Access to SCN

Access via North Olympic Library System

When you connect to NOLS through its dialup modem lines, Seattle Community Network is one of the choices on the menu.
Modem lines:
Port Angeles and Sequim:
(360) 457-1373
Forks and Clallam Bay:
(360) 374-4041

The NOLS gateway does not transmit all ASCII control characters. To transfer non-text files, you'll need to encode the files as text. Examples of non-text files are spreadsheet files, graphics files and most word processor files. One way to transfer these files successfully is with the Kermit file transfer protocol, using its text mode.

Control-character transmission to SCN through NOLS gateway:

   Control-]   telnet session escape (kills connection)
   All others pass through unaffected
For more information, see File Transfer through Library Gateways.

Updated March 25, 2001 -