How to Publish Your Information on SCN

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Becoming an Information Provider

Community organizations and individuals in the Puget Sound area, or whose information is of interest to Seattle residents, can become SCN Information Providers.

You'll need an account on the SCN server, so that you can maintain your files. It's better to have an account in the name of the organization, rather than using someone's personal account. If you don't yet have an account, SCN will issue you one as part of your Information Provider setup.

When you have your information in files on your computer, and are ready to build a Web site, please fill out the Information Provider Sign-Up Form. If you aren't going to be ready to make a Web site for a few months yet, please fill out the form at that time, when you're ready to bring everything together and begin.

After you submit the online form, you'll see the Information Provider Agreement displayed on your browser screen. Please print out the IP Agreement and mail it in. If you can't print out a copy of the IP Agreement, please contact and ask where you can pick one up.

We'll set up your Web directory and your SCN account based on the information on the online form, so that you can get started with your site, but we do need a paper signature on the IP Agreement, so please mail it in as soon as possible.

If you're completely new to this and don't know where to start, ask the Information Provider coordinators. For help with specific questions about Web pages, please send e-mail to


Updated April 12th, 2003 -