Community Networks and Related Topics

(Technology, Media, Democracy, Society)

Conference and Workshop Presentations

Doug Schuler
Computers and Society
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, Washington 98505 USA

This page contains links to presentations and to other related information. Please feel free to use any of this material (with proper citation) for non-commercial purposes. I hope it's useful to you in some way. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions on these presentations.

"Computing for Citizens" Short course (five lectures) for PhD students, University of Milano, Milano, Italy, February 12 - 16, 2007

II Meeting for Digital Emancipation, Liberating Voices Pattern Language Skype presentation. São Paulo, Brazil, December 14, 2006

Trip report. Cidade do Conhecimento / City of Knowledge Trip Report São Paulo, Brazil, December 14 - December 18, 2005.

New Civic Tools, June 2005

Two presentations, Working in the Small; Striving Towards the Global and Deliberation in Context, both during Online Deliberation 2005 / DIAC 2005 Conference, Stanford University, May 21-22, 2005

Community Networks and the Evolution of Civic Intelligence University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, April 8, 2005

Civic Intelligence Might Help Seattle University, November 18, 2004.

The Co-Evolution of Civic Intelligence and Community Networks Penn State, School of Information Sciences and Technology, September 17, 2004.

Smart Enough Soon Enough? Understanding and Enhancing Society's Civic Intelligence symposium, sponsored by Center for Communication and Civic Engagement, May 25, 2004. (Also Nederlands Instituut voor Wetenschappelijke Informatiediensten (NIWI) Amsterdam, September 6, 2004)

Civic Intelligence = Community + Civic Networking Community Network Analysis, Brighton, UK, March 30, 2004.

Interim Report on a Pragmatic "Utopian" Enterprise (Pattern Language project) May 19, 2003; Göteburg, Sweden and June 7, 2003; San Francisco, California.

Teaching and Learning with Technology, April 9, 2003, St. Martin's College

A Pattern Language for Living Communication: Deepening Participation (MS Word document) workshop at PDC '02, Malmo, Sweden, June 24, 2002.

A Pattern Language for Living Communication: A Global Participatory Project (MS Word document) Presentation at PDC '02, Malmo, Sweden, June 25, 2002.

Two presentations at "Shaping the Network Society: Patterns for Participation, Action, and Change" (DIAC-02) (Civic Intelligence and Pattern Language). May, 2002. Links not added yet... Sorry!

Seattle Community Network: A Digital City for the People From Bit, a Japanese Computer Magazine, April, 2001.

Civic Intelligence: Building a New Paradigm for Our Work, Second Global Congress of Citizens Network, Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 5 - 7 2001.

Digital Citizens in Digital Cities, abstract, The Second Kyoto Meeting on Digital Cities, Kyoto, Japan, Digital Citizens and Digital Cities (my presentation) October 18 - 20, 2001. My paper, Digital Cities and Digital Cities will be in an upcoming Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science. A brief write-up of the event by Gilson Schwartz of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Some Options for the Internet, Presentation to Connected Leaders, women in NGO leadership positions in Siberia. (slides)

Building a Civic Intelligence, Cape Town, South Africa, November 3, 2000. (slides, full paper or pdf from Information, Communication, and Society journal)

Introduction to Community Networks and Public Interest Computing UW Extension class, Seattle, Pat Radin presiding, November 16, 1999. (slides)

The WWW of The Internet: Whose? Why? Whither? Vancouver Community Network Annual General Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, November 2, 1999. (slides)

Community Networking in Japan and the US: Similarities, Differences, and Opportunities. Live two-way video "mini conference" with GLOCOM (Tokyo, Japan; June 3, 1999) and Community, Communications, and Computers program (The Evergreen State College; Olympia, Washington, US; June 2, 1999). (transcript)

Computer Supported Community Work: Exploring Another Side of CSCW seminar; Ishida Laboratory, Kyoto University; Kyoto, Japan; June 4, 1999. (abstract)

Any Benefit to Society? Evaluation of Community Networks; Panel at ASIS Mid-Year Conference; Los Angeles, California; May 25, 1999. (abstract)

