SCN FAQ: User Registration


Why do I want to be a registered user?

Everybody can use SCN, but if you want to receive electronic mail (e-mail) and set up a personal webpage you'll need to have your own SCN account, so that you can log on to the system with your own user ID. Registering for a user ID also gives you limited file storage space on our system. If you don't register you are always welcome to use the Network as "visitor" and read all the information available.

Can I sign up to become a registered user right now?

You can request a registration packet online as a visitor to SCN. Please read the Policy Statement, Disclaimer and Code of Etiquette, and return the signed user agreement. If you can't login as "visitor," call SCN's voice mail number at (206) 365-4528 and leave your name and address to request a registration packet.

How long does this take? When can I use my e-mail account?

Maybe a few weeks. To check the status of your registration, if it has taken more than 2 weeks, you can send e-mail to, or you can call the voice mail volunteers at (206) 365-4528. You can send and receive e-mail as soon as you become a registered user.

Will SCN release my name and address to any other organization?

No. It is against the policy of the Seattle Community Network to release the registered user list, or any non-public information about individual users, to any other person or organization.

All users who do not request an anonymous user ID can be found by name in the Directory of SCN Users, which provides some limited, publicly accessible information.

Updated April 12th, 2003 -