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Spectrum Dance Theater

800 Lake Washington Blvd.,Seattle, WA 98122
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Class Schedules

Children's Program
movement with your toddler , creative dance , ballet , jazz ,

Adult Program
Adult Ballet , Adult Jazz , Tai Chi , Gentle Aerobics , Yoga , Adult Tap , Adult African

movement with your toddler

A parent and child share in creative play exercises. Appropriate for children who are toddlers up to age 3.

creative dance

This class uses skills to develop body awareness using basic dance exercises, creative movement and imagery. Creative Dance is ideal for students who are interested in exploring many ways of moving.


Spectrum Dance Theater has developed a comprehensive Ballet Program for children based on sound anatomic principles. The aesthetic lines and techniques of classical ballet are taught in a positive and supportive environment without forcing or overdeveloping a young person's body, while at the same time encouraging each student to achieve their personalbest. Mr. Merrill's BFA in Ballet and MFA in Dance have been instrumental in developing his philosophies for this program.


A class designed to teach children dance styles with the emphasis not on just learning steps but also learning jazz technique, body awareness, proper alignment and contemporary rhythms.

Adult Ballet
Key to Adult Classes

'Intro' indicates a beginning level class, open to new students, with little or no dance training.

'Level I' is an intermediate class appropriate for students with at least one year of recent experience in the style of dance to be studied.

'Level II' is an advanced class; current proficiency in the style of dance to be studied is recommended. Please note - these levels may vary slightly according to the individual teaching styles of our staff.


Intro to Ballet emphasizes correct execution of basic positions, exercises and steps, as well as proper body alignment. Ballet I concentrates on more complex barre work and adagios, musicality and proper placement. Ballet II is for the accomplished ballet student. All classes have live piano accompaniment.

Adult Jazz

This fast-paced class encourages students to express themselves physically through the use of popular music combined with jazz movements. The class starts with a 45 minute warm up, then floor work to learn new steps, ending with a dance combination to apply techniques. Intro Jazz covers the basic elements of jazz dance, for students with little or no experience. Jazz I works on learning more complex choreography, turns and jumps, developing control, strength and technique. In Jazz II students develop stamina through rigorous warm-up and strengthening exercises necessary to mastering technique. Work across the floor involves multiple turns and jumps as well as more involved choreography in the dance combinations.

Tai Chi

History indicates that Tai Ch'i originated in ancient China as a daily physical exercise regimen adopted by Buddhist monks of the Choe dynasty (1027 B.C. 221 B.C.). Beyond the generations of monks, Tai Ch'i exercise evolved to become physical art form thusly modified - a modern system of internal martial art consisting of highly stylized flowing movements developed through perseverance of Orthodox Masters and based upon their observations of nature and now extinct scientific belief systems whose physical laws of the art hold truth wherever carefully revitalized and practiced.

Gentle Aerobics

These high-energy morning classes have been some of the longest running classes at Madrona Instructor Angie Bolton has developed this class especially for people looking for an aerobic workout designed for seniors. This class will improve muscle tone, body alignment and increase body strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. Come and enjoy this stimulating workout


Yoga is a classical Indian science dealing with the integration of the physical self, the intellectual self and the spiritual self. Practice of yoga exerciss every part of the body giving it increased strength, endurance and flexibility. Lynelle Sjoberg teaches a flow yoga class, centering on the integration of breath and alignment, while moving through the asana. Staying connected to one's center and moving with fluidity is a strong focus of this class. Lynelle's eclectic teaching style is influenced by her passion for dance and devotion to yoga.

Adult Tap

Adult African

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