Access to SCN

Access via Pierce County Library

In Library branches
At least five branches now have public Internet computers. For the latest information, see the PCL Web site.

Modem lines:
Tacoma: (253) 536-6195
Buckley and Wilson: (360) 829-6492
Eatonville: (360) 832-8943

The PCL gateway does not transmit certain control characters. To transfer non-text files, such as spreadsheet files, graphics files and most word processor files, you must encode the files using printable text characters. The Kermit file transfer protocol does this automatically in its "text" mode. Kermit is built into many common communications programs and is easy to use.

Control-character transmission to SCN through PCL gateway:

   Control-Q   restarts transmission of data (XON)
   Control-S   suspends transmission of data (XOFF)
   Control-W   not transmitted
   Control-^   not transmitted
   Control-]   translated to ]
For more information, see Using Public Access Gateways.

Updated March 25, 2001 -