Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold, Inc.

1997 Resolution

Whereas:  Since 1967, PT Freeport Indonesia Company (PT-FI), an
operating unit of Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold, Inc. (FCX)
has been operating on lands traditionally inhabited by indigenous
people, especially the Amungme and Komoro;

Whereas:  PT-FI currently discharges over 110,000 tons of
tailings per day into local Irian Jaya rivers and is considering
the expansion of milling operations to exceed 190,000 cubic tons
per day.  In 1995, prior to a settlement with PT-FI, the Overseas
Private Investment Corporation, a U.S. government agency which
provided political risk insurance to this operation stated that
the mine "created and continues to pose unreasonable or major
environmental, health, or safety hazards with respect to the
rivers that are being impacted by the tailings, the surrounding
terrestrial ecosystem and the local inhabitants";

Whereas:  PT-FI has attempted to ameliorate the social and
environmental damages by proposing the "One Percent Trust Fund
Offer" and the establishment of an Amungme Foundation.  But the
Amungme Tribal Council (LEMASA), an organization representing one
of the indigenous communities affected by PT-FI operations in
Irian Jaya, has issued a resolution "unconditionally and
absolutely" rejecting these two proposals; 

Whereas:  It is unclear to shareholders how much environmental
liability, cleanup responsibility, and remediation cost may exist
and no existing audit contains information on any actual
environmental liability. 

Resolved: That shareholders request the Board of Directors of
PT-FI to take steps to:

     1.   Postpone the expansion of milling operations until a
just, accepted, peaceful and permanent resolution of local
indigenous concerns can be reached in consensus-based process
with all stakeholders.

     2.   End company cooperation with the Indonesian military as
soon as legally possible so that PT-FI does not provide food,
transportation or shelter to Indonesian military personnel; and
urge Indonesian military to drastically reduce military presence
in and around PT-FI's Contract of Work area.

     3.   Publicly release in their full entirety the 1996 Labat
Anderson social audit, the March 1996 Dames and Moore
environmental audit, and all other environmental audits on the
Indonesian operations from the last five years.

     4.   Allow independent environmental monitoring of PT-FI
operations and local river and ecosystems by non-governmental

Submitted by

Seattle Mennonite Church
3120 N.E. 125th St.
Seattle, WA  98125

20 February 1997 

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