were quite spectacular. With a little searching, we also saw one of the Snowy Owls perched on a barn just across the road from the yellow airplane. [Lorna & Jerry tangren@wsu.edu]

Scott Downes visited Ocean Shores last weekend and found NO Snowy Owls at Damon Point. Has anyone seen them there lately? [Christopher Hill cehill@u.washington.edu]

Up at the Samish Flats on the 16th, we saw four owls, spread between the West 90 and the river mouth. I haven't checked on the Nisqually owls lately. [Eric Kraig, kraig@wln.com]

East of Mansfield (As above), saw one Snowy Owl on Sunday the 17th. [Janet Wilson and Dan Victor dcv@scn.org]

Up on the Samish on Monday, 17 February, and we had six Snowy Owls near the Samish River mouth. The birds were to the south of the bridge over the river, and at least while we were there were all east of the river. Mostly perched along the dike, but sometimes moved onto logs or old pilings in the river. Also had a great look at a Peregrine Falcon, several Rough-legged Hawks. [Brian H. Bell, bellasoc@isomedia.com]

I did see the Bridle Trails Park bird the week of February 17 (don't remember exactly which day), it has been regular there for some time, according to the folks in the neighborhood. I believe it was seen as recently as last weekend. [March 1st] There has also been a reliable Snowy Owl in the park. It is usually sitting on top of one of the big power poles in the power-line cut that bisects the park north to south. [Hal Opperman, halop@u.washington.edu]

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There were still 4 [Snowy Owls] on Dungeness Spit as of today[Feb. 19th] according to the refuge manager (whose name escapes me at this moment) [information relayed by Bob Boekelheide. [Bob Norton, norton360@aol.com]

[Feb 19th] The SNOWY OWL remains in the dunes south of the Yaquina Bay Jetty. There are indications that two birds might be involved. At least two SNOWY OWLS are still at the South Jetty of the Columbia River. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

[Feb. 19th] SNOWY OWLS, 4-8 birds, have been seen the last month west of Spokane in the Reardon-Davenport-Mondovi area. Look along Detour Road, which parallels US 2, about a mile south of US 2 between Davenport and Reardon, and along Old State Hwy which runs parallel to US 2 one mile north of US 2, and along Waukon Road which heads south from US 2 about 2 miles east of Reardon. From reports provided by Dick Johnson, John and Amy Roberson, and Clare and Sharron Wiser, the best birding was along Detour Road. [RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR Dale Goble gobled@uidaho.edu]

[Feb. 19th] Idaho SNOWY OWLS, two of them, are on the Rathdrum Prairie just west of Coeur d'Alene. John Shipley reports the birds are north of Hayden Road, which runs east and west, and between Atlas Road on the east and Meyer Road on the west. One bird frequents the CdA airport at the north end of Atlas. It looks to me like you can access this by taking ID 41 north from I-90 at exit 7 about three miles to Hayden Road. ID DeLorme p. 60, A1. [RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR Dale Goble gobled@uidaho.edu]

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February 20th - Hi. This is William Francis on the road. The [NORTHERN] HAWK OWL was in Cheney on Thursday morning, parking lot nine (south football stadium), and the BLUE JAY was two blocks west of Washington on Sixth Street. And a SNOWY OWL on Washington 28 south of Davenport, mile-marker 126. [WOS birbox Transcribed by Hal Opperman halop@u.washington.edu]

Also on February 20, Tony Greager reported that one of his students had photographed a SNOWY OWL along Ayres Road in the Hover area on a prior date [Lower Columbia Basin Alert, Bill and Nancy LaFramboise wlafra@owt.com]

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[Feb. 21st] SNOWY OWLS have been seen the last six weeks west of Spokane in the Reardon-Davenport-Mondovi area. Look along Detour Road, which parallels US 2, about a mile south of US 2 between Davenport and Reardon, and along Old State Hwy which runs parallel to US 2 one mile north of US 2, and along Waukon Road which heads south from US 2 about 2 miles east of Reardon. Last Sat, Feb 15, Tom and Diane Weber saw three while Clay Kent reports two. [RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR Dale Goble gobled@uidaho.edu]

[Feb. 21st] Idaho SNOWY OWLS, two of them, were reported two weeks ago on the Rathdrum Prairie just west of Coeur d'Alene. John Shipley reported the birds are north of Hayden Road, which runs east and west, and between Atlas Road on the east and Meyer Road on the west. One bird was frequenting the CdA airport at the north end of Atlas. It looks to me like you can access this by taking ID 41 north from I-90 at exit 7 about three miles to Hayden Road. Anything new on these birds? ID DeLorme p. 60, A1. [RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR Dale Goble gobled@uidaho.edu]

