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"Directly exposing corporate behavior and revealing their inequities and brutalities is very useful work. And it's not that hard to do. People can do it on a local level." - Jerry Mander, Common Ground, May 1997 p. 30


Corporation Research
Corpwatch has a Corporation Research Guide. Hit the Research link on the home page.

Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance and Accountability Issues. Edited by James McRitchie with examples of shareholder resolutions.

AFL-CIO Corporate Executive Pay Site.
AFL-CIO site allows you to compare your salary with a CEO at the Fortune 500.

WA Dept. of Ecology.
Information on Washington Dept. of Ecology's Enforcement Program - Only 1995.

Mark Latham's Corporate Monitoring
Information on how shareholders can establish corporate monitoring auditors by voting, similar to financial auditors.

Self-help guide to Shareholder Activism
Bart Naylor's excellent self-help guide to Shareholder Activism. "Your shareholder resolution can win and lead to reforms."

The Lands Council Railroads & Clearcuts Campaign Shareholder Activism

Q&A's on Shareholder Resolutions
Excellent Q&A's on shareholder resolutions and SEC process by R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co

Issues in HR - Nov/Dec Issue SHRM Issues Management Program.
Disclosure. Companies are under increasing pressure from small "watchdog" groups and institutional investors to publicly disclose the details and results. 21 Jul 96

CLEAR/Environmental Working Group Database on Corporations funding "Wise Disguise" groups and organizations.
Search for Corporate funders of anti-public lands/anti-land use planning groups.

Corporate Accountability Case Study.
Case study of increasing public control over corporations. The rise and fall of Naugacuck Valley Industry (east coast). 23 Nov 96

Public Information Network.
Provides research and information on Transnational Corporations.

Shareholder Information - Glossary of Financial Terms.
Glossary of Financial Terms. These definitions are intended to be a layman's guide only and you should not rely on them if in need of legal advice. 26 Feb 97

Citizens Trust.
Information on Citizens Trust which has a fund of 300 socially screened stocks.

Information on Socially Responsible Investing.

Information on Socially Responsible Investing.

Public Citizen.
Updates on corporations and international trade, GATT, NAFTA, WTO, etc.

Ending Corporate Governance Webpage.
Lots of references and links to Corporate Accountability groups and information.

Fixing Corporations Part I: Legacy of Founding Parents.
By Jane Anne Morris, Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly, #488, 4 April 1996. Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ]. 27 Feb 97

Multinational Monitor.
News - research on multinational Corporations.

"Taking Care of Business, The Corporate Crunch in Vermont", Multinational Monitor.
This is a local copy of a Multinational Monitor file 17 Nov 96

Review of "Taking Care of Business: Citizenship and the Charter of Incorporations".
by Richard L. Grossman and Frank T. Adams, 1993. Adapted for Earth Island Journal. 17 Nov 96

Richard Grossman.
The Workbook, Vol. 18, No. 3 Fall 1993 Review and Commentary by Richard L. Grossman. Justice For Sale: Shortchanging the Public Interest for Private Gain... 13 Feb 96

Richard Grossman, "Ending Corporate Governance", San Diego Review, 10/1/94.
Ending Corporate Governance. 1994 by Richard L. Grossman. Today, few places on Earth are free from corporate rule.. 17 Nov 96

Richard Grossman, Justice For Sale: Shortchanging the Public Interest for Private Gain.
The Workbook, Vol. 18, No. 3 Fall 1993. Review and Commentary. by Richard L. Grossman. Justice For Sale: Shortchanging... 17 Nov 96

Seven Steps to Doing Good Business.
11/93. Hawken, Paul; McDonough, W.. Devising a system of commerce and production in which each and every act is sustainable and restorative. 15 May 97

Right-To-Know On- Line.
OMB WATCH/Unison Institute: Working Group on Community Right-To-Know. On-line access to environmental databases on toxic pollution emissions.

Washington Free Press.
Puget Sound's Independent Journal of News, Ideas & Culture. Carries in-depth articles on Northwest Corporations. (Six times a year.)

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