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Saturday, September 6, 2014

University House at Wallingford 4400 Stone Way North

10:30am - Coffee & Greetings
10:45am - Business Meeting

Protect Yourself and Your Money from $chemes and $cams

Guest Speaker:
Jean Mathisen,
Program Director,
AARP Fraud Fighters Call Center

Each year Americans lose more than $40 billion to telephone, mail and internet fraud. The con artists are clever and creative in the variety of scams they use to trick us into giving them what they want. Unfortunately for many, financial abuse can be more than just “stranger danger.” Culprits can include family members or trusted confidantes. Be Informed and keep safe. Protect yourself and your future.

Need Information or a ride? Call Helen at (206) 789-1840
for details and directions.
(Parking available under University House 44th Street entrance)

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