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This morning (Sat. Feb 22nd) about 10:45 I checked the Christian Science church in Seattle on 16th E near Group Health Hospital. Sure enough, there was the 'Seattle Snowy Owl" perched up on one of the decorative capitols in the NW side of the building. It does indeed look similar to the one that was on campus a short while back. [Dan Victor, dcv@scn.org]

On the way back from a trip to Okanogan yesterday (2/22), we saw possibly the same [Snowy, see Feb 15th] owl, 1/2 mile north of the same intersection[of 172 and 17 near Mansfield, Douglas county]. At 7:30 pm, it flew right in front of our car. [Bill and Nancy LaFramboise wlafra@oneworld.owt.com]

Columbia Estuary Report - 2/22/97 There was still one SNOWY OWL at the shorebird flats, SJCR on Saturday. [Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org]

22 Feb 1997 I went looking for the Nisqually NWR Snowys today. I had the priviledge of seeing one of them. He was out on the mud-flats, sitting on the end of a downed tree. As I lifted my head from the scope, I looked up, And what did mine eyes behold, But an Adult Bald eagle doing a fly-over. WOW!!! What a beautiful site. Snowy and Eagle within 5 seconds. There was a total of 3 Adult and 1 immature eagle that I saw. The lady working at the NWR said there are still 2 Snowys hanging around, but they should be leaving soon. [Chris A. Marcoe cam16@oz.net]

February 22rd - This is Ed Swan at 725-5013 in Seattle. After seeing the [NORTHERN] HAWK OWL, I saw a SNOWY OWL along Detour Road, which is parallel to Highway 2, just west of where Highway 2 and Detour Road run into 231. [WOS BirdBox Transcribed by Hal Opperman halop@u.washington.edu]

At least one SNOWY OWL is still residing along Detour Road, which parallels US 2, about a mile south of US 2 between Davenport and Reardon, WA. John Hirth reports a single bird Feb 22, along with a couple of TUNDRA SWAN and 5 flocks of SNOW BUNTINGS, totaling about 100 birds. WA DeLorme 87, C8 and 88, D2. [RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR Dale Goble gobled@uidaho.edu]

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Sun, 23 Feb 1997 The Snowy's still observable at the Christian Science Church at 16th and Denny in Capitol Hill. I watched this bird for ten minutes this morning, beginning at 10:30. Wow! For other beginners like me, this is a fabulous opportunity to get an up-close, unobstructed view of this owl.
The bird was roosting on a ledge on the north (or northeast) side of the building--as you stand on the sidewalk on Denny between 16th and 15th and face south, the building's in front of you. I saw the owl just to the left of the center of the building. The bird remained still until I crossed to the north side of Denny to lean up against a tree. I threw my keys on the ground then (no pockets and how else to hold the bins?), and the owl swiveled its head in my direction, half-opening its golden eyes. Pretty cool! Novice birder that I am, I never realized that owls (and perhaps all birds?) close their lids from the bottom. This head-swiveling and eye-opening happened three or four times over the course of 10 minutes, with the owl rousing itself once to the point of preening feathers. [Lisa M Smith subplot@juno.com]

Sun, 23 Feb 1997 Thank you Dan for letting me know the snowy owl was back at the church. My husband and I hustled up there this morning and got a great look at this bird. We were truly impressed! However, the story continues when we brought our daughters back for a look around 11:30 am (just missed you Lisa). I had looked earlier for a possible owl pellet with no luck but what I needed were a 9 year old's eyes. We found the shattered remains of one at the base of the wall and brought it home to look at later. Because there was no skull (or it was crushed) I can't tell you what the owl was eating for sure but by the size of the leg bone - it must have been a large rodent (hopefully a rat). Needless to say, my daughters were thrilled to not only see this majestic bird but also to retrieve the pellet. And all right in the city limits of Seattle! [Patti Gotz redquilter@aol.com]

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Sun, 23 Feb 1997 A Snowy Owl (an adult female, I think) basked in the sun at the Nisqually NWR today. She sat on a stump about 300 yards north and a smidgeon east of the observation platform overlooking the salt flats. With my scope set up, I had the pleasure of showing her to a couple dozen passersby for about 45 minutes from 11:45 till 12:30. [James Lyles jrlyles@eskimo.com]

February 23rd - This is Tom Carpenter at 206-283-0798 Also I've seen the SNOWY OWL off and on this week on Capital Hill, at the Christian Science Church on 16th across from Group Health. [WOS BirdBox Transcribed by Hal Opperman halop@u.washington.edu]

