SCN Information Provider Sign-Up Form

Note that does not at this time offer domain name hosting.

User Account

We need to have a contact person for each Information Provider. That contact person will need to have an account on the SCN computer system. If you don't yet have an account, we'll issue you one after you fill out the form on this page.

In addition to answering the questions below, please fill out the Information Provider Agreement. Please print it out, sign it and mail it to the SCN post office box mailing address listed on it. If you can't print it out and need a paper copy, you can request one from

Sign-Up Questions

Please answer the questions below and include them in an email addressed to with the subject line "New IP".

  1. Organization name.

  2. Contact name.

  3. Phone number.

  4. Mailing address.

  5. If you have a SCN user ID what is it?

  6. Request a new SCN user ID for your group, 2-8 digits, all lowercase, start with a letter.

  7. Your e-mail address.

  8. Secondary (backup person) contact name.

  9. Secondary (backup person) e-mail address.

  10. Your SCN Mentor's name if you have one, or want to request someone.

  11. If you haven't made a Web page before do you need a Mentor?

  12. Do you need a mailing list?

  13. Please state a topic area where we should place your main listing: Activism, Arts, Civic, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Employment, Media, Neighborhoods, People, Politics, Recreation, Sci-Tech, Social Services, Spirituality, Transportation, Volunteers.

  14. If you would like listings in more than one topic area, please specify the additional areas.

  15. Please select a name for the part of your Web address that identifies your organization. It should be all one word, all lowercase, contain no special characters, and be easy for the public to remember. Example: abc. This gives a Web Address like:

  16. Do you know HTML?

  17. Do you know UNIX?

  18. Give a brief description of your group and the information you will be providing via SCN's Web site. If you have special requirements please state them. Personal information included on this form is confidential. General information about your group and its Web project may be shared with SCN's volunteers.