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..Appendix C. - Community Networks.....

This appendix contains a list of community networks in the United States and around the world. It is not comprehensive, so don't assume that a system doesn't exist just because it's not listed here. I have not listed organizing efforts; it is quite likely that an organizing effort is going on in your community even if there is no community network listed below. If you're interested in starting a community network or working on an existing effort, I suggest that you contact National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN, listed in Appendix A) to see if there is an organizing committee in place. You may also want to check with your local library or the computer science department of a local university. Sending a note to the Communet Listserve or to various community network Web sites (see Appendix B) may also be a reasonable approach if you can't locate any project through other sources.

Although I have tried to make these listings as accurate as possible, there are bound to be some errors. Please feel free to send updates or corrections to me, as I will make an effort to keep the New Community Network Web site current. If community networks continue to grow as fast as they have been in recent years, maintaining the site could be a full-time job. For that reason I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in the site.

There are a great many types of systems listed below. Some charge a small fee for usage. Most do not. Many of the systems listed below are NPTN affiliates (and I thank NPTN for providing the information). A few systems listed are NPTN educational affiliates and are therefore not community networks in a strict sense, but the contact names that are listed here will likely be quite useful. The chances are good that the projects need volunteers, but since this will vary from project-to-project, your best approach is to contact the project you're interested in for further information on the next meeting.

Finally, please note that the projects listed here don't necessarily subscribe to the guidelines, philosophy, or motivation that I've presented in this book. Nor do I necessarily subscribe to theirs. Each system is listed geographically. U.S. community networks are listed by states and Canadian systems are listed by provinces.