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There were up to 6 Snowy Owls still present in the greenhouse area at the foot of 64th last weekend [Boundary Bay, Feb 22nd-23rd]. I would think there will still be a few around this weekend. [Larry Cowan larrycowan@compuserve.com]

As the season is getting on, I will pass on the status of Snowy Owls here. Robert Eden, manager of Dungeness NWR, reported that as of Feb. 23 there were still 4 on Dungeness Spit (fide Bob Boekelheide). [Bob Norton, norton360@aol.com] February 24th, This is Tom Carpenter at 206-283-0798. The SNOWY OWL was once again seen on Capital Hill at the Christian Science Church across from Group Health. The bird can usually be seen on the north side of the church atop one of the columns, either to the left or right of the largest stained glass window. [WOS BirdBox Transcribed by Hal Opperman halop@u.washington.edu]

[Feb. 24th] After not seeing the Snowy Owl on the Christian Science Center (15th & Denny) on three previous attempts, I decided to try my luck one more time. I felt I was pushing it by going in the middle of a sunny day, but I guess the "gods" were with me.
The bird was perched on the northwest corner of the church on the carved stone ornaments. Her beautiful light-brown flecked plumage blended well with the carved stone of the building. The sun was just hitting her face when I arrived at 13:30. By 15:00 when I left she had become hot by the increasing amount of sunshine hitting her. She had started panting and moved back on the ornaments, out of the direct sunlight as much as possible. [Martin Muller, martinmuller@msn.com]

[Feb. 27th]The SNOWY OWL is still in the dunes south of the South Jetty of Yaquina Bay, and at least one is still at the South Jetty of the Columbia River. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

Judy Mullally and I saw one[Snowy Owl] at the tip of Ediz Hook on Feb. 27. [Bob Norton, norton360@aol.com]

[Feb. 28th] Idaho SNOWY OWLS, two of them, are still being seen on the Rathdrum Prairie just west of Coeur d'Alene. Both Jeff Wisman and I saw the birds at the north end of Atlas Road off Hayden Lake Road, just west of the airport. Check near dusk. You can access this by taking ID 41 north from I-90 at exit 7 about three miles to Hayden Lake Road. Turn right and follow it to Atlas. ID DeLorme 60, A1. [RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR Dale Goble gobled@uidaho.edu]

There was a count of 25 SNOW from Friday, Feb. 28. These were counted along the Boundary Bay area between 72nd and 64th. [Vancouver, BC RBA, Larry Cowan LarryCowan@compuserve.com]

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Columbia Estuary Report, OR Snowy Owls (2 at SJCR, seen Saturday [March 1st] at ~1530hr) [Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org]

[March 1, 1997] On the road that crosses the Samish River mouth, six Snowies at the Samish River mouth, at least two snowies (one very heavily barred) on the east side of the Whitney La Conner Road approximately a mile south of rt.20, [Margie Palmer emdp@eskimo.com]

I did see the Bridle Trails Park bird the week of February 17 (don't remember exactly which day), it has been regular there for some time, according to the folks in the neighborhood. I believe it was seen as recently as last weekend. There has also been a reliable Snowy Owl in the park. It is usually sitting on top of one of the big power poles in the power-line cut that bisects the park north to south.[March 1st] [Hal Opperman, halop@u.washington.edu]

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[March 2nd] Now seems to be an especially good time to see Gyr north of Seattle. Stuart MacKay and myself saw three yesterday (Sunday). The grey adult at Snohomish, and another grey adult and the brown 1st winter at Samish. The brown bird was especially obliging: we watched in hunting (unsuccessfully) for a long time around west90. Also seen: 7 Snowy Owls. [Christopher Mcinerny cmcinern@fhcrc.org]

Anyway, Sunday [March 2nd] we drove the old state highway between Reardan and Davenport. We saw at least three owls, one was a juvenile on a utility pole who let us look to our heart's content. Our five-year-old even rolled down her window and talked to it. Then we saw another snowy after we got back on the main highway (2). Finally! [Kristi Streiffert. Coulee Dam, WA streif@televar.com]

Sightings for Sunday March 2 : 23 snowy Owls and a RL Hawk were seen at 64th Ave. in Boundary bay. [Vancouver, BC RBA, John Chandler, chandler@uniserve.com]

The Snowy Owl was percherd on the northern face of the Christian Science building again this morning,[March 3rd] 2nd column from the left. My first Snowy sighting this year! And I wasn't even Birding. I took my father to Group Health for a doctor's appointment, usually in the building to the North of the hospital, but the doc moved her offices to 2 South, right across the street from the Owl. I had a nice warm view for about an hour. It did a lot of preening and even flapped its wings once. Of course I didn't bring my binoculars, but who brings them to a hospital? [Cliff Drake birder@juno.com]

