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Communities are rich and complex networks of social relationships. Regardless of whether the nature of these relationships is economic, legal, political, or something else, communication and information are essential to the formulation and the maintenance of the social web that we call community.

Realizing that communication and information are increasingly dependent on networked digital information, community activists all over the world -- often in collaboration with government agencies, non-profits, or businesses-- are developing community computer network systems. These projects, generally called community networks, are free or very inexpensive to use and, unlike commercial systems whose primary aim is to make a profit, the primary aim of community networks is to support the local community.

There are currently hundreds of community networks and hundreds more are being planned. The trend towards community enrichment, revitalisation,and empowerment is not confined to those building community networks: scores of people and organizations around the world are working on these issues, community networkers, both electronic and non-electronic, need to link together to forge alliances to weave a new tapestry of democratic community

There is no such thing as a poor community. Even neighborhoods without much money have substantial human resources. Often, however, the human resources are not appreciated or utilized, partly because people do not have information about each other and about what their neighborhood has to offer.

- Paul Resnick and Mel King

(Drawing by Zoe Schuler, technical assistance by Maggie Brunger)

The purpose of this web site is to provide information that will help strengthen the community network movement worldwide. Special thanks to Gary Love for the design and implementation of this site. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, please let me know.

Doug Schuler,

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Updated September 11, 2002