ALABAMA Mobile Area Free-Net, Inc. - SW Alabama Geoff Peacock 334-405-4600 P.O. Box 40894 Mobile, AL 36640-0894 Login: visitor Password: visitor Modem: 334-405-4636 Telnet: WWW: ARIZONA AzTeC Computing - Tempe Joseph A. Askins 602-965-5985 Login: guest Password: visitor Modem: 602-965-4151 Telnet: CALIFORNIA Access Sacramento - Sacramento county only Wes Doak 916-456-8600, Ext. 132 fax 916-451-9601 telefax (w) or (h) 4623 T St., Suite A, Sacramento, CA 96819-4743 Login: "Guest" login optional Gopher: N/A (Several G-sites and FTP sites under construction for larger community-based datafiles) WWW: (Will be linked to multicounty area network entitled "Net at Two Rivers" when that network comes online sometime in the next few months.) CORE - Seal Beach Keith Vogt 1-800-272-8743 Telnet: Davis Community Network - Davis, CA and Yolo county 916-750-0101 P.O. Box 1563 Davis, CA 96517 Modem: guests please use Web URL WWW: (Davis Community Network has a basic membership fee of $15/month for 50 hours of modem access per month and 2mb of disk storage.) Los Angeles Free-Net - Los Angeles Phil Mittelman 310-476-4307 257 S. Barrington Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90049 Login: See menu Password: See menu Modem: 818-776-5000 Telnet: WWW: PetalumaNet Bill Hammerman Volunteer Cybernaut WWW: Public Electronic Network (PEN) - Santa Monica residents only Keith A. Kurtz, PEN Project Manager 310-458-8383 fax 310-395-2343 Modem: 310-458-8989 Telnet: WWW: The City of Santa Monica, 1685 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90401 Redwood Free-Net - Mendocino county Pat Hunt 707-463-4154 105 N. Main St. Ukiah, CA 95482 Login: Blank login will bring up registration screen Password: your choice Modem: 707-463-6527 SLONET Regional Information Network - San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara counties in California Mark Porczak P.O. Box 15818, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 Login: sloguest Modem: 805-781-3666 Telnet: WWW: slonet.html,, - Napa, Solano, Contra Costa counties, Northern California 707-422-1034 AIS Community Network 1955 W. Texas #7-299 Fairfield, CA 94533 Login: guest Password: guest Modem: 707-422-1250, 707-258-3300, 415-372-4280 Telnet: WWW: Tahoe-Truckee Community Network - Lake Tahoe Basin / Truckee (CA, Nevada) 916-587-1128 Box 10150 Truckee, CA 96162 Login: Create your own Password: Create your own Modem: 916-546-4003 COLORADO Boulder Community Network - Boulder county Catherine Weldon 303-492-8176 3645 Marine St. Campus Box 455- University of Colorado, Boulder Boulder CO 80309-0455 Login: bcn (need Internet access to reach us unless caller is a local human-service provider) Telnet: WWW: Denver Free-Net - Denver Drew Mirque 303-270-4300 Login: guest Modem: 303-270-4865 Telnet: InfoZone - regional community (5000 sq. mi. local calling area) around Telluride Richard Lowenberg 970-728-6960 fax 970-728-4638 Login: WinGuest or MacGuest Modem: 970-728-5553 Telnet: (InfoZone CommunityNet) WWW: Telluride Institute, InfoZone, Box 1770 Telluride, CO 81435 Southwest Colorado Access Network - 6500 sq. miles of SW Colorado Bill Ball 970-749-2495 P.O. Box 5371, Durango, CO 81301 Modem: 970-259-9350 Telnet: WWW: CONNECTICUT Bridgeport On-Line - Bridgeport, CT Gary Koos 203-366-3921 fax: 203-366-3921 Login: Sign-up on-line Modem: 203-367-4013 P.O. Box 3710 Bridgeport, CT 06605 FLORIDA Alachua Free-Net - Gainesville Bruce Brashear 904-372-8401 Login: visitor Modem: 904-334-0200 Telnet: SEFLIN Free-Net - Broward county Elizabeth Curry 305-357-7318 Login: visitor Modem: 305-765-4332 Telnet: Suncoast Free-Net - Florida Central West Coast area (Tampa/St. Petersburg) 813-273-3711 Suncoast Free-Net 900 N. Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL 33602 Login: visitor Modem: 813-273-3755 or 813-298-1653 Telnet: Suncoast Free-Net - Tampa Marilyn Mulla 813-273-3714 Visitor login: visitor Modem: 813-273-3755 Telnet: Tallahassee Free-Net - Leon county 904-487-2665 Tallahassee Free-Net 200 W. Park Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32301 Login: visitor (lowercase) Modem: 904-488-5056 Telnet: WWW: GEORGIA Worth County-Sylvester, GA Free-Net - Lee, Dougherty, and Worth counties Kent Guske 912-776-8600 P.O. Box 768, Sylvester, GA 31791 Login: Guest Modem: 912-776-1255 WWW: IDAHO Panhandle Free-Net - Idaho Panhandle (covering region north of Coeur d'Alene, ID, to Canadian border, east to Montana, west to WA) James Murray Melody Martz 208-263-5400 c/o Panhandle Free-Net 201 N. 4th Suite 101, Sandpoint, ID 83864 Login: auto-register Modem: 208-263-6336 ILLINOIS DecaturNet - Decatur and Macon County, Illinois P.O. Box 2375 Decatur, Illinois 62524-2375 Help Desk 217-362-6364 Modem Dial-up: Provided on request to not-for-profif organizations who become