From the Monday[March 3rd] alert message were reports of 23 SNOW at or near the foot of 64th at Boundary Bay. It looks that the numbers haven't decreased dramatically. [Vancouver, BC RBA, Larry Cowan LarryCowan@compuserve.com]

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The snowy at 16th and Denny was there this morning (Tuesday, March 4th), looking sleepy and contented. One onlooker commented that his cat ate lots of urban rodents, and in consequence had acquired a bad case of worms. He wondered if the snowy was similarly at risk. [John Sidles sidles@u.washington.edu]

The Snowy on the Christian Science church at 16th & Denny was still there today (Tues. March 4th) at noon - the first one I've seen up close. Terrific! [Jim Lady, jlady@u.washington.edu]

[March 6, 1997] The KING EIDER, SNOWY OWL, and OLDSQUAW continue to be found at Yaquina Bay. Two SNOWY OWLS are still at the South Jetty of the Columbia River [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

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[RBA: N ID / E WA / NE OR: 3/7/97] At least one SNOWY OWL is still residing along Detour Road, which parallels US 2, about a mile south of US 2 between Davenport and Reardon, WA. Austin Johnson reports a single bird last weekend. WA DeLorme 87, C8. [Dale Goble gobled@uidaho.edu]

Two SNOWY OWLS were still at the SJCR (South Jetty of the Columbia River) today (845hr) both sitting in the tops of spruce trees. [Columbia Estuary Report - 3/9/97, Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org]

Between 64th and 72nd on Boundary Bay were 20 SNOWY OWLS and 1 ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK. West of 64th were 2 NORTHERN SHRIKES and 105 TRUMPETER SWANS. [RBA Vancouver, BC March 9, 1997 John Chandler chandler@uniserve.com]

March 9 - It's Bill Principe visiting from Los Angeles and there's a Snowy Owl on the corner of 16th and Denny in Seattle. It was pictured on the front page of Section B of today's Sunday paper and I drove over there and there it is! It's on top of one of the capitals along the side of The First Church of Christ Scientist at 16th and Denny. Looks like an immature to me. Perhaps a female. [WOS Birdbox, Norton360@aol.com]

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March 12th This is getting to be old hat, but I was back at Group Health today and spent about 3 hours in the waiting room, most of the time watching the Snowy across the street, still sitting on the same column it was two weeks ago. (My father had a colonoscopy, and everything is fine! Yay!) I brought my binoculars this time and what a sight. It spent most of the time resting, but did a bit of preening, grooming and scratching. I swear I saw a yawn, too, do birds yawn? Almost as much fun as watching the owl was watching all the poor birders down on the street in the rain, snow, hail, sleet and wind that's typical of March. A lot of Group Health Workers came by to check as well, one woman stopped to check on "her owl" The whole scene made a dull day much more bearable. ================= [Cliff Drake, Birder@Juno.com]

In late reports for Thursday [March 13th], a RHINOCEROS AUKLET was at Point Roberts, a PEREGRINE FALCON was at Tsawwassen and 16 SNOWY OWLS were at foot of 64th on Boundary Bay. [Robert Russell, Russell@racesmtp.afsc.noaa.gov]

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The two SNOWY OWLS and a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK remain at the South Jetty of the Columbia River. A SHORT-EARED OWL was there March 14. [OR RBA, Harry Nehls hnehls@teleport.com]

Sightings for Saturday March 15 At the foot of 64th Ave. were a SNOWY OWL, a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK and a NORTHERN SHRIKE. [RBA B.C., John Chandler chandler@uniserve.com]

On Saturday, March 15, 10 hardy souls from East Lake Washington Audubon braved the wet and cold for a field trip to the Skagit Valley and Samish Flats. We saw 52 species. Highlights included 1 Snowy Owl, 5 Rough-legged Hawks, Bald Eagles, a White-fronted Goose and 1 Trumpeter Swan with a large flock of Snow Geese; 1 Tundra Swan, Brant, Harlequin Ducks, 1 Peregrine Falcon. [Joyce Meyer MEYER2J@aol.com]

Snowy owl sightings from Lincoln County: 3-15: One adult male on Bagdad Rd southeast of Grand Coulee. [MarkJHoust@aol.com]

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Columbia Estuary Report - 3/16/97 The SNOWY OWLS are still at the SJCR. Anybody want to take a guess when they'll be leaving? The ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK is also still in the area. [Mike Patterson mpatters@orednet.org]

Sightings for Sunday March 16 A SNOWY OWL was at the foot of 72nd Ave. [RBA B.C., John Chandler chandler@uniserve.com]

