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The following videos are available from the HEP lending library:

HEP has recently updated our video library, and we now have a wide range of videos available for loan for a period of one month.

Fulminant Hepatic Failure/Hepatitis B & C - Robert Gish, MD (1996)
HCV Update - Robert Gish, MD (1996)
HCV Rally (May 2000)
Hepatitis: A Silent Killer (1996)
Hepatitis C: The Doctor Is In (2000)
HepCBC Provincial Roundtable (2 tapes) (1997)
I Have Hepatitis C
Invisible Threat (2000)
Kindness of Strangers (1997)
Knife to the heart:LiverTransplant (1997)
KOMO Community Closeup: Hepatitis C - R.Willson, R.Carrithers, D.Lang, S.Amber (1998)
Learning More about Hepatitis C - Treatments and Studies - Paula Cox, RN (2001)
Molecular Approaches to the Management of Chronic Hepatitis C - David Gretch, MD, PhD (1996)
Molecular Diagnostic Testing for Hepatitis C - David Gretch, MD, PhD (1996)
Nightline - TV News Sho (1998)
Report on HCV (1998)
Respect Yourself Protect Yourself: Teens talk to teens about wellness (English and Spanish) (1999)
Silent Stalker (1999)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (two on one tape) (2001)
USC Hepatitis Research Center, patient education program (1999)
USHA Rally (1999)

Videos are available on a first-come, first served basis. Please include your name, address, and a working phone number when ordering, as well as an alternate choice if possible.

Limit the request to one video at a time so that we may get the maximum use out of our library.

Mail your request postcard to:

Hepatitis Education Project
4603 Aurora Ave North
Seattle WA 98103

or by calling our Hepatitis Resource Center at:
206-732-0311 OR 1-800-218-6932;
or by sending an email to HEP@scn.org

Any donations to help cover our postage costs should be sent to:
Hepatitis Education Project
4603 Aurora Ave North
Seattle, WA 98103

Thanks and enjoy.
Best regards,
Hepatitis Education Project

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