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Seattle Community Network
Information Provider Agreement

Seattle Community Network (SCN) is a volunteer-run project whose primary intent is to provide free and public access to on-line services and information. In service of this goal, Information Providers (IPs) take on certain responsibilities.

Information Providers take on these responsibilities

As a volunteer-run organization, we recognize that there must be enough flexibility in updates to account for the other time constraints placed upon IPs; we merely ask that every IP make a reasonable effort to keep online materials an accurate representation of your organization. If your site is out of date by more than a year, SCN may remove its listing(s) from our menus, and remove your site from public view on our server and archive your files. To revive them, please simply get in touch with us again.

In extreme cases, a committee of the Seattle Community Network Association board has the responsibility and authorization to remove any persons or organizations as SCN Information Providers whose activities violate this agreement.

I have read and understood the above statement. I understand that failure to act in good faith with this statement can result in suspension or loss of Information Provider privileges within SCN.

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