Access to SCN

Access via King County Library System

In library branches:
All branches provide public computers with Internet Explorer, Word, Excel and other MS Office programs. If you don't have a library card, ask at the front desk for a temporary login number. The time limit is usually one hour per day. Each computer has a floppy disk drive and a USB connector. You can download files to your floppy disk or portable USB flash drive. When checking for new e-mail with SCN's Webmail, please use the Mail2Web link near the top of the Webmail page. KCLS's system can cause SCN's own Webmail program to display a security warning message and exit your e-mail session.

Computer use:
Computers and Internet
Wireless Internet Access

With the public computers, you can't connect to your SCN account with telnet or SSH. You can't copy saved text from a floppy or USB drive into a Web form. You can't use sites that work with Java applets. You can't upload your saved files to your community group's Information Provider account by FTP, SFTP, SCP or any other means we know about. Basically, you cannot publish anything on SCN by using the public computers.

But you can bring your own laptop to the library and use it to do that. Free wi-fi Internet access is available at all branches. Ordinarily all Internet access, including wi-fi access, is filtered in accordance with the federal Children's Internet Protection Act. The library states that this access works with most e-mail. From the menu, you can also choose more heavily filtered access for younger children, which excludes e-mail. If you are over 17, you can request regular Internet access by speaking with a librarian.

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