Name: Ackerley Group
Stock: AckerGp AK
Address: 1301 Fifth Ave, Suite 4000
City: Seattle
State: WA
Zip: 98104
Tel: 206-624-2888
Exchange: American
Founded / State of Incorporation: 1975 / Delaware
CEO: Barry Ackerley
Executive (Cash) Compensation '95/'94 % change: $700,016/$700,016 -- 0%
96FY Total Compensation: $712,234
What: Ackerly owns radio and TV stations, billboards, airport advertising and the Seattle Super Sonics basketball team
Annual Meeting Place: Seattle, WA
Annual Meeting Date: 1 May 1997
Deadline for Shareholder Resolutions: 30 Nov. 1996
Past Shareholder Resolutions? 94/95/96 NO
Other information:

AK Media/NW, a division of The Ackerley Group, leases billboard space to socially irresponsible Corporations. According to the Seattle P-I (8 July 1997), about 165 of AK Media's 1,100 billboards in King County contain ads for tobacco products. In a 7 July 1997 agreement with the King Co. (WA) Board of Health, AK Media/NW announced that they will stop accepting cigarette and other tobacco ads in King Co. after 1 January 1998.

For Seattle folks, The Stranger ran an article (with pictures) "When Billboads go Bad" (26 June 1997), by Wm. Steven Humphrey about the vandalizing of Seattle's billboards.

The Washington Free Press ran an excellent article on the negative impacts of advertising:

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