Rules of Little League

The Rules of the Little League are copyrighted, and as such, are not available on the web. Little League bases its rules on those of Major League Baseball, which are available at, This page comprises the rules of the North Central Little League, plus a summary of the differences between LIttle League and Major League rules.

Differences Between Little League and Major League Rules

Rule 1.04 - The Playing Field

Rule 1.08 - Benches

Rule 1.10 - The Bat

Rule 1.11 - The Uniform

Rule 2.00 - Definitions

Rule 3.03 - Substitutions

Rule 3.17 - Bench Personnel

Rule 4.05 - Base Coaches

Rule 4.10 - Ending a Game

Rules 4.11 (d) and 4.12 - Regulation Game Called

Rule 4.13 - Doubleheaders

Rules 4.15 - 4.18 - Forfeits

Rule 6.05 - Batter Is Out

Rule 6.10 - Designated Hitter

Rule 7.03 - Home Run

Rule 7.08 - Runner Is Out

Rule 7.13 - Leaving Base Too Soon

Rule 8.01 - Legal Pitching Delivery

Rule 8.06 - Visits to Pitcher

Special Little League Rules

These rules apply to Little League Divisions.

VI. Pitchers

  1. Any player is eligible to pitch, except for minor league players who have attained the league age of twelve.
  2. A player may pitch in a maximum of 6 innings per week, with no more than 6 innings in a game.
    A calendar week is defined as Sunday through Saturday.
  3. Delivery of a single pitch constitutes having pitched in an inning.
  4. A player who has pitched more than four innings
  5. in a day must take three calendar days of rest. The following table shows when a pitcher is eligible to pitch again.
    Pitched on:Eligible Again to pitch on:

  6. A player who has pitched less than four innings
  7. in a day must take one calendar day of rest. The following table shows when a pitcher is eligible to pitch again.
    Pitched on:Eligible Again to pitch on:

  8. Little League Majors only: Only three players of league age 12 may be used as pitchers during a calendar week.
  9. Little League Majors only: The total number of innings pitched by 12 year olds shall not exceed 12 innings in a calendar week.
  10. Little League Majors only: No more than 5 pitchers per team shall be used in one game.
  11. Once a player has been removed as a pitchers, he/she may not pitch again in that game.

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