Snowy owl sightings from Lincoln County: 3-18: Sixteen within a radius of one mile between Davenport and Reardan. This is from Jim Acton, who has been studying snowy's in this area for about 25 years now. He has the impression that in mid Marsh they often stage in this area before they move farther north. On 3-22 he couldn't find any in this area. [MarkJHoust@aol.com]

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Alan Grinnon, 323-3979. On the 21st, the SNOWY OWL on the church at 16th and Denny [in Capitol Hill in Seattle] was still there at about 4:30 and again at about 5:00. [WOS BirdBox transcribed by Lisa M. Smith subplot@juno.com]

Seattle's Snowy was at church today, Sat., Mar. 22nd at 11:00 a.m., just South of Group Health's center on 16th E. She seemed to be resting nicely despite the chain saw being used to prune the shrubbery! [Dan Victor, Seattle, WA dcv@scn.org]

Last Saturday[3/22] I saw a Snowy Owl on the Skagit flats. [Arlen Fletcher fletcher@paccar.com]

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The Seattle Capitol Hill Snowy was seen on the Denny (north) side of the Christian Science Church about noon on Tuesday[3/25] and again Wednesday[3/26]. It sits on the corner of the capitals topping the columns (mixed Ionic and Corinthian) below the roof edge. [Fran Wood fbwood@u.washington.edu]

03-26-97: Hi, this is Tom Aversa, 782-7342. Nothing too crazy or anything, just...I had 9 SNOWY OWLS today. Five were up on the Flats, the Samish Flats, a little bit south of where the river crosses Bayview-Edison. And there were also four on Stanwood across the slough from Idie Road there. You can see them from there. [WOS BirdBox transcribed by Lisa M. Smith subplot@juno.com]

Sightings for Friday March 28 One SNOWY OWL and a EURASIAN WIGEON were 1 km East of the foot of 64th on Boundary Bay. [John Chandler RBA Vancouver, BC. chandler@uniserve.com]

Pam Sanguinetti, biologist for Dungeness NWR, says that three Snowy Owls were still present on Dungeness Spit on Saturday, 3/29 (actually Graveyard Spit, the southern extension of Dungeness Spit, a closed part of the refuge). [Bob Boekelheide bboek@olympus.net]

There were 2-3 Snowys at Catala Spit on Saturday, March 29. One was seen in the morning from Westport looking across the harbor, two more were in the dunes in the afternoon. [Tom Schooley dunlin@mail.tss.net]

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Took a 2-hour drive through the flats today [3/30/97] looking for raptors and Snowy's. Not many of either, but it's blowing like crazy up here. We saw two Snowys on the Northwest side of the Samish dike, near where the road crosses over the river. None at the West 90. [Arlen Fletcher fletcher@paccar.com]

Saw two Snowy Owls in Stanwood [3/30/97] Sunday. [Jerry Eisner jeisner@ncia.com]

Sightings for Sunday March 30th, 3 SNOWY OWLS and 4 EURASIAN WIGEON were seen from the Boundary Bay dike between 64th and 72nd. [John Chandler chandler@uniserve.com, RBA Vancouver, BC.]

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Snowy owl sightings from Lincoln County: 4-1: Six together between Creston and Wilbur. Several days earlier there were 8. Through the winter 2 were regularly seen about 8 miles south of Wilbur, and another 2 about 6 miles west of Wilbur. [MarkJHoust@aol.com]

4-4-19: Adult male snowy owl three miles north of Creston, Lincoln Co. [Mark Houston, MarkJHoust@aol.com]

I saw the adult Snowy Owl in the southwest corner of the Colville Reservation on Saturday [April 5, 1997]. The location was T.31N, R.26E, S.25. [Paul Moorehead pjm@methow.com]

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April 6 - This is Stephen Mlodinow. Steve Pink, Jim Flynn and I went to the Samish Flats. Other highlights included, two Snowy Owls near the bridge over the Samish River near West Edison and a flock of 21 Tundra Swans. [WOS BirdBox Transcription, Transcribed by: Bob Norton, norton360@aol.com]

I saw a Snowy today[9 Apr 1997] in the field at Bow, WA where there have been several over the winter. Only one was seen, close to the west part of the dike. I could not see a tag on its right wing. [Jerry Eisner jeisner@ncia.com]

April 9th - Hi, this is Tom Aversa 782-7342. A trip to Ocean Shores... at Damon Point were 8 Horned Larks and 2 Lapland Longspurs and 4 Snowy Owls remaining there. [WOS BirdBox Transcription, Bob Norton, norton360@aol.com]

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