members of DecaturNet Email: Telnet: N/A URL: Contact: Valerie C. Bock, Prairienet - Urbana and East-Central Illinois 217-244-1962 c/o GSLIS 501 E. Daniel St. Champaign, IL 61820 Login: visitor Gopher: Modem: 217-255-9000 Telnet: WWW: INDIANA HoosierNet - Bloomington 812-349-4638 303 E. Kirkwood, Bloomington, IN 47402 Modem: (812) 349-3282 WWW: LOUISIANA BRAIN-Baton Rouge Area Interactive Network, Inc. - Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes Ann McMahon 504-346-0707 1646 Belmont Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Greater New Orleans Free-Net - Nine-parish metro New Orleans 504-539-9242 1600 Canal St. 527 New Orleans, LA 70112 Login: visitor Modem: (504) 529-5576 Telnet: WWW: MASSACHUSETTS UMASSK12 - Amherst, Massachusetts Morton Sternheim 413-545-1908 Login: guest Modem: 413-572-5583 or 413-572-5268 Telnet: Flowering Cities - Lowell: A Flowering City David Landrigan Community Lab Mahoney Hall University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA 01854 voice: 978-934-3958 fax: 978-934-3074 WWW: MICHIGAN Almont Expression - Almont George Pratt 810-798-8150 Login: Visitor Password: Visitor Modem: 810-798-8290 Education Central - Mount Pleasant Hal Crawley 517-774-3975 Login: visitor Modem: 517-774-3790 Telnet: Genesee Free-Net - Flint and Genesee counties Mike Mosher 810-232-3667 P.O. Box 3605, Flint, MI 48502-3605 Login: guest Gopher: Modem: (810) 232-9905 Telnet: WWW: Greater Detroit Free-Net - Detroit Paul Raine 810-574-8549 Login: visitor Telnet: Great Lakes Free-Net - Battle Creek Merritt W. Tumanis 616-961-4166 Login: visitor Modem: 616-969-4536 Telnet: Lake Orion Community Information Network (LOCIN) - Lake Orion, Michigan Judi Rudisill 248-693-3000 825 Joslyn Road Lake Orion, MI 48362 Login: Password: Modem: Telnet: WWW: Macatawa Area Free-Net - Holland/Zeeland 616-355-1770 Jipping@Macatawa.Org Macatawa Area Coordinating Council 400 136th Ave., Suite 416 Holland, MI 49424 Modem: 616-355-1083 WWW: Walden III - Dickinson county Tim Sipes 906-774-6081 424 S. Stephenson Ave. Iron Mountain, MI 49801 WWW: MINNESOTA The River Project - Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding suburbs 612-331-8575 125 SE Main St., Minneapolis, MN 55414 Login: Need an account WWW: Twin Cities Free-Net - Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro area 612-305-0847 511 11th Avenue South, Suite 266, Minneapolis, MN 55415 Login: guest Password: guest Modem: 612-305-0995 Telnet: WWW: MISSOURI COIN - The Columbia Online Information Network - Boone, Callaway, Howard 314-642-2398; 816-248-1670; 314-386-2646; 314-499-9474 P.O. Box 1267, Columbia, MO 65205-1267 Login: guest Gopher: Modem: (314) 884-7000 Telnet: WWW: Ozarks Regional Information Online Network (ORION) - Southwest Missouri 417-837-5050, Ext. 15 P.O. Box 760, Springfield, MO 65801 Login: guest Gopher: gopher:// (not currently being updated) Modem: (417) 864-6100 Telnet: telnet:// WWW: Show-Me Net - Southeast Missouri Larry Loos 314-243-8141 c/o Riverside Regional Library, 204 S. Union, Jackson, MO 63755 Login: Web Access Modem: Not available yet Note: May not be operational. MONTANA Big Sky Telegraph - Dillon Frank Odasz 406-683-7338 Visitor login: bbs Modem: 406-683-7680 Telnet: NEW MEXICO La Plaza Telecommunity - Taos Patrick Finn 505-758-1836 fax 505-751-1812 (May change) Login: None available Modem: 505-758-2345 Gopher: gopher:// Telnet: WWW: La Plaza Telecommunity Foundation 224 Cruz Alta Taos, NM 87571 Santa Fe Free-Net - Santa Fe Valentine Riddell (505) 466-4552 HC75 Box 141, Galisteo NM 87540 NEW YORK Buffalo Free-Net - Eight counties of Western New York (Allegheny, Erie, Cattauragus, Chautauqua, Genessee, Niagara, Orleans, and Wyoming) Dr. Neil Yerkey/Jim Gerland 716-645-3069 The Buffalo Free-Net Project-State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Information and Library Studies, 381 Baldy Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260 Login: freeport (to apply for an account) Gopher: (May not be operational) Modem: 716-645-3085 Telnet: WWW: Capital Region Information Service of New York (CRISNY) - Capital region in Upstate New York Norman D. Kurland 518-442-3728 WWW: Rochester Free-Net, Inc. - Rochester, New York, and the Finger Lakes area Jerry Seward 716-594-5414 (The 716 area is probably obsolete. Try: 585-594-5414) 5 Spicewood Lane, Rochester, New York 14624-3717 WWW: NORTH CAROLINA Charlotte's Web - Charlotte and vicinity Steve Snow 704-336-8533 c/o Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County 310 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28202 Login: webguest Modem: 704-336-8013 gopher: Telnet: WWW: RTP net - (previously known as Triangle Free-Net) Research Triangle Park area including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary Judy