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Stop Internet Censorship Rally

Remarks by Nick Licata, 911 Media Arts Center
December 14, 1995

We Don't Need a "Big Brother" Reading Our Mail

The Internet is the postal system of the '90's. Millions of people are sending personal electronic messages across it everyday. The most recent version of the telecommunications bill in Congress strips away our privacy. It is analogous to having postal clerks open our envelopes, read our letters and then fine us up to $100,000 if we used a bad word.

This legislation is not about stopping pornography, it's about extending more government control over our personal lives. If this bill goes through, faceless bureaucrats sitting behind oversized desks will be imposing their morals on the nation. They will determine what we should see, what we should read and what we should write. This is not the American Way.

We hope that thoughtful people will contact Senator Slade Gordon, who is supporting this legislation, and let him know what they think. Because others are calling him. For instance, the Christian Coalition has set up 800 numbers to have their supporters call Congress on this bill.

If this telecommunications legislation passes, the Internet in America as a low cost communications system will die because it will not be able to provide the same level of privacy as our current postal system. Its future as an open exchange of information and ideas among millions of citizens will be crippled and it will slowly move towards becoming another 24 hour electronic shopping mall. Our nation deserves better.