Several presentations at US -- Russian Civic Networking Workshop; Knoxville, Tennessee; December 15, 1998. (slides)

Community Networking Conference; Austin, Texas; December 14, 1998. (slides)

Computer Support for Community Work; all-day tutorial at CSCW 98, Seattle, Washington. December, 1998. (announcement)

The Community Design of Community Networks; all-day workshop at CSCW 98; Seattle, Washington; December, 1998. ( announcement, papers)

Several community network presentations; Spring-Branch School District community network lecture series, Houston, Texas; November 17, 1998. (slides)

Participatory design of new communication systems; Community networks and next generation systems. Presentations at ECN '98, the second European Conference on Community Networks, Barcelona, Spain; July, 1998. (trip report, slides)

Global Communication And Community Networks -- How Do We Institutionalise Democracy In The Electronic Age?" Paper delivered at ITS '98; Stockholm, Sweden. (paper)

Community Networks presentation; University of Umea; Umea, Sweden; June, 1998.

Democratizing Cyberspace; SAIA (a department of the Dutch Computer Society) and the department of Social Science Informatics (University of Amsterdam); Utrecht, The Netherlands; June, 1998.

Appearence on "Everybody's Internet" public access television show hosted by Tom Thornton and Coralee Whitcomb; Boston, Massachusetts; May, 1998.

Democracy and the Internet: Reports of their Close Relationship Appear to have been Exaggerated; Democracy and Digital Media Conference; MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts. May, 1998. (abstract)

Computing is More than Algorithms; Presentation at NCIIA Conference; Washington, DC; 1998.

Community Networks; presentation at First Baptist Church; Seattle, Washington. 1998.

Pacific Telecommunications Conference; Honolulu, Hawaii; January, 1998.

Community Case Studies. Camden Conference on Telecommunications: Reshaping American Communities, Camden, Maine. October 25, 1997. (short article)

The Internet and Communities: Real and Virtual. Moderated panel at ASIS Pacific Northwest, Fall Meeting; Seattle, Washington; September 19, 1997.

Telecommunities Canada; Halifax, Newfoundland, Canada; 1997.

Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference; Bellevue, Washington; 1997.

European Community Networking Conference; Milan, Italy; 1997. (paper)

Community Networks Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; Paper presented at INET '96 (presented by Andrew Clement); Montreal, Canada; June 27, 1996. (paper, interview)

Presentation at The Machine in the Garden symposium; Edmonds Community College; Edmonds, Washington; 1997.

Community Computer Networks: An Opportunity for Collaboration Among Democratic Technology Practitioners and Researchers Technology and Democracy Conference; Oslo, Norway; January, 1997. (paper)

Teledemocracy: If It's So Great Than Why is Everybody So Worried? Computer, Freedom and Privacy (CFP '97) San Francisco, California. March, 1997.

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory "Education and Deliberative Dialogue"; Austin, Texas; 1996.

Telecommunities Canada; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 1996.

University of Chicago Computer Science; Chicago, Illinois; 1996.

Community Networks and Policy; panel discussion at Community Networking Conference; Taos, New Mexico; 1996.

AT&T Research; Murray Hill, New Jersey; 1996.

Presentations on community networks; Asian Communications: The Next 25 Years. Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre conference, National University of Singapore, National Library of Singapore, and National Computer Board (Singapore); Singapore, 1996.

Networld+Interop Conference; Las Vegas, Nevada; 1996.

The Future of the Library. Institute for the Future. November 4, 1995.

Community Networking and Teledemocracy, Society and the Future of Computing Conference; Durango, Colorado; June 14, 1995.

Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, October 20, 1994.

Developing Community Networks: Promise and Pitfalls. Co-convened with Aki Namioka. Organizing for Access: A National Forum on Computer Networking, Community Action, and Democracy. CPSR Annual Meeting, October 9, 1994. (workshop notes)

The Struggle to Save Community Can Create Community. Computers for Social Change Conference. New York, June 11, 1994. (speech)

Writers on the Information Superhighway; National Writers Guild; Seattle, Washington. June, 1994,

Miscellaneous Other Slides