Hallman 919-962-5277 Office of Information Technology 310A Wilson Library, UNC-CH Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3460 Login: freenet Password:None Telnet: WWW: NORTH DAKOTA SENDIT - Fargo Gleason Sackman 701-237-8109 Login: bbs Password: sendit2me Modem: 701-237-3283 Telnet: OHIO Akron Regional Free-Net - Summit, Portage counties 216-643-9145 c/o Akron-Summit County Public Library 55 S. Main St. Akron, OH 44326-0001 Login: hit enter until password request appears Password: visitor Modem: 216/434-ARFN Telnet: Cleveland Free-Net - Cleveland Jeff Gumpf 216-368-2982 Visitor login: Select #2 at first menu Modem: 216-368-3888 Telnet: Dayton Free-Net - Dayton Patricia Vendt 513-873-4035 Login: visitor Modem: 513-229-4373 Telnet: Greater Columbus Free-Net - Franklin and surrounding counties of Ohio Steve Gordon 614-292-4132 1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212 Login: Only dial-in guest logins allowed - login as guest Gopher: gopher.freenet.columbus. Modem: 613-292-7501 Telnet: No guest telnets allowed WWW: Learning Village Cleveland - Cleveland John Kurilec 216-498-4050 Login: visitor Modem: 216-498-4070 Telnet: Lorain County Free-Net - Elyria Thom Gould 1-800-227-7113, Ext. 2451 or 216-277-2451 Login: guest Modem: 216-366-9721 Telnet: Medina County Free-Net - Medina Gary Linden 216-725-1000, Ext 2550 Login: visitor Modem: 216-723-6732 Richland Free-Net - Mansfield Ed Rebmann 419-521-3112 Login: visitor Modem: 419-526-0144 SEORF - Athens Damien O. Bawn 614-662-3211 Login: guest Telnet: TriState Online - SW Ohio, N Kentucky, SE Indiana P.O. Box 54067, Cincinnati, OH 45254-0067 Login: visitor Modem: (513) 579-1990 Telnet: WWW: Youngstown Free-Net - Youngstown Lou Anschuetz 216-742-3075 Login: visitor Modem: 216-742-3072 Telnet: OKLAHOMA Okmulgee County Electronic Village - Okmulgee County, Oklahoma Wally Johnson WWW: OREGON Eugene Free Community Network (Oregon Public Networking) - Lane county 503-484-1446 P.O. Box 1914, Eugene, OR 97440 Login: guest Gopher: Modem: (503) 687-2996 Telnet: WWW: Oregon Public Electronic Network (OPEN) - City of Salem/Marion county Ken Phillips 503-588-6355 fax 503-588-6369 690 Ferry St., SE Salem, OR 97301 WWW: Oregon Public Networking - Lane county Penny Cass 503-484-9637 P.O. Box 1914 Eugene, OR 97440 Login: guest Gopher: Modem: 503-687-2996 Telnet: WWW: PENNSYLVANIA Chester County InterLink - Chester county Chuck Peters 610-431-2673 Chester County InterLink c/o Chester County Hospital 701 East Marshall Street West Chester, PA 19380 Login: tourist Password: tourist Modem: 610-431-2839 Telnet: WWW: Hill House Community Access Network - Hill District and Pittsburgh Carl Redwood Chrishelle Thomas - Eugene 412-392-3136 1835 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Modem: Not available yet Telnet: WWW: LibertyNet - Philadelphia WWW: RHODE ISLAND Ocean State Free-Net - Providence Howard Boksenbaum 401-277-2726 Modem: 401-831-4640 Telnet: TENNESSEE Jackson Area FreeNet - Jackson Don Lewis 901-425-2640 Jackson State Community College 2046 North Parkway Jackson, TN 38301 Login: visitor Gopher: Modem: 901-427-4435 Telnet: WWW: TEXAS Austin Free-Net Sue Beckwith 1711 S. Congress Ave., 3rd Floor Austin, TX 78704 512-326-9084 WWW: Rio Grande Free-Net - El Paso Don Furth 915-775-6077 Visitor login: visitor Modem: 915-775-5600 Telnet: VIRGINIA Blacksburg Electronic Village - Montgomery county and the Virginia Tech community Cortney Martin 540-231-4423 fax 540-231-7413 1700 Pratt Dr., Blacksburg, VA 24060-6361 Gopher: WWW: Central VirginiaÕs Free-Net - Central Virginia Daniel Arkin 804-320-3424 23 Sesame Street Richmond, VA 23235 Login: visitor Password: guest Modem: (804) 828-8694 Telnet: WWW: VaPEN - Richmond Joe Aulino 804-225-2099 Telnet: WASHINGTON Kitsap Free-Net - Bremerton Michael Schuyler 206-377-7601 Modem: 360-698-4737 Telnet: LinkNet - Kitsap county Michael Schuyler 360-405-9139 Kitsap Regional Library 1301 Sylvam Way Bremerton, WA 98310 Login: guest Gopher: Modem: (360) 698-4737 Seattle Community Network - Seattle Randy Groves 206-365-4528 Login: visitor Modem: 206-386-4140 Telnet: WWW: Tri-Cities Free-Net - SE Washington Bruce McComb 509-586-6481 RECA Foundation 605 S. Olympia, #74 Kennewick, WA 99336 Login: guest Password: visit Modem: 509-375-1111 Telnet: WASHINGTON, DC WETA/CapAccess - Washington DC and vicinity 703-824-7300, fax 703-824-7350 P.O. Box 2626 Washington, DC 20013 Login: guest Password: visitor Gopher: Modem: 202-785-1523 Telnet: WWW: Note: Upcoming system changes will affect modem number. WISCONSIN Chippewa Valley Free-Net - Eau Claire Steve Marquardt 715-836-4827 Login: guest Modem: 715-834-1450 Telnet: DANEnet - Dane county Bob Horn 608-262-7730 P.O. Box 5284 Madison, WI 53705 Login: guest Modem: 608-265-8444 Telnet: WWW:


