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Community Space and Cyberspace

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Conference At a Glance

Workshops At A Glance Sunday, March 2, 1997

About CPSR


A Welcome from CPSR President Aki Namioka


Community Space & Cyberspace Keynote: Howard Rheingold

Panel: Building a Civic Web

Jamie McClelland, Technology and Policy Specialist, Libraries for the Future

Peter van den Besselaar: Electronic Infrastructures And Social Networks

Lodis Rhodes: Building a Civic Network: The Austin Access Model

Panel: Education and Youth

Bart Decrem: Plugged In: An overview

Amy Bruckman: The Day After Net Day

Panel: Culture and Diversity in Community Space and Cyberspace

Steve Cisler: Indigenous Groups and the Internet

Beth Fraser: DO-IT People with Disabilities, Computer Technology and Cyberspace

Beth Fraser: World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design

Madeline Gonzalez: The Association For Community Networking

Panel: Cyberspace Economics: New Opportunities and Challenges

Amy Borgstrom: Civic Networking For Community Economic Development: Acenet’s Approach

Gary Chapman: Community Computing Networks and Hierarchies of Value

David Hakken: Does Virtual Work Mean Virtual(ly No) Community?

Panel: Critical Futures in Networking

Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Executive Director, America Speaks, Washington, DC

Carolyn Lukensmeyer: Building A Framework for Democratic Renewal

Richard Sclove: Telecommunications & the Future of Democracy

Richard Sclove: Building a Community Research Network (CRN)

Richard Sclove: Democratic Research Toward a National Community Research Network

Panel: The High-Tech Mediation of Social Interaction

Ron Cole: Cyberspeech: Passport to Cyberspace

Rusel DeMaria: High Tech Mediation of Social Interaction

Alex Uttermann: The Meta-View: Computer Gaming & 3-d Graphic Worlds Online, or, How I Spent My Youth Practicing for This Moment

Doug Schuler: What Kind of Platform for Change?

Workshop Session Descriptions



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