The Evergreen State College

2001 - 2002
Part-Time Studies

The Digital City

Winter Quarter, 2001 Syllabus

Steve Haworth 360.867.5498 Wednesday, 4-5 pm and by appt.
Doug Schuler 206.634.0752
Wednesday, 4-5 pm and by appt.


Digital City distribution list: (mail will go to entire class)

Program Description: The Digital City is a two quarter half-time program (starting in fall, 2001 and extending through winter, 2002) designed for people who want to learn about the impacts of the digital revolution on our communications and on our communities. During the fall quarter we examined the changing organization and technology of mass communications, the meaning of a digital city, community networks and geographical information systems. Work began on team research projects.

In the winter quarter the program will continue to examine the digital communications revolution, the physical and political contexts within which that revolution takes place, and the grassroots alternative paradigms that can shape that revolution. The team research projects will be concluded this quarter.

Suggested equivalencies: Credit will be awarded in political science, computer science, telecommunications policy, and urban studies (all upper division)

Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate (

Each student is required to sign progam covenant.

Readings, writings, and seminar. There will be reading assignments every week. Each student is expected to read all of the assigned readings. These readings will prepare students for seminar, the group project, and other program activities.

Project - See project group expedition page (

Evaluations - each student is expected to write self and faculty evaluations each quarter.

Portfolio: Each person is expected to hold onto all notes, assignments, etc. from the quarter and turn them in at quarter's end in an Individual Portfolio.