Page Design Considerations


E-mail Link

You must include an e-mail address on your page, so that people don't have to send e-mail to SCN admin addresses about your organization.

File Space

As an Information Provider, you can use up to 10 megabytes of file space in your Web directory under /web, in addition to 5 megabytes of non-Web file space in your /home directory for e-mail and other files.

Forms Processing

SCN's form processing script can e-mail you the data that people enter on an HTML form. Here's How to Use the Form Mailer.

You can also call CGI programs running on other servers from a form on your SCN page, to provide CGI services not offered here on SCN. For example:

<form method="POST" action="">.

If your CGI program redirects the user back to an SCN page, the user won't necessarily be aware that the CGI program is running on an unrelated server.


Please make sure that everything on your imagemaps is also navigable through text links. If possible, include client-side imagemaps. SCN's server uses the CERN imagemap format.

Navigation Links to SCN

Please acknowledge to visitors that your website is hosted on SCN by including a link at the bottom of your home page to the SCN Home Page or to the SCN webpage on which your page is listed. Perhaps like one of these:

<a href="">Seattle Community Network</a>
<a href="">SCN Community Activism Directory</a>

You may also use one of the SCN Logo Stamps to link to SCN.

Server Side Includes

Executable server-side includes are not available on our server.

Text-Only Usability

Please design your pages so that text-only users can easily read and navigate them. Thousands of our users use the Lynx Browser. For example, include the alt="description" tag text with any graphics that people might like to download and view.

See the Lynx Emulator if you don't currently have access to Lynx.

You can add all the optional extra goodies you like, but please make your core information accessible to everyone.

Web Design Help

Please see the SCN Web Design Reference webpage for tutorials and tools.

Updated June 8th, 2003 -