ALBERTA Calgary Free-Net - Calgary Shawn Henry 403-220-8914 Suite 810 400 Third Avenue, SW Calgary, Alberta, T2P 4H2 Login: guest Password: guest Modem: (403) 282-4075 and (403) 282-3707 Telnet: WWW: BRITISH COLUMBIA CIAO! - Trail, B.C. Ken McClean 604-368-2233 2279 Columbia Ave. Trail, B.C., V1R 1K7 Login: guest Modem: 604-368-5764 Telnet: Prince George Free-Net - Prince George Lynda Williams 604-562-9281 210 N. Quinn St. Prince George, B.C. V2M 3J5 Login: guest Modem: 604-563-3977 Telnet: Victoria Telecommunity Network / Victoria Free-Net - Greater Victoria 250-727-7057 4252 Commerce Circle Victoria, BC, CANADA V8Z 4M2 Login: guest Modem: 250-727-3335 Telnet: WWW: NEWFOUNDLAND St. John's InfoNET - St. John's, Newfoundland Louise McGillis St. John's InfoNET Association P.O. Box 23222 Churchill Square P.O. St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada A1B 4J9 Login: guest Telnet: WWW: NOVA SCOTIA Chebucto Community Net - Halifax 902-494-2449 c/o Dept. Math Stats & CS, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3J5 Login: guest Modem: 902-494-8006 Telnet: WWW: Niagara Peninsula Free-Net - Niagara region 905-684-7200, Ext 304 3340 Schmon Parkway, Unit 2 Login: guest Gopher: Modem: 905-684-6736 Telnet: ONTARIO The National Capital FreeNet - Ottawa David Sutherland, Chairman 224-6555 ext. 204 Visitor login: guest Modem: 613-520-1135 Telnet: WWW: Prince Edward County Community Development Corporation Randy Ellis 43 Main St., P.O. Box 2559 Picton, Ontario, Canada K0K 2T0 613-476-7901 fax 613-476-7235 WWW: Toronto Free-Net - Toronto Registrar 416-979-9242 c/o Ryerson Polytechnical University Library 350 Victoria Street, Suite #766 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3 Login: Guest Modem: 416-780-2010 Telnet: SASKATCHEWAN Saskatoon Free-Net - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 306-374-8288 Box 339, RPO University Saskatoon, SK S7N 4J8 Login: guest Modem: 306-946-3700 Telnet: WWW:



