Name: Plum Creek Timber L.P. "WISE DISGUISE" FUNDER
Stock: PCL
Address: 999 Third Ave., Suite 2300
City: Seattle
State: WA
Zip: 98104-4096
Tel: 206-467-3600
Exchange: New York
Founded / State of Incorporation: 1989 / Delaware
CEO: Rick Holley
Executive (Cash) Compensation '95/'94 % change: $585,000 / $562,500 / 4%
Total Contribution: FY96 $874,640
What: Plum Creek produces timber products.
Deadline for Shareholder Resolutions: [NOTE: As a Limited Partnership, Plum Creek does not hold annual meetings for stockholders or allow shareholder resolutions to be filed.]
Other information:

According to Plum Creek, 40% of their 1996 timber harvest was exported.

Plum Creek Timber has funded "Wise Disguise" groups:

The Washington Free Press has run several excellent exposés on Plum Creek and other private timber companies:

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