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Requesting a Mailing List

Setting Up a Mailing List on SCN

Setting Up a Mailing List on SCN
Mailing lists can be a quick, effective and direct way to communicate among people. Unlike with local newsgroups, the messages go straight to the participants' mailboxes, and the system notifies them when new mail arrives.

SCN now hosts over 100 lists. About three quarters of them are maintained by Information Providers. The rest are SCN Association lists for discussions about SCN.

First, please talk with the Information Provider Coordinators at or the MajorDomo Coordinator to see whether SCN's mailing list services match what you hope to do.

Then, to request a new mailing list, click on the Major Cool link above. Pick Create on the Major Cool page, and fill out the information on the form there. You can choose a moderated or unmoderated list, and whether to let people freely subscribe to it. SCN's mailing list administrator will see the request, and will contact you about it, probably within a few days, to discuss setting up the list.

Before you pick a name for the list, please log on to SCN by dialup or telnet, and type your proposed list name at the search prompt in the Directory of SCN Users. From the main login screen, follow:

There's even a SCN mailing list about mailing lists. It's called, If you have questions of general interest about how to manage a mailing list, you can join that list and participate in the discussions there.

For more detailed technical information about setting up a mailing list, please ask

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