Victoria's Network: VICNET - Victoria, Australia Adrian Bates OZ-03-9669 9714 State Library of Victoria 328 Swanston Street Victoria 3000, Australia Login: No guest yet but free access in some public libraries Modem: (03) 9669 9714 Telnet: not yet WWW:


Public Netbase WWW:


Free-Net Finland - Finland's K-12 school (whole nation) Heikki Korpinen 358-0-4514007 Free-Net Finland, Helsinki University of Technology 02150 Espoo Finland, Europe Login: visitor Gopher: Modem: N/A (by Finnish Telecom) Telnet: WWW:


Bayreuth Free-Net - Bayreuth Wolfgang Kiessling 0921/553134 Telnet: Bremer InfoThek - Bremen Heiderose Wagner 49-421-218-2674 Universitaet Bremen, Forschungsgruppe Telekommunikation Bibliothekstrasse 1 28359 Bremen, Germany WWW: Free-Net Erlangen-Nuernburg - Erlangen Dr. Walter F. Kugemann +49-9131-85-4735 Visitor login: gast Modem: +49-9131-85-8111 Telnet:


Milton Keynes Community Network - Milton Keynes (55 miles north of London) 44 (0)1908 652183 IET.Open University.Walton Hall.Milton Keynes.Bucks.MK7 6AA.UK Modem: 44 (0)1908 271188 Telnet: with FC Client WWW:


Koz-Hely Project WWW (in English):


RCM - Rete Civica Milanese +39 2 55006332 MILANO, Italy Login: curioso Modem: +39 2 55182133 Telnet: 3003 WWW: Rete Civica di VENEZIA - "Milione" (Multi Internet LInked Open NEtwork) City, State, Country: VENEZIA, Italy ; WWW: Rete Civica di ROMA ROMA, Italy WWW: Rete Civica di BOLOGNA - Progetto IPERBOLE (Internet PER BOlogna e lÕEmilia-Romagna) +39 51 203184 Bologna, Italy WWW: and WWW: (Bologna was the first Italian city with a Civic Net.) Rete Civica di TORINO Torino, Italy WWW: Rete Civica di LIVORNO LIVORNO, Italy WWW: Rete Civica di LUCCA LIVORNO, Italy WWW: (This civic net is maintained by an Internet provider, not by the community.) Rete Civica di PISA PISA, Italy WWW: Rete Civica di CUNEO CUNEO, Italy WWW: (This civic net is maintained by an Internet provider, not by the community.)


Reykjavik Homepage WWW


XS4ALL - Amsterdam WWW:


Wellington Citynet - Wellington Richard Naylor +64-4-801-3303 Modem: +64-4-801-3060 Telnet:


St. Petersburg WWW: Samara Civic Network WWW:


Valencia (Mediterranean Village), INFOVILLE (


Samenet - for Sami people, the indigenous people of Fennoscandia (northern part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Guodat / Kola peninsula in Russia) WWW: Swedish East Coast FreeNet WWW:


Kyiv FreeNet 1 Klovskii Uzviz, Kyiv, 252010 Tel: 228-63-93 WWW:

Kyiv Freenet is/was a UN project in the Ukraine started in 1994. Try

I hope that this information is useful to you. Please feel free to send me (Doug Schuler) your questions, comments, and corrections. I will try to keep the information in these pages current.