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Revised April 2, 2015

Tweeters was founded around the end of 1992 by Dan Victor of the Washington Ornithological Society and the Seattle Audubon Society, with three people sharing messages about bird sightings. From this informal beginning it has evolved into a forum for exchange of information, observation, and opinion on a broad range of bird-related topics, from trip reports to scientific queries to general chat. The University of Washington listprocessor was added in March of 1994 with the help of Steve Hallstrom, the listowner for the first year. Hal Opperman advises on Tweeters procedures and has acted as co-list administrator since 2000. In 2004 Tweeters began using the Mailman software.

Enrollment climbed over the years. By 2013, Tweeters had around 3,200 members, and the average number of postings exceeded 500 per month.

Anyone may subscribe to this free service. Anyone may also read the most recent Tweeters postings on the Web, even if they are not subscribed. Click on Latest Postings for information on how to do this.

Before subscribing, please read the Posting Guidelines to familiarize yourself with the function of the list.

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is the official host of the Tweeters list at the University of Washington. Please visit the Burke Museum Web site at www.burkemuseum.org for news of exhibits, events, lectures, news from the collections, research projects, and volunteer opportunities that might be of interest to you. From time to time the Museum may post to the list notices of events of particular relevance. The collaboration between Tweeters and the Burke helps fulfill the educational mission of both, uniting the Museum's strength as a regional resource for natural history with an interested, supportive public constituency.

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