Domain Names

Domain names can be administered with third party registrars such as those affiliated with

Several sites offer reviews of domain name registrars. See for example Epinions: Domain Registrars. Compare the fine print. Terms and conditions vary.

SCN can host your Web site, but doesn't yet offer domain name hosting. For now, to equate your domain name with your SCN site, you could use a domain forwarding service.

See for example ZoneEdit, which offers both free and commercial services, or one of the many similar commercial services such as or or, and others. There are a number of these services, whose terms and conditions vary. Some domain name registrars also provide domain forwarding.

To actually begin forwarding your domain name to your SCN site, after you have defined the forwarding destination at ZoneEdit or a similar service, you would then go to your domain name registrar and set the DNS records there to use ZoneEdit's (or a similar service) DNS servers.

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