The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (475 Riverside Drive, Room 566, New York, NY 10115 -- 212-870-2295) coordinates shareholder resolutions for the religious community. ICCR maintains a database of all social action shareholder resolutions filed.

One of the best summaries of shareholder resolutions is found in Chapters 6-17 of:

Kinder, Peter; Lydenberg,S.D.; Domini, A., The Social Investment Almanac - A Guide to Socially Responsible Investing, Henry Holt, 1992

Other sources of information include:

Miller, A.J., Socially Responsible Investing - How to Invest With Your Conscience, New York Institute of Finance, 1991

Hurst, J.W., The Legitimacy of the Business Corporation in the Law of the United States 1780-1970, University Press of Virginia, 1970

Kinder, Peter; Lydenberg,S.D.; Domini, A., Making Money While Being Socially Responsible - Investing for Good, HarperBusiness, 1993

Moore, G.D., The Christian's Guide to Wise Investing, Zondervan Books, 1994

The SEC has encouraged prospectus writers to order draft copies of its Plain English Handbook (1-800-732-0330).

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